My Time at Sandrock Bachelorette Guide – How to romance

Meet the lovely bachelorettes of Sandrock!

My Time at Sandrock is not only filled with intriguing quests and exploration but also plenty of characters to befriend and potentially even romance.

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If you're trying to decide which of the lovely ladies of Sandrock to partner up with, take a look at our list below to see all their interests and perks and begin your relationship.

How to romance characters in My Time at Sandrock

To start your journey into the world of romance, you will want to start building relationships with people around Sandrock. To do that, you can give them gifts and simply chat with them every day. Each character has different likes and dislikes and will slowly build up or lose relationship hearts with you via the points from the gifted item.

Once you befriend a character up to a certain point, you can offer them a Heart Knot to progress your relationship further and then earn more relationship hearts by going on dates. Eventually, you will have the option to propose to that character as long as you maintain your relationship and reach the right relationship level.

All romanceable bachelorettes in My Time at Sandrock


Image by Pro Game Guides

Nia is one bachelorette who is considered a character you already know and have been friends with through childhood. You will receive letters from her in the mail and will eventually be able to interact with her in person when she visits Sandrock.

  • Season of Birth: Autumn
  • Occupation: Student

Gift Guide

Concentrated Algae Apparatus (+20)Rhino Horn Cactus (+8)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Dregs (-5)
Sand Jujube Cake (+13)Cantaloupe (+7)Aluminum Scrap (-2)Food Scraps (-5)
Chestnut Seed (+7)Ceramic Scrap (-2)Lizard Tooth (-5)
Coffee Tea Tree Seeds (+7)Fiber Scrap (-2)⁠Old Jeans (-5)
Jute Cantaloupe Seeds (+7)Processor (relic) (-2)Ruined Cloth (-5)
Mountain Rose (+7)⁠Titanium Scrap (-2)Ruined Glass (-5)
Biocrust (+6)Copper Scrap (-3)Ruined Paper (-5)
Coffee Beans (+6)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)Venom (-5)
Mountain Rose Seeds (+6)⁠Iron Scrap (-3)
Rhino Horn Seeds (+6)⁠Mechanical Scrap (-3)
⁠Plastic Scrap (-3)
Rubber Scrap (-3)
Stone Scrap (-3)
Wood Scrap (-3)


Image via My Time at Sandrock Official Wiki

Amirah is a soft-spoken, artistic character who arrived in Sandrock with her brother, Arvio. She excells at any form of art, primarily pottery, and is the owner of the Ceramic Gate shop in town.

