Best Minecraft Mods (September 2019, 1.14.4) – Village & Pillage Update!

We're taking a look at the best mods to have installed for Minecraft!

Our Best Minecraft Mods List features a bunch of the most interesting and fun ways to modify your game! The core of Minecraft is already great, but if you've been playing for a while you might be wanting something extra. Mods are a great way to extend and enhance the game in a lot of different ways.

Best Minecraft Mods List

This list is in no particular order, and features a bunch of mods that either expand your world or make your life easier in Minecraft.

Biomes O' Plenty

One of the great parts of Minecraft is the diverse locations you can find yourself as you travel all over your world. This has grown over the years, but for some it is still not enough. Enter the Biomes O' Plenty mod! This wonderful mod adds a ton of new areas to explore, such as Coniferous Forests, Cherry Blossom Groves, Lavender Fields, Mangrove and Bayou, Tropics, Mystic Groves, Ominous Woods, Wastelands, and more! If you find yourself exploring a lot, this is a great mod to try out.

Download it here.


If you're a hardcore Survival player, then you probably know the struggle of keeping yourself fed and saturated. However, this process can be made a lot simpler with the AppleSkin mod! Instead of just seeing your hunger status, you will now see a visualization of your saturation level. This gives you a lot more information on when and what you'll need to eat. When you select a food item, it will also display how much hunger and saturation it will replenish!

Download it here.

Presence Footsteps

The sounds and Minecraft can be pretty great, but we can go further with it and this mod does just that. This mod features a multitude of different sounds for whatever you are walking on. It really adds that extra bit of immersion as you travel around or make your way deep into caves.

Download it here.

Dungeon Crawl (Forge)

If you fancy yourself a monster slayer, then Dungeon Crawl might be the mod for you! This mod generates large underground dungeon structures. The layout, loot, and size of the dungeons are almost completely random. You'll find yourself exploring these areas for long periods of time as you open up new areas and encounter more monsters!

Download it here.

Better Animal Models

If you are tired at looking at overly blocky animals, and want a bit more realism with your wildlife then Better Animal Model is a solid choice. It features a ton of new models for the likes of Chickens, Cows, Mooshrooms, Sheep, Pigs, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfish, Wolves, and a whole lot more!

Download it here.

Fast Leaf Decay (Forge)

One of kind of the weird things about trees in Minecraft is that when you chop one down the leaves stick around for a while. They slowly kind of disappear, but this can be kind of jarring and weird. So, the Fast Leaf Decay mod seeks to make that better by making them fade away much quicker. By default with this mod, it only takes about five seconds for them to disappear.

Download it here.

Enchantment Descriptions

Enchantments are a bit vague on the details on what each one does in game. If you don't have them all memorized, then this mod will be great for helping you learn more about each of them. If you hover over an enchantment book, it will allow you to hit a hotkey that will display a description of it!

Download it here.


The Torchmaster mod adds a couple of interesting new features to the game to do with torches. One is the Terrain Lighter, which is a block that you can craft and will automatically place as many torches into a grid as you place into the box. This is great for lighting up a large area for whatever reasons you might have. The second item is the Mega Torch, this one is cool because it prevents and monsters from spawning for a great distance. It's a nice way to keep your area safe from harm without having to light up every little dark patch around your base.

Download it here.

Xaero's Minimap

If you don't want to bother with maps in Minecraft that can be a bit unwieldy, then grabbing yourself a minimap is a good idea. Xaero's version is quite good, and keeps the spirit of Minecraft within its design.

Download it here.

Iron Chests

This is a very popular mod that adds the ability to create a ton of different chests of various qualities that have a whole lot more storage potential! There's chests you can make out of dirt, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian, and much more.

Download it here.

Gravestone Mod

If you're tired of mining for hours and then dying horrifically to lava or a creeper then this mod might help ease some of your frustration. This gives you a "death note" when you die that has the exact coordinates for where you perished. If you go to the spot where your body should be, you will find a gravestone instead. If you break the gravestone, all of your loot will then popout!

Download it here.

Just Enough Items

A very popular mod that allows you to see the recipes and each and everything that is require for crafting a particular item. It has a great search system and even allows for the searching of items from other mods!

Download it here.

SuperTools (Forge)

If you want to add some diversity to your tool sets, then this is a great mod for that. You will now be able to create tools from lapis, quartz, obsidian, redstone, emerald, and more! Each of these tools has different characteristics that makes them unique. You can also create new sets of armor that use emerald, lapis, quartz, and obsidian!

Download it here.

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