Bee Swarm Simulator Codes – Free buffs, honey, & boosts (November 2023)


Updated: November 14, 2023

We buzzed around looking for new codes!

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator is perfect if you're like me and you who want to live a life helping animals! In the game, I played as a human, working with bees in harmony together to collect pollen from nearby flowers and make lots of honey. I then used this honey to buy better items and grow an army of hard-working little bees to become the best pollen collector in the field! When I feel a little stuck, I like to use codes for an extra bit of a boost.

To add extra strength to your little bee friends, check out the codes list to get buffs that will help you collect pollen faster than ever. These buffs can increase the amount of pollen collected from specific fields, so a Clover Field boost will increase pollen collected in clover fields. You'll also gain goodies in items like Tropical Drinks or Jelly Beans that you can use to get boosts to a range of things! For more titles like this, check out Free Hatchers Codes.

All Bee Swarm Simulator Codes List

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Working)

  • SonyXbox—Redeem for 1.25x Pollen From Tools, 1.25x Pollen From Bees, 1.25x Event Bee Ability Pollen, 100 Convert Amount, +50% Capacity, +10% Nectar, +1% Critical Chance, and +1% Super-Crit Chance
  • WonkyFlop—Redeem for 5x Wealth Clock, 1 Super Smoothie, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 4x Mushroom Field Boost, 4x Blue Flower Field Boost, 10x Sunflower Field Winds, 10x Mushroom Field Winds, and 10x Blue Flower Field Winds (New)
  • WeekExtension—Redeem for 5x Wealth Clock Buff, a Marshmallow Bee, 5x Robo Party Blessing, 3x Strawberry Field Boost, 3x Spider Field Boost, 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 10x Spider Field Winds, 10x Bamboo Field Winds, and 10x Strawberry Field Winds
  • 5Years—Redeem for the Honeyday Event, Super Smoothie Buff, Wealth Clock x5, and 5 Tickets, Neonberries, Micro-Converters, Smooth Dice, and Marshmallow Bees
  • DemiDecade—Redeem for multiple Boosts and Buffs
  • DarzethDoodads—Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Tropical Drink, 1 Jelly Beans, 1 Stinger, 3 Tickets, 1 Red Balloon, 30 min Clover Field Code Buff, and 30 min Coconut Field Code Buff
  • ThnxCyasToyBox—Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Smooth Dice,1 Jelly Beans, 1 Micro-Converter, 1 Cloud Vial, 1 Whirligig, 10 Honeysuckles, 1 Pink Balloon, 3 Pumpkin Patch Boost, Pumpkin Patch Code Buff
  • walmarttoys—Redeem for 1 Marshmallow Bee, 1 Field Dice, 3 Micro-Converters, Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Winds, Super Smoothie, and Wealth Clock
  • PlushFriday—Redeem for many rewards 
  • Roof—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • 38217—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • Cubly—Redeem for +1 Bumble Bee Jelly, +10 Bitterberries, +1 Micro-Converter, Capacity Code 
  • Marshmallow—Redeem for 1h Conversion Boost, Marshmallow Bee 
  • SecretProfileCode—Redeem for Ant Pass, Shocked Bee Jelly, Oil, Glue Buff, Enzymes Buff 
  • Sure—Redeem for Dandelion Field Boost (x3), 30m Conversion Boost, 2,500 Honey 
  • Teespring—Redeem for Bamboo Field Boost (x3), Bamboo Field Winds (x3), Marshmallow Bee 
  • Wax—Redeem for 5x Tickets, 5,000 Honey 
  • Wink—Redeem for Dandelion Field Boost (×7), 5x Tickets, 5,000 Honey, Haste+, Black Bear Morph 
  • Buzz—Redeem for 5,000 Honey 
  • Nectar—Redeem for 5,000 Honey 
  • Bopmaster—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • Cog—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • Connoisseur—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • Crawlers—Redeem for 5 Tickets 
  • CarmensAnDiego—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code) 
  • Luther—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code) 
  • Dysentery—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code) 
  • Jumpstart—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Troggles—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code) 
  • 10mMembers—Redeem for Redeem for many free items [must join group]
  • Banned—Redeem for Redeem code for Stubborn Bee Jelly and Buff!
  • 1MLikes—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! [must join group]
  • WordFactory—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Millie—Redeem for Redeem code for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • Troggles—Redeem for free stuff! (Ready Player Two Code)
  • BeesBuzz123—Redeem for 1x Cloud Vial, 5x Gumdrops, 3x Jelly Beans
  • ClubBean—Redeem for Magic Bean, Pineapple Patch Boost (x2) [must me in Bee Swarm Simulator Club] [must join group]
  • ClubConverters—Redeem for 10x Micro-Converters [must be in the club] [must join group]
  • GumdropsForScience—Redeem for 15x Gumdrops

