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Blade Ball Abilities Tier List – All Skills, Ranked

Know the best abilities in Blade Ball!

Equipping the best abilities to your character is essential to securing your victory in Blade Ball. If you're a beginner looking to unlock the best abilities in Blade Ball, this tier list will point you in the right direction.

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Blade Ball Tier List - All Abilities, Ranked

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Like most action titles, the game offers many skills, from the all-powerful Slash of Duality to the highly coveted Rapture. Of course, not all skills are great, so it's up to you to decide which to invest in. Below, you'll find a list of all Blade Ball abilities ranked so you know which to choose and which to skip.

SBounty, Dragon Spirit, Infinity, Phase Bypass, Quantum Arena, Raging Deflection, Rapture, Singularity, Slash of Duality, Time Hole
ABunny Leap, Chieftain’s Totem, Continuity Zero, Death Slash, Encrypted Clone, Invisibility, Pull, Reaper, Tact, Telekinesis, Thunder Dash, Titan Blade
BBlink, Dribble, Flash Counter, Force, Forcefield, Hell Hook, Qi-Charge, Shadow Step, Swap
CAbsolute Confidence, Dash, Freeze Trap, Phantom, Scopophobia, Way Point
DFreeze, Martyrdom, Platform, Pulse, Quad Jump, Serpent Shadow Clone, Super Jump, Wind Cloak

Best Abilities in Blade Ball - Roblox



Widely viewed as the best ability in Blade Ball (with Infinity at a very close second), Rapture grants your character immense power, allowing you to slash at an incoming ball upward with a significant amount of curve, speed, and force.


As mentioned above, Infinity is second only to Rapture regarding power. While this ability is active, you will automatically lock any incoming balls in place, stopping their impact and allowing you to launch them in any direction you choose.

Phase Bypass

Phase Bypass allows you to phase out of reality and move exceptionally quickly for a very short burst of time before you're re-anchored to reality. Like many other abilities, Phase Bypass is upgradable, which makes it a solid contender for players who want to use movement to their advantage.

Raging Deflection

Raging Deflection is often compared to Phase Bypass, and players always want to know which is better. Ultimately, this decision is up to you, but I can say that both are pretty OP in their own right. With Raging Deflection, you can prepare a much stronger deflection than usual, significantly increasing the ball's speed once it leaves.



While Reaper could make it to the S-tier in the right hands, I feel the A-tier is a more realistic place. With this ability, your character increases their speed each time they eliminate a player, which also increases the speed of the ball on every hit. This ability can repeat/stack five times, which can have you jolting around the map in a flash! However, it depends entirely on your ability to secure kills, which can make it unreliable.


Pull is an interesting ability, and one that isn't for everyone; with Pull, you can force the ball to target you, no matter how far you are from it, which will, of course, allow for more direct attacks, streaks, and overall control if you can handle it.


Telekinesis is one of the best overall skills in the current version of Blade Ball. Upon activating the ability, you can auto-deflect balls and simultaneously increase their speed with the click of a button. Unlock this power quickly if you're aiming for the leaderboard.

Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is an advanced version of the default Dash ability. You can use this ability to move at the speed of thunder and reposition yourself quickly. Moreover, the power has a low cooldown, allowing you to spam and disorient your opponents.


Indicative of its name, Invisibility allows you to disappear for a short duration and make the ball unable to target you. While it has lethal power during mid-game, you cannot use it at end-game in a standoff.



At first glance, Forcefield may seem like a crazy ability due to the auto-deflection feature. Still, it gets knocked straight to B-tier due to its ridiculous pricing of 2000 coins, which makes it the second most expensive ability in the game. Like Invisibility, it's also disabled during a final standoff. Still, I recommend using it with a defensive playstyle if you can get your hands on it.

Shadow Step

Shadow Step is another controversial ability that some players swear is S-tier, and others say it deserves nothing more than D-tier at best. In my opinion, Shadow Step is merely above average but can be used in ways that make it better than many other abilities. With this ability active, you can move quickly for a few seconds and cause a trail of "shadow-like afterimages" to follow your character.

Added during the 2023 Halloween event, Blink feels pretty underwhelming. It's more or less a reskin of other movement-based abilities, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was better than some we've gotten in the past. While active, this ability lets you teleport three times before needing a cooldown. Thankfully, the cooldown is short, making Blink reliable despite its generic mechanics.


Swap is useful for quick-thinking players who like to mess with their opponents. Upon activating this ability, you can swap places with another player of your choice. The best way to use this ability is to swap with someone right as a ball is coming for you, that way they take the hit and not you!



During my matches with Phantom, the ability was a major disappointment. It may have the intriguing promise of "haunting a targeted player," but you simply teleport behind another player and slow them down. I can see the appeal, but that, unfortunately, doesn't pull this ability out of the C tier.

Quad Jump

As the name implies, Quad Jump allows you to jump four times instead of two...what an achievement! There are simply much better movement abilities in Blade Ball that provide you with versatile options for getting out of trouble. The jumps are also predictable, making you an easy target.


Waypoint is an ability that seems like it should be so much better than it is. With this ability, you can place a sword marker anywhere on the map and then teleport to said marker instantly. If you're a movement god, this ability could be helpful, but there are better choices for getting around the field than Waypoint.


Dash is a decent ability obtained for free at the start of the game. Being a default ability, it doesn't have much going for it except for repositioning. Still, you can secure wins in the initial stages if you use it properly. Most importantly, you're guaranteed to have it, making Dash the most accessible ability on the list.


Wind Cloak

Poor Wind has so much potential (and isn't even really a bad ability at its core), but is just constantly outclassed by so many other skills. When using Wind Cloak, you can summon wind to your character, which increases your speed and gives you a jump boost, both of which last a decent amount of time. For the most part, this ability underperforms and is barely used.

Super Jump

This moderately priced skill (300 coins) allows you to make a giant leap and reposition much quicker than any of the below abilities. Unlock this skill as soon as possible after starting the game; while it isn't very powerful, it's definitely an upgrade for new players.


The worst skill in the current version of the game is Platform. Upon activation, you will stand on a tall platform for a few seconds, deflecting the ball. It has a very high cooldown and is almost useless in end-game scenarios.

That's it for this comprehensive guide on every ability in Blade Ball and where they rank in comparison. What do you think of this ranking? How would you rank them yourself? Let me know in the comments below—I'm always intrigued to know how other users play!

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Blade Ball Abilities Tier List – All Skills, Ranked

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