Best Minecraft Mods (April 2020 – 1.14+ & 1.15+)

We're taking a look at the best mods to have installed for Minecraft!

Our Best Minecraft Mods List features a bunch of the most interesting and fun ways to modify your game! The core of Minecraft is great, but if you've been playing for a while you might be wanting something extra. Mods are a great way to extend and enhance the game in a lot of different ways.

How-to Install Mods

First, you will need to have a PC version of Minecraft. Not only that, you will need to have the Java version of the game. If you have the Windows 10 version, there's some very limited addons you can install, but they aren't anywhere near the mods that can be added to the Java version. Now that you have that squared away, you will want to download Forge. Make sure to download the Installer version unless you have a good idea of what you're doing. That will automatically install into your Minecraft folder, and you will be able to launch the Forge versions from the Minecraft launcher:

Go ahead and launch Minecraft, you will now see a Mods selection on the first screen you see when you open up Minecraft. Click on that then click on the Open Mods Folder button at the bottom left corner. You can now just drop any mods you download right into that folder and manage them in the game with Forge!

Here's our list of the Best Minecraft Mods:

Minecraft Mods List

MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod

One of the more lacking features in Minecraft is the lack of furniture. This is particularly the case if you're doing more of a modern vibe when you are building a house. MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod alleviates this issue by adding a bunch of different unique pieces of furniture. You've got ceiling fans, lights, refrigerators, stoves, cabinets, computers, clocks, and a ton of other stuff that can be crafted. This mod is an absolute must if you are a serious builder and want to add more flair to your next home!

Serene Seasons

If you like to watch the weather change throughout the year, then this mod replicates that feeling. Grass and foliage will change color, and temperatures will shift in the winter and you will get snow in many biomes where it wouldn't naturally occur! The different seasons will also affect other things as well, which includes your crop growth, weather, and more.

Aquaculture 2

Fishing in Minecraft is kind of bland overall and doesn't have a lot of depth to it. The Aquaculture mode seeks to rectify that by adding a ton of different fish to the game, as well as adding additional fishing rods that you can craft.  Not only that, but you also get access to having a tackle box that will hold the various bait, fishing line, and hooks you can utilize to give yourself a better chance to catch fish! Once you catch a lunker or two, you can then display them as a trophy on your wall. This is a great mod if you like fishing and want to give it an expanded role in your game.

Mouse Tweaks

Solid mod if you are looking to get some advanced ways to utilize your mouse in the game. This one just saves you a lot of headache when it comes to dragging certain items and collecting them in your inventory. You can also customize your mouse wheel to give you some additional functionality!

Building Gadgets

If you find yourself building a lot and repeating the same things over and over then this mod will help save you a lot of time. You can use the gadget to build stairs, walls, columns, or build using specific material from one point to yourself. There's just a lot of great things this mod can do if you are building a large project and want to make it less tedious!

Ore Excavation

This is a pretty simple mod, but it makes mining ore and other more rare material a lot easier. If you find yourself a vein of something like iron, coal, redstone, or whatever you can bind a key and hold it down and mine one of the ore as normal. Once you break it, the whole vein will be mined so you don't have to mine each part separately! This is a great way to save sometime on your mining, so you aren't spending too much of your game breaking each block individually.

Vanilla Tweaks

You might not be looking to go too overboard with your additions to the game, so if that's the case then Vanilla Tweaks is a solid option for you. The mod enhances the Vanilla experience by adding new behaviors, crafting, and new items like Dynamite. An example of one of the behaviors is when a predator kills an animal, it will no longer drop meat because the animal ate the meat! Item wise there's Dynamite, Fried Egg, Binoculars, Slime Finder, Crafting Pad, and a whole lot more. Check out this video to get a long list of all the other things they've added!


Decorating in the game could use a bit of help, so if you're someone who fancies themselves as an interior designer then you'll definitely want this add on. What this does is adds a whole bunch of different looking paintings of many sizes to the game. Not only that, it adds the ability to choose which painting you want to place with a brand new paintings UI. If you enjoy doing your own artwork, you can even add your own custom paintings to the mod!

Extended Caves

If you like exploring then you might want to try this mod out! Spelunking is quite fun in Minecraft, and Extended Caves adds a ton of exciting new reasons to go deep into the world. It adds underground structures that can be filled with treasure pots, mushrooms, stalactites, and a whole lot more.

Better Swamplands

This mod does a lot to improve the swamp biomes in Minecraft. You get degraded and rotten wood, moss, ashen blocks, dragonflies, and some great new animals like Alligators. You can even make armor out of the material you get from hunting down those lizards. To get you into the Halloween spirit, there's even the Strange Pumpkin! There's a lot of great little details that will liven up the swampy areas on your map.

