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Pokémon UNITE: Best Tsareena Builds

Are all grass types going to be this OP?
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When played in the right hands, the All-Rounder Physical Attacker has a powerful kit. Tsareena can deal lots of burst damage, and their moves have a lot of synergy with one another.

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Tsareena's move sets will depend heavily on the player's own playstyle, and every move has a bonus attached to Queenly Majesty. The ability makes it so after three boosted attacks or moves, the following basic attack or move will have an additional effect. Rather than counting, Tsareena will have an extra bar to show their boosted attack counts to know when the next attack will have the Queenly Majesty effect. Teammates and enemy Pokémon can see this, making it easy to coordinate or scare off the opposing team.

R/Razor Leaf Slot Move (Level 5)

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  • Stomp - This move causes enemies to be stunned for a few seconds. Stomp has a sizeable area of effect similar to Snorlax's Heavy Slam. The Queenly Majesty effect of this move allows Tsareena to regain HP when it hits.
  • Triple Axel - The preferred move for Tsareena that can be difficult to pull off. Using this move has Tsareena kick three times in succession, with each hit increasing the other's damage. This also increases Tsareena's basic attack speed based on how many Triple Axel hits land. The Queenly Majesty effect of this move also regains HP upon hit.

ZR/Rapid Spin Slot Move (Level 6)

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  • Grassy Glide - The preferred move for Tsareena that pairs well with Triple Axel. It is a two-hit move that has Tsareena dash in a direction to deal damage and slow down the opposing Pokémon. The second part of the move pushes the enemy, making it perfect for team fights. The Queenly Majesty effect of this move gives Tsareena a Shield when used.
  • Trop Kick - Lowering Pokémon's Attack, this physical move launches Tsareena to deal damage. It leaves a path that slows down enemies walking through it and deals some damage. The move's Queenly Majesty effect also grants Tsareena a Shield.

Unite Move/ZL (Level 9)

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  • Queen Ascendant - As a single target move, this is perfect for finishing off a low HP Pokémon. The move has Tsareena deal damage to the opposing Pokémon in the air, removing any other move's effects on it and Tsareena. Upon landing, Tsareena also gains a moderate amount of HP.

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The combination of Triple Axel and Grassy Glide shouldn't be understated as it can be used both for solo fights and when teammates are nearby. Because Tsareena's kit involves using basic and boosted attacks, the attack speed buff from Triple Axel can quickly build up boosted attacks until Queenly Majesty is available. Grassy Glide's ability to shove opposing Pokémon and slow them down is the perfect initiator to Triple Axel to make sure every hit lands.

Triple Axel and Trop Kick also have good synergy as Trop Kick is an excellent initiator that also lowers the damage of the opposing Pokémon. Pokémon have to be in the path of Trop Kick for them to be slowed down by it, but knowing this can have experienced players guess their movement for easy Triple Axel hits.

Grassy Glide and Stomp have a very niche use and are better used in a coordinated team fight. Paired up with other crowd control effects such as Surf from Slowbro or Heavy Slam from Snorlax can keep opposing Pokémon from running away. Grass Glide closes the distance while shoving the enemy into the player's teammates while Stomp stuns the enemy for a brief period to finish them off.

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Held Items

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Tsareena gains a 10 percent Crit Rate at level five and level nine. At the same levels, they gain a five percent Lifesteal. This makes item management easy as building on top of these things can make them very strong.

  • Weakness Policy - This often overlooked item can be perfect for Tsareena because of their Lifesteal on basic and boosted attacks. It increases their Attack based on how many times they are hit. Tsareena's HP restoration and ability to get a Shield from Queenly Majesty makes them hard to take out and perfect for this item.
  • Scope Lens - Tsareena's high Crit Rate and Attack makes this item a must to equip. Making every Critical Hit deal more damage innately while giving a nice bonus to Crit Rate is perfect for the Pokémon. At Level 30, the effect gives Tsareena any extra six percent Crit Rate and 12 percent Crit Damage.
  • Razor Claw - This held item gives Pokémon a 50 percent bonus to their basic attacks as well as slowing down opposing Pokémon. The extra Attack and Crit Rate is nice, but slowing down enemies is crucial in the game. Boosted Attacks will also gain the 50 percent bonus, making Triple Axel even stronger with the additional attack speed. It also deals extra damage on top of the 50 percent bonus depending on the Pokémon's Attack.
  • Focus Band - Normally, this item is better suited for Pokémon with high HP. However, Tsareena's mobility and ability to regain their HP through Lifesteal, Queenly Majesty, and their Unite Move make this item worth it. This can save a trip going for Berries and get straight back to the fight.
  • Muscle Band - Triple Axel makes this item very useful for Tsareena, but even without it, Muscle Band is a fantastic item. Because the damage bonus from using this item is percentage-based, making Tsareena very effective against Defender Pokémon. The stat boosts give an increase to attack speed and Attack as well.
  • Buddy Barrier - While this item doesn't have the greatest synergy with Tsareena, it is still one of the best items in the game. Giving the lowest HP teammate a Shield based on the wearer's HP when using their Unite Move can turn the tide in battle. Tsareena's HP is about average but when because Queen Ascendant can remove a threat temporarily, this can give that teammate the extra protection they need.

Battle Items

Eject Button is often the best choice for players, but Tsareena can take advantage of X Attack in an offensive playstyle. Eject Button allows for quick escapes and works through barriers, while X Attack increases the Pokémon's damage. This heavily depends on preference as some players enjoy using Fluffy Tail while fighting in the middle or securing Rotom, Drednaw, or Zapdos to keep them from attacking while increasing damage dealt with it from the user.

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Pokémon UNITE: Best Tsareena Builds

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