All Kits in Roblox BedWars

Which kit will you choose?

Kits are avatar bundles in Roblox BedWars that essentially serve as different classes. Every kit is themed around a different character and with its own set of unique perks and abilities. Using the kit to its own strength, along with the player's skills and mastery of the game, can provide a much larger advantage during BedWars matches against other players. Here's a look at this week's rotation of free kits, along with all of the kits available in the game.

All Kits in Roblox BedWars

Here's a look at all of the kits in Roblox BedWars. Each kit comes fully loaded with its own unique perks that could make or break a victory during a match across all of the game modes. At the end of the day, the "best" kit is really designed around your own gameplay style and moveset preferences.

PlayerOpt out of using a kit and play as yourself!
AeryIncrease the damage of your sword attacks up to x3 times by collecting the spirit butterflies from fallen enemies.
AlchemistHe can make special spells like Bomb, Heal, Poison, Shield, and Sleep. You can use the spells or give them to teammates.
Archer+15% projectile damage and access to the Tactical Crossbow in Item Shop.
AresCan buy a spear from the item store. The spear deals an AOE type damage to enemies in a small radius along with some knockback.
Axolotl AmyShe has small pets called Axolotl that help you and your allies to gain more Shield, Damage, Health generation, or Break speed for a limited duration of time.
BakerGain access to health-gain apples and speed-boost cakes.
BarbarianBuild rage by damaging enemies. Instead of buying swords, your sword is upgraded upon reaching max rage. You lose half your rage upon death. Emerald Sword is replaced by the Rageblade.
Beekeeper BeatrixCatch bees around the map to upgrade your Bee Hive. Upgrading your Bee Hive will return additional iron and emeralds.
Bounty HunterGet assigned bounties for killing certain players in the match. Competing for a bounty reward a random amount of resources.
BuilderFortify blocks using the Builder's hammer. Purchase the Hammer from the Item Shop.
ConquerorBuy three different, unique banners like defense, heal and fire from the shop. The banners will provide special buffs to your allies.
CrocowolfIf your enemies destroy your bed, you will transform into a majestical beast with a lot of HP, movement speed, and knockback capabilities.
CyberDeploy and use the drone to collect resources around the map. They can also be used to drop TNT on enemies.
EldertreeIncreases Max HP and size by collecting Tree Orbs. Armor cannot be purchased.
EmberBuy a unique Infernal Saber for 4 emeralds from the game store. The sword will deal 36 damage per hit and has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.
Farmer CletusAs a master of the farmland, Cletus grows crops that yield diamonds and emeralds.
FishermanUse the exclusive fishing rod to acquire rare items.
FreiyaHer passive ability allows her to slow down enemies after performing a hit on them. The passive only works after filling the frost meter. She can also
buy a special Ice Sword that can slow enemies and inflict 40 damage per hit.
FrostyFrosty can throw special frosted snowballs at enemies causing more damage than a normal snowball. It can also slow enemies for 1 second.
Gingerbread ManUse the Gumdrop special item to avoid any fall damage and gain a defensive shield.
GompyUses Vaccum to collect and launch ghosts at enemies. Each ghost inflicts 60 damage, 40% armor penetration, and 6 blocks of knockback
Grim ReaperHealth regenerates movement speed increases and becomes invulnerable for 2 upon consuming enemy souls. Combat disabled while consuming.
Infernal ShielderSpawn with a massive shield that can deflect damage + projectile knockback.
JackCan buy the exclusive Oil Blob. Enemies walking on the Oil Blob will take 9 damage per second and make their movement erratic.
JadeKnock people up with your giant hammer.
LassyLassy has a lasso that can pull in enemies.
LumenBuy a unique light sword for 4 emeralds from the game store. The sword will deal 42 damage per hit and has a cooldown of 0.3 seconds.
MelodyMelody uses a guitar and the power of music to heal nearby teammates.
Metal DetectorFind treasures using your Metal Detector spread around the map. The treasure chest will contain iron, diamonds, and emeralds.
MinerKilling enemies will turn them into stone. The stones can further be mined to get valuable resources/items.
NyxActivate the unique Midnight Darkness ability and deal extra damage up to 50% to both armors and health.
Pirate DaveyUse a TNT Cannon to bombard your enemies.
PyroUse your flamethrower to spray fire, making enemies brittle and taking more damage from attacks. Killing brittle enemies gives ember which you can use to upgrade your flamethrower.
RavenBuy ravens and fly at enemies to deliver deadly doses of poison.
SantaThrow TNT on the opponent's base using the Santa Strafe.
Spirit CatcherPurchase spirits from the Item Shop and place them around the map. Spirits will chase down and explode nearby enemies.
SmokeBuy the exclusive Smoke grenade from the item store. Consume the Smoke grenade to go completely invisible for a certain period of time.
Sheep HerderTame sheeps spread around the map. Each sheep will amplify your damage by a certain percentage.
TrapperCan Stun enemy using his Snap Trap and stunned enemies receive 40% more damage.
TrinityUpon reaching three kills, choose between a Light and Void transformation. As the Light Angel, heal nearby teammates when damaging enemies. As the Void Angel, attacks will life steal.
VanessaShen can supercharge your Crossbow or Bow. When supercharged she can fire three arrows at the same time.
Void RegentCan buy an exclusive Void Axe from the store. Use the Axe to leap 10 blocks forward and deal 15 damage to any enemies in the vicinity of your attack. You can also heal up to 60% of the damage inflicted.
VulcanControls camera turrets around the map using a tablet.
WizardConjure lightning strikes and electricity orbs with a magical staff.
WarriorArmor is slightly cheaper and you can buy powerful Warrior Armor.
YetiRoar and freeze any blocks. Frozen blocks can be destroyed much faster.
YuziSpecial Dao Swords deals 15-28 damage and lunges enemies forward.

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Check out all of the Kit designs in Roblox Bedwars. So far all of the Kits are Archer, Baker, Barbarian, Builder, Farmer Cleetus, Infernal Shielder, Melody, and Pirate Davey. If there are any missing images below (such as Pirate Davey), we'll have them up as soon as we are able. Let us know in the comments if we are missing any and we'll try to get them uploaded ASAP. Press on each image be taken to a new page that will let you save them for your own collection!

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All Kits in Roblox BedWars

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