Orbital Bullet Patch Notes and Updates (September 2021)

Orbital Bullet is still in the early stages of early access, so many of the updates that are released are pretty substantial. There have been several early access updates, and here we'll tell you what exactly each one does.

Orbital Bullet Early Access Update 0.23


  • Fixed a bug where player had a black screen on entering the title scene, but could still navigate through it.
  • Fixed a bug where a class skill could be learned without the previous required one.
  • Fixed a bug where several Skills would not be permanently saved (e.g. Increased Damage 2, Fortified Shields 2).
  • Fixed a bug where POI Symbols would be still shown on the map after collecting them.
  • Fixed a bug where the actual skill tree progress would be displayed wrong.
  • Fixed a bug with the weapon levels where after increasing the min / max weapon level some weapons had wrong levels.
  • Fixed a bug where the Stomper could block you when you transitioned to the next floor, which resulted in being stuck.
  • Fixed the Drone Swarm event that would block the players' path.
  • Fixed the Laser Drone movement, that it does no longer move through the wall while attacking.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could spawn in the stage before the 'Butcher' and could not be attacked.
  • Fixed a bug where the small flies on Dyatus could become invincible.
  • Fixed an audio bug when jumping on a zip line that played the sound in a loop after you already left the zip line.
  • Fixed a bug where explosive barrels could have an invisible damage trigger remaining after being destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could 'Down Smash' in a Transition and get stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where you would be stuck in the terrain after using the 'Down Smash' Upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple rewards could be active at the Dyatus dimensional rifts.
  • Fixed a text issue of the „Butcher in Time“ Mission.
  • Fixed a bug where XP-Capsules would always cost 35 credits and not scale properly.
  • Fixed an icon issue with the Keycards in some shops.
  • Fixed an issue with perk damage displayed in the stats screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the Armored Chaser in Karth could be stuck in his pattern after being stunned.
  • Fixed a bug that Start-up Capital now gives you the displayed 50 credits per level instead of 25.


  • Increased the drop chance and amount of NanoBytes on higher difficulties.
  • Unlocking a dimensional rift with a Keycard / class skill does no longer instant teleport you into it.
  • The plant hazard on Dyatus will now be destroyed when clearing the whole floor.
  • Reduced the ammo costs per shot of the Zapper from 1 shot → 1 ammo to 2 shots → 1 ammo.

Orbital Bullet Early Access Update 3

In this update, Smokestab's main goal was to add some Quality of Life changes and focus on bug fixes and balancing issues. They always wanted to let you know that they are listening to players' feedback, and graphical and controller implementations are coming.

New & Changes

  • We have added a new encounters 'template' for each planet, which is causing waves of enemies spawning that are awaiting your hail of bullets, or worst case: your death.
  • We have added a new (random) checkpoint charging mechanic.
    • This means there are potentially encounters (random) on single floors that have checkpoints, that first need to be charged, by standing within those checkpoints and surviving small waves of enemies. Once all of those charged you will get a reward and can progress further.
  • We have added a prompt when pressing the “Restart” or “Main Menu” button during a run that asks you, if you really want to quit your current run.
  • We have added an in-game bug report tool.
    • This can always be accessed via hitting 'F1' in the game.
  • We have also added the link to our official discord-server via a button to the main menu.
  • The Map Overview now shows the floors in different colors, which depend on, if you cleared those floors already or not. This way you can see, where you have already been and where you can still clear areas.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed chain lighting still hitting inactive enemies on other floors.
  • Fixed a bug with the 360° Laser Gun’s damage calculation. Previous damage calculations were lower than intended.
  • Fixed a bug, where you could dodge roll into a half block and lose some of the controls or drop out of the map.


  • The Weapon Blueprint distribution along with the Weapon Fragments drop rates were adjusted to make those a bit rarer and more rewarding to find.
  • We have also increased the Nanobyte prices of the end upgrades in the Skill tree:
    • Beyond Death from 30 -> 60
    • Healing Pillars from 25 -> 55
    • Item Cooldown from Recovery 20 -> 30
    • Luxury Merchant from 25 -> 60
    • XP-Capsule from 25 -> 55
    • Combo Experience from 20 -> 35
    • Double Weapon Chests from 20 -> 50
    • Advanced Weapon Equipment from 25 -> 30


We also know that many of you would like to have more options to customize graphics settings, resolutions or the controller.

We are already working on these, but they need a little more time to be tested extensively. We will inform you as soon as there is news about it.

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