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Expired)

  • FourYearFiesta—Redeem for an Atomic Treat, Marshmallow Bee, Loaded Dice, Pink Balloon, White Balloon, Hard Wax, Topical Drink, Neonberry, four Micro-converters, four Tickets, four Honsuckles, four Strawberries, four Blueberries, four Pineapples, four Sunflower Seeds, four Bitterberries, four Moon Charms, 5x Wealth Clock, 4x Cactus Field Boost, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 15x Cactus Field Winds, 15x Sunflower Field Winds, Super Smoothie, 10x Haste, 10x Red Boost, 10x White Boost, 10x Blue Boost, and 10x Precision.
  • 500mil—Redeem for Science Bear Morph, 2 Stump Field Boost, 1 Hour Conversion Boost, 5 Wealth Clock, 5 Gumdrops, 5 Field Dice, 3 Bamboo Field Boost
  • PeppermintReboot—Redeem for 5x Wealth Clock, 5x Robo Party Blessing, 10x Festive Nymph Blessing, 60 minutes Conversation Boost, 3x Spider Field Boost, 3x Strawberry Field Boost, 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 10 Spider Field Winds, 10x Strawberry Field Winds, and 10x Bamboo Field Winds
  • BFCM2022—Redeem for 1 Jellybean and a Clover Field Buff
  • 2Billion—Redeem for 2 Blueberries, Honeyday Event, 1 Ticket Planter, 1 Marshmallow Bee, Rose Field Code Buff, Pine Tree Forest Code Buff, Cactus Field Code Buff, Pumpkin Patch Code Buff, 15 Rose Field Winds, 15 Pine Tree Forest Winds, 15 Cactus Field Winds, 15 Pumpkin Patch Winds (Must be a member of Bee Swarm Simulator Group)
  • frozenbugreboot—Redeem for 5 Wealth Clock Boosts, 1 Loaded Dice, 4 Pepper Patch Boosts, 4 Stump Field Boosts, 4 Mountain Top Field Boosts, 4 Coconut Field Boosts, and 4 Clover Field Boosts
  • 5MFavorites—Redeem for two days of Double Pollen. (Must be a member of Bee Swarm Simulator Club)
  • Mocito100T—Redeem for Stingers, Gumdrops, Coconuts, Inspire, Coconut Field Boost, Coconut Field Capacity 
  • RedMarket—Redeem for Pepper Patch Boost, Pepper Patch Capacity, Pepper Patch Market Boost
  • MondoOutage—Redeem for many rewards
  • Discord100k—Redeem for Marshmallow Bee Buff, Rose Field Boost (x3), Pine Tree Forest Boost (x3): +300% Pine Tree Forest Pollen, Spider Field Boost (x3), 3x Jelly Beans, 3x Gumdrops, 3x Moon Charm, 3x Tickets
  • RebootFriday—Redeem for many rewards 
  • 3YearParty—Redeem for lots of free stuff!
  • WintersEnd—Redeem for free stuff! [must join group]
  • BigBag—Redeem for a temporary Bag Capacity increase
  • RebootXmas—Redeem for in-game rewards
  • Buoyant—Redeem for +15 Blueberries, Blue Extract, Capacity Code, Blue Flower Field Boost, Blue Flower Field Capacity, Blue Flower Field Market Boost
  • BlackFriday—Redeem for free stuff!
  • 5mMembers—Redeem for +5 Bitterberries, +5 Strawberries, +5 Blueberries, +5 Sunflower Seeds, +5 Pineapples, +5 Moon Charms, Rose Field Boost, Rose Field Capacity, Pine Tree Forest Boost, Pine Tree Forest Capacity, Science Bear Morph, Conversion Boost
  • RebootPC—Redeem for free stuff!
  • BillionVisits—Redeem for 1 Atomic Treat, 10 Micro-Converters, Mountain Top Field Winds, Sunflower Field Winds, Honeday Event
  • Gumaden10T—Redeem for Pepper Patch Boost (x1), Pepper Patch Winds (x3), Coconut Field Boost (x1), Coconut Field Winds (x3), Blue Flower Field Boost (x2), Blue Flower Field Winds (x3), 1x Cloud Vial, 15x Pineapple
  • SpaceReboot—Redeem for 10 Moon Charms, 5 Micro-Converters, Wealth Clock, Mountain Top Field Boost & Capacity, Dandelion Field Boost & Capacity
  • FuzzyFarewell—Redeem for +3 Micro-Converters, +15 Pineapples, Sunflower Field Boost, Sunflower Field Capacity, Capacity Code
  • BlackBearMythic—Redeem for Cactus Field Boost & Capacity, Clove Field Boost & Capacity, Capacity Code, Wealth Clock, & Black Bear Morph
  • Strawbeary—Redeem for +1 Rad Bee Jelly, +10 Strawberries, Strawberry Field Boost, Strawberry Field Capacity, Mother Bear Morph
  • PineappleParty—Redeem for +15 Pineapples, +1 Tropical Drink, Capacity Code, Pineapple Patch Boost, Pineapple Patch Capacity, Pineapple Patch Market Boost, Marshmallow Bee
  • FuzzyReboot—Redeem for Spider Field Boost, Spider Field Winds, Spider Field Capacity, Capacity Code, Wealth Clock
  • Tornado—Redeem for 1x Cloud Vial, 3x Jelly Beans, 1x Royal Jelly
  • Valentine—Redeem for +25 Strawberries, Activates Baby Love and Red Extract Buffs, Rose Field Boost, Rose Field Capacity
  • ClubCloud—Redeem for 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Field Dice, 1x Micro-Converter
  • FestiveFrogs—Redeem for 1x Box-o-Frogs, Bamboo Field Boost (x3), Bamboo Field Winds (x3)
  • JollyJelly—Redeem for 1x Royal Jelly, 1x Jelly Beans, 1x Micro-Converter, Strawberry Field Boost (x3), Strawberry Field Winds (x3)
  • Leftovers—Redeem for Pumpkin Patch Boost (x3), Pumpkin Patch Winds (x3), 10x Strawberries, 10x Blueberries, 10x Pineapples, 10x Gumdrops, 1 Jelly Bean
  • Market—Redeem for +10 Bitterberries, Pollen Boost, Pineapple Patch Market Boost, Sunflower Field Market Boost
  • WikiHonor—Redeem for Strawberry Field Boost (x3), 10x Gumdrops, 10x Pineapple, 1x Royal Jelly, 1x Stinger, 5x Inspire
  • WikiAwardClock—Redeem for 5x Wealth Clock
  • 4MilMembers—Redeem for Clover Field Boost (x1), Clover Field Winds (x4), 4x Field Dice, 1x Royal Jelly, 4x Micro-Converter, Mother Bear Morph

