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Best Abilities in Blade Ball – Ranked List

What is your favorite skill?

Choosing the best skills in Blade Ball is crucial to success in this Roblox game. I always save up for the most expensive ones, even though there are decent, cheaper options. Luckily, there are a variety of abilities available in Blade Ball that I can handpick to suit my playstyle. Here are all the best abilities in Blade Ball so you don't invest in the wrong set of skills.

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All Blade Ball abilities, ranked from worst to best

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Blade Ball features an assortment of abilities that can be used to gain an advantage in combat or increase your mobility. Here's a list of the best Blade Ball abilities available in the game, from mediocre to overpowered:

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21. Dash

The Dash ability in Blade Ball allows you to move faster in short bursts, thus avoiding hits and getting near opponents more easily. It's a simple yet helpful skill you'll use often, especially in the beginning.

20. Pull

This ability pulls a ball toward you. It sounds great on paper, but it may leave you vulnerable if you don't play it wisely.

19. Super Jump

Super Jump allows you to jump higher than average, giving you an advantage on the battlefield. While this skill is valuable, there are much better skills to invest in. In fact, this isn't even the best jumping skill in the game!

18. Quad Jump

Quad Jump lets you jump four times instead of two, giving you more mobility and verticality. More leaps mean reaching higher ground, avoiding dangerous situations, or performing more efficient attacks.

17. Platform

The best way to be above everybody else is to create a high ground. Platform ability does just that, creating a podium where you can stand for a better position on the battlefield.

16. Blink

Blink allows you to teleport three times near-instantly. You can use it to dodge attacks, close the distance on opponents, or move across the battlefield in milliseconds. While this sounds great, it doesn't deal damage or offer any protection. That said, being a speedster can definitely be fun!

15. Phantom

In the spirit of Halloween, Blade Ball has introduced a Phantom ability that haunts players by teleporting behind them and slowing them down.

14. Invisibility

As the name suggests, Invisibility in Blade Ball makes it impossible to be targeted for a short period, letting you sneak up on enemies or flee from trouble. While this is an exciting ability, sometimes it's better to play offensively than to tip-toe around.

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13. Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash allows you to dash forward at an even higher speed than the regular Dash, making it an excellent tool for closing in on opponents or escaping danger. It can also be used to dodge attacks or perform more efficient strikes.

12. Shadow Step

Shadow Step allows you to run fast a short distance, making you look like a blur. This grants you more versatile movement for dodging attacks or quickly changing positions. It can also be used to surprise opponents or flank them from behind.

11. Telekinesis

Telekinesis lets you manipulate the ball from afar. You can change its course and aim it towards other targets. You can also speed up the ball to surprise unsuspecting opponents.

10. Wind Cloak

Wind Cloak allows you to move like a wind in Blade Ball. You'll be faster and be able to jump higher for an extended period.

9. Reaper

Reaper is a passive ability in Blade Ball that gives you a speed boost for every player you kill. This can make you a dangerous opponent, especially once you're on a roll. You'll be almost unstoppable as long as you can get a steady stream of kills.

8. Swap

Swap allows you to swap positions with an opponent, potentially disorienting them or placing them in a disadvantageous position. This can be a valuable ability for both offensive and defensive purposes.

7. Freeze

The Freeze skill makes the ball immobile for five seconds. In a game where movement is essential for survival, freezing can be crucial for success.

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6. Waypoint

Waypoint allows you to set a sword marker and instantly teleport back to it. This can be used to reposition yourself on the battlefield or escape danger.

5. Forcefield

Forcefield creates a temporary forcefield around you, blocking incoming attacks and protecting you from being hit by a ball. Deflecting the ball can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations, giving you enough time to reposition yourself.

4. Infinity

Infinity is a Blade Ball skill that allows you to lock the ball in place if it hits you. You can get this ability in packs.

3. Raging Deflect

The Raging Deflect skill deflects the ball back at the enemy, turning their attacks against them. Think of Neo from The Matrix, and you'll know what Raging Deflect does. On top of that, it significantly speeds up the ball's speed.

2. Rapture

Rapture skill allows you to perform an upward slash that gives the ball a curved trajectory and additional power. You can acquire this ability via a wheel.

1. Phase Bypass

Phase Bypass is a borderline game-breaking ability that allows you to move at incredible Flash-like speed for a few seconds. Imagine entering closed areas, jumping enemies from behind, and escaping by running faster than lightning. The sheer mobility the Phase Bypass skill provides makes it the most powerful skill you can use in Blade Ball.

What are the Best Abilities in Blade Ball?

While this is our list of best abilities in Blade Ball, your choice may differ. What you choose will depend on your playstyle and your specific game mode. You can experiment with different abilities to find those that suit your strategy and preferences.

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Best Abilities in Blade Ball – Ranked List

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