  • Season of Birth: Autumn
  • Occupation: Pottery Artist

Gift Guide

⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)Diamond (+9)HornedAdderKing (-1)Bronze Daggers (-5)
Springtime Rescue Team Hat (+16)Diamond Desert Warrior Cape (+9)SandSnakeKing (-1)⁠Bronze Greatsword (-5)
Agate Bracelets (+15)⁠Copper Pot (+8)Windproof Cloth (-1)⁠Bronze Spear (-5)
Autumn Explorer Hat (+15)Frying Pan (+8)Wolf Tooth Pendant (-1)⁠Bronze Sword and Shield (-5)
Diamond Desert Warrior Visor (+15)Glass Lens (+8)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Dregs (-5)
Elegant Flower Box (+15)Gold (+8)⁠Aluminum Scrap (-2)Food Scraps (-5)
Elegant Swing (+15)Orchid Earrings (+8)⁠Animal Skin Carpet (-2)⁠Iron Dagger (-5)
Grassy Adventurer Goggles (+15)Organic Ceramics Sheet (+8)Bone Necklace (-2)Iron Greatsword (-5)
Leisurely Rattan Chair (+15)Sandgear (+8)Bone Ring (-2)Iron Spear (-5)
Moonstone Pendant (+15)Strong Medicine (+8)Ceramic Scrap (-2)Iron Sword And Shield (-5)
Spinel Corsage (+15)Wind Chimes (+8)Cowprint Sofa (-2)Lizard Tooth (-5)
⁠Yakboy Mirror (+15)⁠Agate (+7)Fiber Scrap (-2)Motivational Hammer (-5)
Hemp Carpet (+14)Golden Bell Pill (+7)Hardened Leather (-2)Old Jeans (-5)
Bamboo Vase (+13)Moonstone (+7)Horned Adder (-2)Pistol Bullet (-5)
Plum Vase (+13)Mountain Rose (+7)⁠Large Horned Adder (-2)Rifle bullet (-5)
Chrysanthemum Vase (+8)Mushroom Soup (+7)Processor (relic) (-2)Ruined Cloth (-5)
Orchid Vase (+8)Opal (+7)Shiny Scorpion (-2)Ruined Glass (-5)
Orchid Extract (+7)Tanned Leather (-2)Ruined Paper (-5)
Paint (+7)Titanium Scrap (-2)Stone Daggers (-5)
Rainbow Locket (+7)⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet (-2)⁠Stone Spear (-5)
Rosestone (+7)Yakmel Horn Comb (-2)Stone Sword (-5)
⁠Spinel (+7)Basic Leather (-3)⁠Stone Sword and Shield (-5)
Tempered Glass (+7)Chitin Shell (-3)⁠Venom (-5)
Tomato Beef Brisket (+7)Coarse Leather (-3)⁠Vintage Pistol (-5)
Amber (+6)Copper Scrap (-3)Vintage assault rifle (-5)
Fluorite (+6)Damaged Animal Pelt (-3)
Foggy Bassia (+6)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)
Heatstroke Medicine (+6)Heliconia Nail (-3)
Organic Ceramics (+6)Iron Scrap (-3)
Swan Necklace (+6)⁠Large Sand Snake (-3)
⁠Mechanical Scrap (-3)
Plastic Scrap (-3)
Raw Animal Skin (-3)
Rubber Scrap (-3)
Sand Snake (-3)
Sandworm (-3)
Scarab Wings
Scorpster (-3)
⁠Shellipede (-3)
⁠Stone Scrap (-3)
⁠Wood Scrap (-3)
⁠Yakmel Horn (-3)


Image via My Time at Sandrock Official Wiki

Mi-an is one bachelorette that you can probably relate to more than anyone else, and that is because she, like yourself, has recently arrived in Sandrock to be a new resident builder. She is an energetic and lively soul who loves to learn new things.

  • Season of Birth: Autumn
  • Occupation: Builder

Gift Guide

DesertMudfishKing (+20)HornedAdderKing (+10)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Dregs (-5)
Rescue Team Hat (+19)⁠Iron Axe (+10)Aluminum Scrap (-2)⁠Food Scraps (-5)
Jacuzzi (+17)Iron Pickhammer (+10)Ceramic Scrap (-2)⁠Lizard Tooth (-5)
Rescue Team Boots (+17)LungFishKing (+10)Fiber Scrap (-2)Manure (-5)
Rescue Team Jacket (+17)SandSnakeKing (+10)Plastic Shell (-2)Old Jeans (-5)
Rescue Team Pants (+17)⁠Sandacuda King (+10)Processor (relic) (-2)⁠Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Aluminum Axe (+16)⁠Sandfish King (+10)Titanium Scrap (-2)Ruined Glass (-5)
Aluminum Pickhammer (+16)⁠Diamond (+9)Copper Scrap (-3)Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Chromium Axe (+16)Helper Box (+9)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)Venom (-5)
Chromium Pickhammer (+16)High-speed Motor (+9)⁠Iron Scrap (-3)
⁠Titanium Aluminum Alloy (+16)⁠Large Storage Box (+9)Mechanical Scrap (-3)
⁠Working Desk (+16)Moonstone Pendant (+9)⁠Plastic (-3)
Drool With Joy Noodles (+15)Bronze Plate (+8)⁠Plastic Scrap (-3)
Steel Frame (+15)Cast Iron Pipe (+8)⁠Rubber Scrap (-3)
Yakboy Bookshelf (+15)⁠Cast Iron Rod (+8)Stone Scrap (-3)
⁠Techno Locker (+14)Compact Motor (+8)Wood Scrap (-3)
Techno Table (+14)Condenser (+8)
Dragon's Blood (+13)⁠Gold (+8)
Iron Plate (+13)Granite Slab (+8)
Manganese Steel Gears (+13)Gravity Motor (+8)
Undead Grass (+13)High-speed Processor (+8)
⁠Silver Ore (+12)⁠Marble Slab (+8)
Titanium Ore (+12)⁠Miner's Hat (+8)
Zinc Ore (+12)Sandgear (+8)
Zinc titanium alloy (+12)Switchboard (+8)
Chromium Steel Bar (+11)Bloodstone Saws (+7)
Magnesium Aluminum Alloy (+11)Condensed Power Stone (+7)
⁠Magnesium Ore (+11)⁠Fried Meat with Chili (+7)
⁠Granite Tiles (+7)
⁠Mi-an Figurine (+7)
Opal (+7)
Rosestone (+7)
Spinel (+7)
Bronze Axe (+6)
Bronze Pickhammer (+6)
Coffee Tea Tree Seeds (+6)
Fluorite (+6)
Pressure Gauge (+6)
Spicy and Sour Potato (+6)
Rhino Horn Seeds (+5)