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How to redeem Bee Swarm Simulator codes

It's pretty simple to redeem codes in Bee Swarm Simulator. Follow the steps below:

Image by Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch Bee Swarm Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Once you are in the game, click the Cog icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter the codes in the Enter Code text field in the popup menu.
  4. Click the green Redeem button to claim your codes.

Note: All the Field Boosts and Winds buffs can last for up to 30 minutes. It's best to use these codes one at a time and utilize the bonus from that particular field type! Don't use them all at once, because you'll be wasting a lot of the buffs.

How can you get more Bee Swarm Simulator codes?

The best way to get more codes is to follow the developer of Bee Swarm Simulator on Twitter @OnettDev, or you can join the official Bee Swarm Simulator Discord. You should also join the Bee Swarm Simulator Club. It's also a good idea to press Ctrl+D to bookmark this page for updates. We at Pro Game Guides are always on the lookout for the latest codes and update our code articles regularly.

Why aren't my Bee Swarm Simulator codes working?

Some of these codes require that you be in the Bee Swarm Simulator Club to redeem them. If a few of the codes don't work, this may be the case that you're not part of the club. If you are and they don't work, they are probably expired. Please let us know if a code no longer works so we can move it to the expired section.

Another reason why the code may not work is that it has been typed or copied incorrectly. Make sure all letters are highlighted if copied and that you have typed it out exactly like it is above, with capitalization and all. If not, the code will not work.

Other ways to get more rewards in Bee Swarm Simulator

The best way to get more rewards in Bee Swarm Simulator is to follow the game's developers on social media. Sometimes, the developers like to organize events and giveaways to reward players for interaction and loyalty. Participating in creative activities, like the #bss-fan-creations in Bee Swarm Simulator Discord Server, is a great way to stand out and be proactive in the community.

What is Bee Swarm Simulator?

Bee Swarm Simulator is a game where you control a swarm of bees with the main goal of making as much honey as possible by completing quests, hatching eggs, and more. To make honey, you must collect pollen from flowers nearby, return to your hive, and start creating this honey. With this honey, you can then spend it at the nearby shop to buy better equipment to make honey faster!

Though it's not that simple, other insects will attack you, and if you die, you'll respawn, but all of your collected pollen will be gone. Your bee swarm will protect you, but you'll need to hatch and transform all kinds of bees with different strengths and abilities to protect you and your hive. Grow your hive and make your way to the top of the mountain to become the ultimate bee!

If you're looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page.

Get Roblox codes and news as soon as we add it by following our PGG Roblox Twitter account!

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Bee Swarm Simulator Codes – Free buffs, honey, & boosts (November 2023)

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