How to defeat Poppy of the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Yes, this child is an Elite Four member!

Poppy is the second member of the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet and uses Steel Type Pokémon. Steel Types are powerful on the defensive side and her highest level Pokémon is 59. She will go all out on the offensive and hit very hard if players aren't careful. This is everything Pokémon Trainers need to know about defeating Poppy in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to beat Elite Four Poppy in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Poppy will be fought directly after taking out Rika and her Ground Type Pokémon for the Elite Four. She will use five Pokémon, with the highest being level 59, with very strong Base Power moves. This is her entire team:

  • Level 58 Copperajah - Pure Steel, weak to Ground, Fighting, and Fire with Heavy Slam, High Horsepower, Play Rough, and Stealth Rock.
  • Level 58 Magnezone - Electric/Steel, weak to Ground, Fighting, and Fire with Discharge, Flash Cannon, Trick Attack, and Light Screen.
  • Level 58 Bronzong - Steel/Psychic, weak to Fire, Dark, and Ghost with Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake, and Rock Blast.
  • Level 58 Corviknight - Flying/Steel, weak to Electric and Fire with Brave Bird, Iron Head, Body Press, and Iron Defense.
  • Level 59 Tinkaton - Fairy/Steel with the Steel Tera Type, weak to Ground, Fighting, and Fire after Terastallizing with Play Rough, Gigaton Hammer, Brick Break, and Stone Edge.

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Copperajah has very high Attack and can do a lot of damage. However, it is very slow. Its move coverage can deal super effective damage against Fire and Fighting Types that would normally counter it, so it's best to play things cautiously. Magnezone has the Sturdy Ability, making it able to survive on one HP if it hasn't already been damaged. An Earthquake would normally do the trick, but players will need an additional hit after to finish it off. Bronzong has the Levitate Ability, causing it to be immune to Ground Type moves, and is very bulky.

Corviknight has low Special Defense and can tank Physical moves with its high Defense stat. It is best to hit it on the Special side as it can use Iron Defense to continue to increase its Defense and make Body Press even stronger. Tinkaton has high Special Defense and very high Base Power moves. The Pokémon's Gigaton Hammer will deal a lot of damage after Terastallizing, but it will become a Pure Steel Type, able to be dealt with by any of Steel's usual weaknesses.

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How to defeat Poppy of the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

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