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Image via My Time at Sandrock Official WIki

Elsie helps run her family's ranch, and because of that, has a special connection with nature and animals. She enjoys the simpler, natural items in life. Rather than expensive, extravagant jewels and gems, she'd prefer to get more heartfelt and sentimental gifts.

  • Season of Birth: Spring
  • Occupation: Rancher

Gift Guide

LungFishKing (+20)⁠DesertMudfishKing (+10)Agate Bracelets (-1)Dregs (-5)
Camping Den (+19)HornedAdderKing (+10)Amber Pendant (-1)Food Scraps (-5)
Pet Sofa (+19)⁠Pet Castle (+10)Diamond Earrings (-1)Lizard Tooth (-5)
Rescue Team Boots (+19)Pet Tunnel (+10)Diamond Ring (-1)Old Jeans (-5)
⁠Rescue Team Jacket (+19)SandSnakeKing (+10)Four Leaf Clover Necklace (-1)⁠Ruined Cloth (-5)
Rescue Team Pants (+19)Sandacuda King (+10)⁠Gold Ring (-1)Ruined Glass (-5)
Windproof Waist Bag (+19)Sandfish King (+10)Moonstone Pendant (-1)Ruined Paper (-5)
Animal House (+17)Advanced Sandfish Trap (+9)Peacock Feather Brooch (-1)
Shiny Scorpion (+17)Chopped Pepper Fish Head (+9)Spinel Corsage (-1)
Meowses II Statue (+16)Desert Defender Pants (+9)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)
Professional Sandfish Trap (+16)Desert Defender Shirt (+9)Aluminum Scrap (-2)
⁠Sand Eagle Statue (+16)⁠Diamond (+9)Amber Earrings (-2)
⁠Golden Bull Head (+15)Fine Chopped Pepper Fish Head (+9)⁠Budding Brooch (-2)
Jeweled Egg (+15)Retro Fan (+9)Ceramic Scrap (-2)
Saddle (+9)Copper Rose Brooch (-2)
Scratching Post (+9)Fiber Scrap (-2)
Desert Defender Boots (+8)⁠Curling Iron (-2)
Gold (+8)Fragrant Satchel (-2)
Waist Bag (+8)Full Moon Bracelet (-2)
Wind Chimes (+8)Golden Ear Bone Ring (-2)
Around the World in However Many Days (+7)Hair Dryer (-2)
Desert Defender Waist Bag (+7)Jade Bracelet (-2)
Hot and Sour Fish (+7)Jade Waist Pendant (-2)
⁠Opal (+7)Orchid Earrings (-2)
⁠Rope Knot Toy (+7)Processor (relic) (-2)
Rosestone (+7)Rainbow Locket (-2)
Spinel (+7)⁠Swan Necklace (-2)
⁠Fluorite (+6)Titanium Scrap (-2)
Journey to the East (+6)Copper Scrap (-3)
⁠Pioneer (+6)⁠Fine Wood Scrap (-3)
Water (+6)⁠Iron Scrap (-3)
Roast Rutabaga (+5)Mechanical Scrap (-3)
Rutabaga (+4)⁠Plastic Scrap (-3)
Rubber Scrap (-3)
⁠Stone Scrap (-3)
Wood Scrap (-3)


Image by Pro Game Guides

Jane is a proud resident of Sandrock and the town schoolteacher. She is highly intelligent and opinionated, knowing exactly what she likes and dislikes, which is proven by her long list of disliked items. Be careful what you gift her.

