Phasmophobia: October 29 Patch – Update 3 Beta Patch Notes

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Phasmophobia is an amazingly scary game, and it's the perfect horror title to play with friends on Halloween night! Roleplay yourself as a ghost hunter, and get into the spirit of things by entering spooky locations and attempting to find out what type of ghost haunts the place. Three pieces of evidence are key when trying to find out the ghost type, as without these three things, you can't get paid the most money, which in turn means more time for the dreaded ghost to kill you and your entire team! Since Phasmophobia is still in early access, this update is the beta build for everyone who allowed the updates to happen!

Update 3 Patch Notes

Making the ghosts smarter

This latest October patch includes an update to make the ghosts smarter and less predictable, and we've got all the patch notes! The idea of this update is when the ghost spawns, it's no longer going to be a stupid entity that stands in the corner of the room, then always transitions back to that room after a hunt or a ghost event. Ghosts will now spawn more dynamically and have the opportunity to wander more logically and freely.

If you think about it, a paranormal spirit or entity isn't going to just sit and be bound to a bathroom or any room really; it's going to wander around naturally, causing havoc. Our investigations will change, especially when the ghosts go through their phases - the initial phase where it starts playing with the lights, messing with you, and then the hunting phase, where it wants to kill you. It's going to learn what you've been doing and logically end up in places entirely based on what you've done, and the ghost type it is.

The spookiest thing about this update is, say you're running out of a room per se updating your journal as you've uncovered some evidence, the ghosts will now see that you were in that room. The developers are now saying that the logic is now in place for the ghost to be able to wander over and navigate to the last place that a player has been detected, which should make things a little interesting. You're going to need more strategy than just playing hide and seek with the ghost going forward.

Major changes

  • Voice sensitivity slider is now in the audio options, so personal configurations can be made.
  • The Spirit box will now read what the response said, so no longer guessing what was said through teammates talking.
  • If your speech recognition stops working mid-game, the spirit box will speak on its own if the game detects your voice is no longer working - allowing players to acquire that vital evidence needed.
  • A copy button for the server code has been added -  perfect for streamers hiding their code, and players can also paste the codes as well.
  • Big changes to server protocol to fix a lot of the timeout and disconnects that occur, especially during loading.
  • Voice chat problems should be fixed.
  • EMF reader pitch has been lowered, so players actually have to pay attention and listen for the noise. The radius hasn't changed, just the volume.
  • Ghost writing now counts as photo evidence and encounter objectives.
  • When joining a public game, the lobby rooms will no longer be pages and pages of full or empty rooms - it's only going to show active games with slots for players.
  • Lowers the amount of sanity you lose during a ghost event, which means the ghosts will be more frequent and more active.
  • Massive change for gameplay and play style - for ghost orbs, bones, and other evidence is going to spawn more closely to the middle of the room. So start looking under furniture, such as couches, tables. If placing video cameras, make sure you're aiming them towards the middle of the room - attempt to get that wide-angle shot best you can.
  • The room temperature will no longer rise over time if the ghost leaves the room, meaning you now have to hunt the ghost along its path, not just the location that it ends up in.
  • Massive nerf to the temperature gun,  you can no longer aim it at the door to get a reading, as the distance is shorter, as is the focal length. The gradual temperature raises after the ghost leaves are no longer going to be there to assist us.
  • The brightness of the lights on all the menus has been lowered.
  • Tons of bug fixes.
  • Quality of life changes in asylum and in the toolset.


  • Fixed a bug where the microphone would reset in the audio options each game.
  • Several optimisations to help with timeout disconnects.
  • Potential fix for anyone on a University internet not being able to connect to the server.
  • Fixed a bug where dead players couldn’t use voice chat.
  • Fixed a bug where the Non-VR pause menu would become unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where dead players were able to use the walkie talkie.
  • Fixed a bug where you could take a Photo outside of Edgefield and it would count as Dead Body evidence.
  • Fixed some spots where you could glitch through walls on Tanglewood.
  • Fixed some spots on the Farmhouse maps where the Ghost could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where you could change the text style of your name.
  • Fixed a bug where VR Toggle mute was set to hold and not toggle.
  • Fixed a Non-VR bug where the pause menu screens would overlap.
  • Fixed a bug where rebinding drop to left mouse button would make the main menu unusable.
  • Potential fix for save files being corrupted if you crash.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost wouldn’t always lower the room temperature.
  • Fixed a bug where changing the voice language wouldn’t change the voice recognition language.
  • Fixed an issue where your would get disconnected by client timeout when loading levels.
  • Fixed a bug where your sanity would raise during a Ghost Event.
  • Fixed a bug where the ghost death hands could be seen on cameras.
  • Fixed a bug where you could take photos through walls/ doors.
  • Fixed an issue where players with 1GB vram graphics cards would crash in multiplayer when loading into a level.
  • Fixed a bug where the photo evidence names would be in different languages depending on who took the photo.
  • Fixed a bug where your sanity would raise by 25 during one of the ghost events.
  • Fixed a bug where the windows and door handles in some doors were still visible when you were dead.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost Orb would sometimes get disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the Smudge Sticks smoke would last forever if you swapped it into your inventory.
  • Fixed a bug where you could get the temperature through the wall when you were outside.
  • Fixed an issue where objects could fall behind the truck shelves and be made unreachable.
  • Fixed a bug where several player sound effects were not being affected by the master volume.
  • Fixed a bug where the push to talk button had to be held down for 1 second after your question for it to register as a phrase.
  • Fixed a bug where the default items daily challenge wouldn’t complete.
  • Fixed a bug where the thermometer would set off motion sensors.
  • Ridgeview: Fixed a bug where the ghost orb would spawn outside of the basement.
  • Fixed a bug where VR players would spawn outside the Truck if they were outside of their play space.
  • Ridgeview: Fixed a bug where the ghost orb would spawn outside of the basement.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ghost would try to throw items that were on the VR inventory belt.
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