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How to get secret Point Hope Badge & ID Card in Phasmophobia

Feel comfortable ferrying drowned spirits?

The eerily haunting Point Hope map in Phasmophobia is full of supernatural surprises, but perhaps the best among them is a secret ID Card and Badge you can earn by completing an easter egg quest of sorts. If you're wondering how to add it to your collection, here is our handy guide for how to get the secret Point Hope Badge and ID Card in Phasmophobia.

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How to obtain Ferryman of the Drowned Badge & ID Card in Phasmophobia

Ferryman of the Drowned ID badge unlock in Phasmophobia
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While there's one badge mentioned in Eventide's patch notes that you can earn from the Point Hope map in Phasmophobia for correctly guessing the ghost 50 times, it turns out that there's actually another secret badge and ID card set up for grabs at the haunted lighthouse, if you know where to look and what to do. This is a little different than the game's usual challenges or Apocalypse mode.

Called the "Ferryman of the Drowned", this cosmetic set for your player ID card can be obtained by completing a sequence of cryptic tasks during a hunt on the Point Hunt map. The map itself is unlocked upon reaching Level 17 for the first time, and this secret quest can be completed on any difficulty, including Amateur. In fact, that's probably the best option to ensure you can do everything without ghostly fuss and having to track down the breaker.

Also, you DO NOT have to complete the ghost hunt itself while doing this, meaning you don't even have to guess the ghost type if you don't know. You can leave the hunt immediately after finishing the secret quest and still receive the rewards.

Complete the Billiard Puzzle in the Game Room

Seashell photos at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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To start this secret quest, after loading into Point Hope, first grab a Flashlight and a UV light (keep this off for now). You can bring Nightvision Goggles too if you have them unlocked and equipped, to navigate dark floors. Remember, if you do this on Amateur difficulty, the breaker will be on at the start and you have a five-minute head start before serious ghost activity begins.

Head inside the lighthouse, and DO NOT touch the bell on the way in (that comes later). Go all the way up to the Game Room floor, where the Billiards table is sitting beside the back wall. This is where you need to complete a secret puzzle to obtain a key. First, look at the seashell photos on the opposite wall (seen below), and make note of the color order - Green, Blue, and Orange.

Billiards table at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Go back to the Billiards table and look for balls of the same colors sitting on it. You need to place the balls in the correct color order inside the pockets nearest the wall. Make sure to drop a piece of equipment if you're full, as you need a space to pick these up.

First, pick up the Striped Green Ball and place it in the far left pocket of the table (facing the wall!). Next, pick up the Striped Blue Ball and place it in the middle pocket on the same side. Finally, pick up the Solid Orange Ball (Dark Orange not Light Orange or Red!) and place it in the far right pocket of the table.

If you place them correctly, a clicking noise will sound and a compartment will open on the side of the table, revealing the Lantern Cabinet Key. Pick it up and it will be placed in your Journal for safekeeping. By the way, if you're doing this with a friend, they will have access to the key as well and be eligible for the same rewards.

Place the Gold Cog in the Locked Cabinet

Lantern Cabinet at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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After completing the Game Room puzzle, head all the way upstairs until you reach the Lantern Room directly beneath the lighthouse's giant lamp. While here, look for a locked cabinet with gold embellishments (as seen above). Unlock it with the Lantern Cabinet Key you acquired, and inside you will see a mechanism where a cog wheel should be.

The next step is finding that cog wheel, and thankfully you won't need to go far to get it. Head back down to the Maintenance Room floor, and look for a shiny Gold Cog sitting against a cabinet behind a spilled can of red paint enamel.

Gold Cog at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Pick it up (make sure you have room!) and head back up to the Lantern Room to place it on the mechanism inside the cabinet. This will help restart the lighthouse's giant lamp, and it will then begin to circle and flash.

Go back down and ring the bell

Bell at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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The next step of this riddle will take you all the way back down the lighthouse and outside to the entrance, where the giant bell is that you've probably been dying to ring like a hooligan.

For this puzzle, however, you must only ring the bell three times. We recommend doing them with a brief pause in between each one, to make sure they count.

Once that's done, you should hear a strange burning noise, like something being lit in the distance. Time to head back upstairs.

Turn the lighthouse into a giant UV light

Lighthouse lamp at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Go all the way up to the very top of the lighthouse again, and make sure you have your UV light still with you, as it's the key to completing this cryptic puzzle. Take it out once you're there and look up at the lighthouse's giant lamp. Turn on your UV light and shine it at the lamp, which will cause it to turn purple, turning it into a giant UV of sorts.

Next, look outside and you'll see reflections of dozens of drowned spirits floating around the lighthouse itself as the light spins around, a surreal and haunting display that marks the completion of this puzzle quest.

Drowned spirits at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Also, if you were wondering what that burning noise from ringing the bell earlier was, all you have to do is look across the bay and you'll see giant letters spelling "UV" lit up on a beach (seen below), intended to give you a clear hint of what to do at the lighthouse's peak.

UV riddle hint at Point Hope in Phasmophobia
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Leave the hunt to claim your prize

With all of that done, all that remains is to leave the hunt to claim your Ferryman of the Drowned ID card and badge for your efforts. As mentioned before, you do not need to actually complete the ghost hunt to get these rewards. You're more than welcome to if you want/need the money, but it's not required. It may be better to protect your prize in case you have a Revenant or Demon waiting in the shadows of the lighthouse.

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Either way, end the hunt and at the results page you'll receive your special rewards, which you can then equip back at the dashboard. Along with a "Ferryman of the Drowned" title, the ID Card itself has an animated glow, which is a rare find outside of the higher prestige levels of the game. Be aware that it seems you need to have the badge equipped as well for the ID Card to switch over.

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How to get secret Point Hope Badge & ID Card in Phasmophobia

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