  • Season of Birth: Autumn
  • Occupation: Teacher

Gift Guide

Toy Axe Soldier (+19)Dancer's Jacket (+9)⁠Acacia Wood (-2)⁠Lizard Tooth (-5)
⁠Toy Scepter Soldier (+19)Dancer's Pants (+9)Bloodstone Core (-2)Manure (-5)
⁠Toy Spear Soldier (+19)⁠Dancer's Shoes (+9)⁠Bronze Pipes (-2)Venom (-5)
Toy Sword Soldier (+19)Hat of Memories (+9)Bronze Stick (-2)
Windproof Waist Bag (+19)Shoes of Memories (+9)⁠Copper Gear (-2)
Dancing Lion Doll (+18)Cact-o'-Lantern (+8)⁠Copper Pipe (-2)
Desk Clock (+18)Cact-o'-Lantern Scarecrow (+8)Copper Plate (-2)
Flag Waving Astronaut Model (+18)⁠Cat-on-a-Cact-o'-Lantern (+8)⁠Copper Stick (-2)
⁠Guitarist Astronaut Model (+18)Cowboy Scarecrow (+8)Crystal (-2)
⁠Inflated Astronaut Model (+18)⁠Madame Scarecrow (+8)Hardwood Planks (-2)
Retro Fan (+18)Blessing Pendant (+7)Hardwood Stick (-2)
⁠Eagle Flute (+17)Fragrant Satchel (+7)Iron Latch (-2)
⁠Terracotta Soldier (+17)Harmonica (+7)⁠Iron Wire (-2)
⁠Wind Chimes (+17)Sticker of Memories (+7)⁠Magnet (-2)
Fine Mushroom Forest Cake (+16)Yakmel Doll (+7)Manganese Steel Blades (-2)
⁠Waist Bag (+16)⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet (+7)Marble Brick (-2)
⁠Yakboy Target (+16)Yakmel Horn Comb (+7)Metal Hinge (-2)
The Eagle in the Valley (+15)⁠Magnifier (+6)Petrified Wood (-2)
⁠Amirah Figurine (+14)⁠Sunscreen (+6)⁠Petrified Wooden Stick (-2)
Arvio Figurine (+14)Concealer (+5)Plastic Pipe (-2)
Honey Avocado (+14)⁠Facial Cream (+5)Plastic Shell (-2)
⁠Honey Sambo (+14)⁠Steel Bar (-2)
Mi-an Figurine (+14)Stone Slate (-2)
Owen Figurine (+14)Tempered Glass (-2)
Cheese Sandwich (+13)Aluminum Ore (-3)
⁠Mushroom Forest Cake (+13)Bark (-3)
Bearing (-3)
Bricks (-3)
Bronze Bars (-3)
Bronze Rivet (-3)
Chromium Ore (-3)
Claws (-3)
Clay (-3)
Composite Fiber (-3)
Copper Bars (-3)
Copper Ore (-3)
Copper Screw (-3)
Copper Wire (-3)
⁠Dinas (-3)
Fiber Mesh (-3)
Glass (-3)
⁠Graphite (-3)
Grinding Saws (-3)
Hard Wood (-3)
⁠Iron Ore (-3)
Limestone (-3)
Manganese Ore (-3)
Marble (-3)
Metal Coil (-3)
Nickel Ore (-3)
Niter (-3)
Plant Fiber (-3)
Plastic (-3)
Quartz (-3)
Rubber (-3)
Rubber Shell (-3)
⁠Rubber Tube (-3)
⁠Silver Ore (-3)
⁠Stone (-3)
Sulfur (-3)
Tin Ore (-3)
⁠Titanium Ore (-3)
Wood (-3)
Wooden Boards (-3)
Wooden Stick (-3)

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Image via My Time at Sandrock Official Wiki

Grace is a bold and hardworking bachelorette. Despite working as a cook full-time, her true passion is for archeology, studying old-world relics. She appreciates receiving new equipment she can use for excavating.

