Goalie Tips and Tricks in NHL 23

Playing as the Goalie in an NHL game can be very difficult, especially if you are new to the game or sport. In NHL 23, Goalies face an even more difficult challenge with the new X-Factor abilities that allow players to make lacrosse passes around or over the goal and allow players to make last-second shots while […]

All NHL 23 Loyalty Rewards and how to claim them

The NHL video game franchise has some great bonuses for longtime fans. If you’ve played this hockey simulation every year, you can expect Loyalty rewards with NHL 23. To get these goodies, you need to meet several conditions. Here’s how to claim all NHL 23 loyalty rewards to dominate on the ice! How to get […]

Best Young Players for NHL 23 Franchise Mode

NHL 23 is a hockey simulation game that lets you become part of the fastest team sport in the world. You can play many modes, but for many players, the most interesting is the Franchise mode. Here you are a general manager responsible for creating a successful NHL club. The first thing you need to […]

Best X-Factor Abilities in NHL 23

NHL 23 features new gameplay changes like last-chance puck control, presentation improvements, and some changes to X-Factor Abilities. Players can use abilities as Zone Abilities or Superstar Abilities, which can alter the effects of the ability. Equipping a Zone Ability is essentially the player’s X-Factor, so here are the best X-Factor abilities in NHL 23. […]

NHL 23 Be A Pro mode changes, explained

NHL 23 was released with significant changes to animations, gameplay strategy, and more. Game modes like Franchise and World of Chel received some upgrades but Be A Pro mode is left out. Although Be A Pro mode does not have specific changes from last year’s title, the other gameplay improvements affect Be A Pro. Player […]