13 Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods

But are there mods to make monsters hunt you in Monster Hunter Rise?

Since its release, Monster Hunter Rise has been getting new mods from its ever-growing modding community. You can find a mod for anything, from simple life-improving mods to game mechanic-changing tweaks that change how the game is played. We compiled a list of the 12 best and most useful mods you can find for Monster Hunter Rise.

What are the best mods for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

13. REFramework and REFramework Direct2D 

REFramework and REFramework Direct2D are two separate mods that most mods need to work with Monster Hunter Rise. They also include many features and fixes for DLLs/ReShade crashing, FreeCam, Timescale, FOV, and VR, but more importantly, it provides tools for scripts and mods.

12. Spiribird Summoner

This useful mod by Shadowy gives you a Prism Spirit Bird at the start of your quest. This can save you a lot of time hunting. Make sure to use the Slim version of the mod to get the bird automatically. It just provides players with what they need. Simple and light, without any additional menus.

11. Enhanced Drop Rates

Monster Hunter is all about carving and monster parts, but when you need that one specific thing, it can be incredibly difficult to obtain as it's more or less down to luck. That's where the Enhanced Drop Rates mod becomes useful. This mod does exactly what it says, cutting down the time you would normally need to grind the same quest repeatedly to obtain the item/material you need. For those who love Monster Hunter but no longer have the time to play it, this mod is a must.

10. Talisman Quest Reward

Talismans are an essential part of many builds but are time-consuming to obtain. Talisman Quest Reward mod allows you to acquire free Talismans when you complete certain higher-level quests. This mod works in two ways:

  • Default: This option is meant for those who still need to finish the game. The possibility to win Talisman is given after completing 7* and other quests with the mark of being the highest difficulty. It also works for Sunbreak, giving Wisp of Mystery talismans for quests 5* below and Animafor quests above 6*.
  • Endgame: This option should be selected for players who have finished the main story and are farming for loot. It will give Wisp of Mystery for all HR quests and Anima for all MR quests. You need to have REFramework installed to initiate this mode.

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9. Follow Me

Follow Me is a mode exclusive to the Sunbreak expansion pack. This mode will allow you to have your followers on every mission instead of the exclusive follower missions. It is intended to give you a feeling of playing pseudo-multiplayer, when playing alone. It contains several advanced options, which include:

  • More Followers: allows you to have up to four Followers instead of just two.
  • Ignore Progress Gates: It gives you access to certain Followers before unlocking them naturally.
  • Allow for hosted Quests in Lobbies: Works when playing with friends.
  • Allow in Arena/Challenge Quests: Be careful when using followers this way, as it may result in crashing. Only have them equipped with one of the Quest's' available weapon types.
  • Allow Clones: As the name says, you can get multiple instances of the same Follower. It works, but bugs may occur. The clones also share the same health pool, and the AI can get confused between them.
  • Use Palamute Toggles: Allows you to toggle if Followers should hide Palamutes.
  • Customize Quick Window: An option to toggle your Quick Window on and off, move the window position, and remap the hotkey.
  • Customize Follower Damage and Monster Scaling: It's a beneficial option because your Followers have a massive damage penalty.

8. Reward Multiplier

Obtaining good enough gear to fight the highest-level monsters can be a challenge in Monster Hunter Rise. Reward multiplier allows you to modify the game's reward multipliers in three specific parameters:

  • Money
  • Kamura Point
  • Exp/Master Exp
  • Anomaly Point

You can customize these parameters as you wish, making farming much easier.

7. No crafting requirements for armor - weapons - layering - decorations - pets - qurious crafting

No crafting requirements removes the materials needed to craft Weapons, Armor, and Decorations, making item farming obsolete. You will only need to spend Zenny to obtain them. This mod is excellent for those who want to experience the Monster Hunter Rise in its rawest form, with only monster hunting.

6. VIP Dango Tickets

The VIP Dango Tickets mod will enable all the skills you can get by eating Dango to activate 100% of the time. You can use REFramework menu to enable all Daily Dango available at all times, so you never have to spend Zenny or points again.

5. Infinite Consumables

Infinite Consumables is a great mod for those just starting in Monster Hunter Rise. It will take care of some game mechanics, so you don't have to worry about them from the start. This is great for those learning the game.

For example, it can give you infinite healing potions, so you don't have to worry about running out of them in battle, but it still won't save you from death if you misclick or get one-hit by a powerful Monster. You can flag three different consumables not to be consumed on use:

  • Coatings
  • Ammo
  • Items

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4. Wirebug Flight - Unlimited wirebugs outside fights

The Wirebug Flight mode allows you to use Wirebugs as often as you want when you are outside of fights, making your downtime between traveling around the map much smaller. You should note that the Wirebugs still work normally when you are engaged in combat with a Monster. This mode works both with Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak expansion.

3. Targeted Wirebug Boost for SUNBREAK

Targeted Wirebug Boost for SUNBREAK works similarly to the previous mode, allowing you to traverse the vast map faster by extending the range and speed of Wirebugs. Silkbind moves are not impaired with this mode, so there is no overshoot while in combat with Monsters. As implied in the name, this mode works only in Sunbreak expansion.

2. Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for SUNBREAK

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator for SUNBREAK is a much-needed quality-of-life type of mod. It works by placing the best elemental weakness on the icon of the Monster, so when choosing a quest, you immediately know the best element.

1. MHR Overlay - Monster HP - Damage Meter (and more)

MHR Overlay is a customizable overlay showing you in-game data about Monsters, Creatures, Players, and damage. You can see when the monster goes into a range, its health, and its body parts. It's a great mod for figuring out the weaknesses of Monsters. You need to have REFramework, and REFramework Direct2D installed for this mod to work. 

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13 Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods

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