  • Season of Birth: Spring
  • Occupation: Cook

Gift Guide

High-speed Motor (+18)Alloy Daggers (+10)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Dregs (-5)
Gravity Motor (+17)Chromium Daggers (+10)Aluminum Scrap (-2)Food Scraps (-5)
Frying Pan (+16)Four Leaf Clover Necklace (+10)⁠Ceramic Scrap (-2)Lizard Tooth (-5)
High-speed Processor (+16)Gemstone Daggers (+10)Fiber Scrap (-2)Old Jeans (-5)
⁠Stewed Eagle Cistanche (+16)⁠Titanium Daggers (+10)Processor (relic) (-2)Ruined Cloth (-5)
Cistanche (+15)⁠Diamond (+9)Titanium Scrap (-2)Ruined Glass (-5)
Compact Motor (+15)Iron Dagger (+9)Copper Scrap (-3)Ruined Paper (-5)
Copper Pot (+15)⁠Large Desert Mudfish (+9)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)Venom (-5)
DNA Model (+15)Orchid Earrings (+9)Iron Scrap (-3)
Equatorial Mount (+15)Two-tone Waistband (+9)Mechanical Scrap (-3)
Grand Theater (+15)Wolf Tooth Pendant (+9)⁠Plastic Scrap (-3)
⁠Monument (+15)Gold (+8)Rubber Scrap (-3)
Rhino Horn Cactus (+15)Sand Tea Beef (+8)⁠Stone Scrap (-3)
Spaceship Model (+15)⁠Beef Noodles (+7)Wood Scrap (-3)
Spacesuit (+15)⁠Engine (+7)
Cooking Master (+11)Microchip (+7)
⁠Opal (+7)
Rosestone (+7)
⁠Soup Pot (+7)
Spinel (+7)
Chili (+6)
Fluorite (+6)
Omelet (+6)
Omelet (+6)
Power Stones (+6)
Simple Circuits (+6)
Water (+6)
Data Disc (+5)


Image via My Time at Sandrock Official Wiki

Catori has been divorced once already and is ready to chase after her dreams, in terms of business and relationships. She enjoys the finer things in life, shown off by her museum and her taste in gifts.

  • Season of Birth: Autumn
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur

Gift Guide

⁠Diamond Earrings (+19)Vacuum Cleaner (+10)Bronze Daggers (-1)⁠Alloy Daggers (-5)
⁠Exhibition Stand (+19)Diamond (+9)Bronze Greatsword (-1)⁠Alloy Heavy Sword (-5)
Amber Pendant (+18)Peacock Feather Brooch (+9)Bronze Spear (-1)Alloy Spear (-5)
Orchid Earrings (+17)⁠Techno Table (+9)Bronze Sword and Shield (-1)Alloy Sword and Shield (-5)
Armor Display (+16)⁠Curling Iron (+8)⁠Iron Dagger (-1)Chromium Daggers (-5)
⁠Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)⁠Gold (+8)⁠Iron Greatsword (-1)⁠Chromium Heavy Sword (-5)
Jade Bracelet (+16)⁠Hair Dryer (+8)⁠Iron Spear (-1)Chromium Spear (-5)
⁠Meowses II Statue (+16)⁠Crafted Pencilholder (+7)Iron Sword And Shield (-1)Chromium Sword and Shield (-5)
Premium Wood Desk (+16)Cross Anchor (+7)Motivational Hammer (-1)Dregs (-5)
Sand Eagle Statue (+16)Feather Duster (+7)Vintage Pistol (-1)Essential Heavy Sword (-5)
Working Desk (+16)Guitarist Astronaut Model (+7)Vintage assault rifle (-1)Essential Spear (-5)
Art Museum Model (+15)Opal (+7)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Essential Sword and Shield (-5)
⁠Desk Clock (+15)⁠Ozdak Dancing Statue (+7)Aluminum Scrap (-2)⁠Food Scraps (-5)
Grand Theater (+15)⁠Ozdak Rooster Pose Statue (+7)⁠Ceramic Scrap (-2)Gemstone Daggers (-5)
Monument (+15)Rosestone (+7)Fiber Scrap (-2)Gunpowder (-5)
⁠Office Chair (+15)⁠Spinel (+7)Processor (relic) (-2)Industrial Explosives (-5)
⁠Yakboy Bookshelf (+15)Techno Calendar (+7)⁠Stone Daggers (-2)Lizard Tooth (-5)
Around the World in However Many Days (+14)Techno Lamp (+7)⁠Stone Spear (-2)Niter (-5)
Pioneer (+13)Toy Axe Soldier (+7)Stone Sword (-2)Old Jeans (-5)
Toy Scepter Soldier (+7)Stone Sword and Shield (-2)⁠Plastic (-5)
Toy Spear Soldier (+7)⁠Titanium Scrap (-2)Plastic Shell (-5)
Toy Sword Soldier (+7)Copper Scrap (-3)⁠Ruined Cloth (-5)
⁠Yakmel Horn Comb (+7)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)
⁠Fluorite (+6)⁠Iron Scrap (-3)
Milk Steamed Egg (+6)Mechanical Scrap (-3)
Nail File (+6)Pistol Bullet (-3)
Sand Tea Noodles (+6)⁠Plastic Scrap (-3)
Sunscreen (+6)⁠Rifle bullet (-3)
Techno Phone (+6)Rubber Scrap (-3)
Facial Cream (+5)Stone Scrap (-3)
⁠Wood Scrap (-3)