Genetic Animals

If you want some better looking animals in your game then this is a great one to try. Not only does it give you more dynamic looking beasts, it also adds huger mechanics to them as well. The animals won't provide resources if they aren't fed, and they won't give birth as well! There's also "real genetics" added to animals. This means when you breed two animals together, their offspring will be an actual product of their parent's genes. You'll notice similarities in size, color, shape, and resource drops!

Mutant Beasts

If you really want to get spooky for the Halloween season, then maybe check out the Mutant Beasts mod! If you thought the monsters in Minecraft were scary before, wait until you get a load of some of these monstrosities! This was an old favorite mod which was known as Mutant Creatures in the past, but has been recently updated and is now known as Mutant Beasts! These currently don't work in survival, but hopefully that will be fixed soon.

Secret Rooms Mod

This is a really interesting mod that will allow you to camouflage everything in your world with special blocks. You can hide valuable items, add hidden doors, pressure plates, levers and more! There's also something called a Ghost Block. This block looks like whichever block you destroy with it, but you can walk right through it. This leads to a whole lot of potential for hidden traps and areas you might want to hide!

Biomes O' Plenty

One of the great parts of Minecraft is the diverse locations you can find yourself as you travel all over your world. This has grown over the years, but for some it is still not enough. Enter the Biomes O' Plenty mod! This wonderful mod adds a ton of new areas to explore, such as Coniferous Forests, Cherry Blossom Groves, Lavender Fields, Mangrove and Bayou, Tropics, Mystic Groves, Ominous Woods, Wastelands, and more! If you find yourself exploring a lot, this is a great mod to try out.


If you're a hardcore Survival player, then you probably know the struggle of keeping yourself fed and saturated. However, this process can be made a lot simpler with the AppleSkin mod! Instead of just seeing your hunger status, you will now see a visualization of your saturation level. This gives you a lot more information on when and what you'll need to eat. When you select a food item, it will also display how much hunger and saturation it will replenish!

Presence Footsteps

The sounds and Minecraft can be pretty great, but we can go further with it and this mod does just that. This mod features a multitude of different sounds for whatever you are walking on. It really adds that extra bit of immersion as you travel around or make your way deep into caves.

Dungeon Crawl (Forge)

If you fancy yourself a monster slayer, then Dungeon Crawl might be the mod for you! This mod generates large underground dungeon structures. The layout, loot, and size of the dungeons are almost completely random. You'll find yourself exploring these areas for long periods of time as you open up new areas and encounter more monsters!

Better Animal Models

If you are tired at looking at overly blocky animals, and want a bit more realism with your wildlife then Better Animal Model is a solid choice. It features a ton of new models for the likes of Chickens, Cows, Mooshrooms, Sheep, Pigs, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Silverfish, Wolves, and a whole lot more!

Fast Leaf Decay (Forge)

One of kind of the weird things about trees in Minecraft is that when you chop one down the leaves stick around for a while. They slowly kind of disappear, but this can be kind of jarring and weird. So, the Fast Leaf Decay mod seeks to make that better by making them fade away much quicker. By default with this mod, it only takes about five seconds for them to disappear.

Enchantment Descriptions

Enchantments are a bit vague on the details on what each one does in game. If you don't have them all memorized, then this mod will be great for helping you learn more about each of them. If you hover over an enchantment book, it will allow you to hit a hotkey that will display a description of it!


The Torchmaster mod adds a couple of interesting new features to the game to do with torches. One is the Terrain Lighter, which is a block that you can craft and will automatically place as many torches into a grid as you place into the box. This is great for lighting up a large area for whatever reasons you might have. The second item is the Mega Torch, this one is cool because it prevents and monsters from spawning for a great distance. It's a nice way to keep your area safe from harm without having to light up every little dark patch around your base.

Xaero's Minimap

If you don't want to bother with maps in Minecraft that can be a bit unwieldy, then grabbing yourself a minimap is a good idea. Xaero's version is quite good, and keeps the spirit of Minecraft within its design.

Iron Chests

This is a very popular mod that adds the ability to create a ton of different chests of various qualities that have a whole lot more storage potential! There's chests you can make out of dirt, iron, gold, diamond, obsidian, and much more.

Gravestone Mod

If you're tired of mining for hours and then dying horrifically to lava or a creeper then this mod might help ease some of your frustration. This gives you a "death note" when you die that has the exact coordinates for where you perished. If you go to the spot where your body should be, you will find a gravestone instead. If you break the gravestone, all of your loot will then popout!

Just Enough Items

A very popular mod that allows you to see the recipes and each and everything that is require for crafting a particular item. It has a great search system and even allows for the searching of items from other mods!

SuperTools (Forge)

If you want to add some diversity to your tool sets, then this is a great mod for that. You will now be able to create tools from lapis, quartz, obsidian, redstone, emerald, and more! Each of these tools has different characteristics that makes them unique. You can also create new sets of armor that use emerald, lapis, quartz, and obsidian!

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