Image by Pro Game Guides

Heidi is a warm and compassionate bachelorette who grew up in Sandrock. She went to school to become an architect but also works as a writer for the Tumbleweed Standard on the side.

  • Season of Birth: Summer
  • Occupation: Architect and Writer

Gift Guide

Aluminum Axe (+20)Iron Pickhammer (+10)Advanced Mechanical Scrap (-2)Dregs (-5)
Aluminum Pickhammer (+20)Jacuzzi (+10)Aluminum Scrap (-2)Food Scraps (-5)
Chromium Axe (+20)Love, Sofa and Robots (+10)Ceramic Scrap (-2)Old Jeans (-5)
Chromium Pickhammer (+20)Amber Earrings (+9)⁠Fiber Scrap (-2)Ruined Cloth (-5)
Iron Axe (+19)Bronze Axe (+9)Processor (relic) (-2)Ruined Glass (-5)
Zinc Titanium Alloy Plate (+17)Bronze Pickhammer (+9)⁠Titanium Scrap (-2)Ruined Paper (-5)
⁠Cable-stayed Bridge (+16)⁠Diamond (+9)Copper Scrap (-3)⁠Venom (-5)
Conch Shell Goddess Statue (+16)Helper Box (+9)Fine Wood Scrap (-3)
Fried Fish and Lotus (+16)Iron Plate (+9)Iron Scrap (-3)
Aluminum Alloy Plate (+15)Large Storage Box (+9)Mechanical Scrap (-3)
Art Museum Model (+15)Two-tone Waistband (+9)Plastic Scrap (-3)
Chestnut Fish-heads (+15)Armor Display (+8)Rubber Scrap (-3)
⁠Chromium Steel Plate (+15)Elegant Bench (+8)Stone Scrap (-3)
Diamond Earrings (+15)Elegant Square Table (+8)Wood Scrap (-3)
Grand Theater (+15)Gold (+8)
Great Wall (+15)⁠Granite Slab (+8)
Monument (+15)⁠Magnesium-Chromium Brick (+8)
Moonstone Pendant (+15)Marble Slab (+8)
Ozdak Dancing Statue (+15)⁠Meowses II Statue (+8)
Rustic Armchair (+15)Petrified Wooden Board (+8)
Sailor's Horn (+15)⁠Rainbow Locket (+8)
Spinel Corsage (+15)⁠Roasted Eel (+8)
Titanium Aluminum Alloy Plate (+15)Titanium Aluminum Alloy (+8)
Acacia Wood Planks (+14)⁠Yakboy Small Picture Frame (+8)
Amber Pendant (+14)⁠Zinc titanium alloy (+8)
Eel Jerky (+14)Guitarist Astronaut Model (+7)
Elegant Swing (+14)Hot and Sour Fish (+7)
Retro Fan (+14)⁠Jeweled Egg (+7)
Yakboy Bookshelf (+14)Opal (+7)
Yakboy Horn Decoration (+12)Rosestone (+7)
Sandfish with Secret Sauce (+7)
Spinel (+7)
Tomato Fish (+7)
⁠Yakmel Horn Bracelet (+7)
⁠Fluorite (+6)
⁠Water (+6)
Wooden Storage (+6)

All the bachelorettes are unique and full of personality in their own ways. Their likes and dislikes may differ from each other, so use the list above to grow your relationship with those you like. Giving items they dislike could really hurt your relationship, so be extra careful if you're hoping to bloom things into a romance.

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