How to change your display name in Roblox

Wanna get matching display names?!

Did you make a Roblox account with a random username, not thinking you would use it very often, and now said username hangs over your Robloxian's head everywhere you go and you'd love nothing more than to be rid of the embarrassment that comes with it? neither...definitely never been there...but if I had, I'd want to know how I could get rid of it asap, and would follow along with the guide below to learn more.

How to add or change a display name on Roblox

Adding a display name to your Roblox account may seem tricky, especially for those who play on mobile devices, but it's actually quite simple! All you need is your PC, phone, or tablet, your account's login info, and access to the Roblox app or website. It's important to keep in mind, however, that you can only change your display name once every seven days, so be sure it's one you really like before you submit it!

When you're on the Roblox home page and ready to begin, follow the steps below:

  • Maneuver to the Settings menu by either A) clicking the three dots in Roblox's bottom-right corner on your mobile device and then selecting the Settings icon, or by B) clicking the cog icon in the top-right corner of the Roblox website and then clicking Settings from the drop down menu that appears.
  • The Settings menu is where all your account information, including your display name, username, password, etc., can be viewed. For now, all we want to change in this menu is our display name.

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  • To make this change, click the pen and paper icon next to Display Name. Upon doing so, you'll be able to enter the name of your choice and, unlike your username, a display name doesn't need to be unique, so if there's a name you like that someone else already has, that's totally ok, you can use it too! With that being said, however, the name does still need to follow Roblox's community rules and guidelines, and cannot include inappropriate words, phrases, or symbols.
  • Once you've decided on the name you like, click Save. Your display name should update automatically and will now show above your Roblox avatar across the Metaverse!

What's the difference between a display name and a username?

Roblox usernames are the unique identification names that players choose when signing up for an account on the platform for the very first time. To have a successful username, it must be unused and meet Roblox's community guidelines/standards. In most cases, Roblox will suggest a variation of your username, due to your original choice already being in use. For example, if you try the username FlyingEmu and it's taken, Roblox will suggest something similar to FlyingEmu4938572.

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This is when Roblox display names come into play. If you were to begrudgingly bite the bullet and take FlyingEmu4938572 as your Roblox username, you can then make a display name of just FlyingEmu to be rid of the pesky numbers. Display names don't require individuality between users, so, unlike with usernames, an endless amount of players can have the same display name.

To put it simply, display names are typically viewed as a player's social or role play name; the name that's preferred to represent a Roblox avatar/character. If I wanted to, I could add a display name that's more personal (such as "Grace," my real name), which would indicate to other players that that's what I want to be called in-game and on the platform in general. Never put your full name or any personal information as your display name, though!

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How to change your display name in Roblox

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  1. Hi, so I was playing Plates of Fate: Remastered the other day and saw somebody with Chinese characters as their display name. If I were to use 我很酷 as my display name, would I be banned? I don’t wanna change my display name and then get my account banned because of it.

  2. i changed my display name more than 7 days ago and roblox is still saying i have changed my display name in the past 7 days. what can i do to fix this?

  3. When i go to the website nothingand no games load the settings button wont load and if im on the settings page and turn the vpn on and reload the page nothing loads

    1. You have to turn the VPN off after changing/making your display name otherwise your internet will be very slow.

      1. yup they shutdown the desplay names?

  4. Hello, when i turn off my VPN and go play a game, my username changes back to normal and the display name isn’t there anymore, but when i turn the VPN back on and connect to Germany, the display anme starts working, but i can’t play any games, do you know how to solve this?

    1. I think it depends on the game, in all honesty. In some games I see my display name (VPN turned off) and in others I do not. When this feature rolls out globally it shouldn’t be an issue, this current method is technically a “workaround.”

  5. Can You Give an Example of a German IP Please?? I Searched Google But Non of Them are Working… E

    Also, Don’t Mind “E” I Always Type it At The End of a Paragraph or Sentence Because I Like Saying It and Its My Fave Word… E

  6. I do it but it not work :c. Maybe i try again tommorow…

  7. hi there how can i change my name in 3 letters on roblox?

    1. I don’t think names can be 3 letters

  8. why i cant play games after i change my name??

    1. Make sure to turn off your VPN

  9. Am I doing something wrong? I have done every step to connect to the vpn but it isn’t working, is there some sort of way to fix this?

  10. You can now do this is at least Germany!

  11. When are they coming out.

    1. No announcements have been made yet.

  12. Hi! when will display names come out?

    1. We aren’t sure yet

  13. Hey i heard voice chat going to be add in roblox…can you make a website on how to use voice chat😂

    1. There is no way to access voice chat in any way

  14. Why was display names out for only an hour or something and then taken away?

    1. Roblox was testing display names during that one-hour period. The official rollout will be at a later date when they feel it’s ready for the game.

  15. In that case, where would the nickname thing be?

    1. It hasn’t been added to the Roblox client yet.

  16. Do you think that the cost for changing usernames will decrease after display names are released as it seems that there may be no point in buying robux to change your username if you can change your display name multiple times free of charge?

    1. Great question, personally I don’t see the price decreasing, but it’s way too early to tell.

  17. omg, i cant wait! im glad i found this, cuz if i didnt, i would have missed the display name change

  18. Can we use spaces and that crap that we cant put in our users or will the same rules apply

    1. i just tried doing that, it’s just like normal usernames.

    2. when are they coming out in the UK

      1. No announcements have been made for Display Names.

    3. No idea, as of now.

  19. if you change your user does it also change you display name?

    1. No, it shouldn’t.

  20. i have a question roblox, when do display names come out for canada? i really would love to chang my username to anzy as it is my channels name.

    1. We aren’t sure yet, it seems the Roblox company is testing out display names in specific regions right now. We expect display names to be official for everyone in the near future.

  21. Hii! When’s it coming out to US / USA for us Americans?

    1. No official release date for anyone yet. Stay tuned.

  22. Wow! That’s So Cool

  23. Hi have a nice day.

  24. I think that for people in the UK will get display names probably inbetween 7th of March to 12th of March. Thats is just a guess for people who are very excited for the new display names update.

    1. Well good for us but bad for youtubers

  25. Will they be shown in game?!! i’ve checked, and so far they aren’t, if they will not be shown in game i don’t really see the use of the new display names, since roblox is more or less based on in game interactions

    1. Display name will appear on your top avatar player but in chat not

    2. They will be shown in game. Apparently display names went live in Germany yesterday and very briefly in the US.

  26. What will happen when people use roblox’s name and pretend to be?🤔

    1. Not sure, many have voiced concern about players impersonating other people. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

  27. thank you for this helped me a lot

  28. Also thanks for the info😃😃

  29. some people say it’s not good because there will be people who use the famous youtuber name, how to avoid scammers, and differentiate correctly

    1. Good point! I wonder how Roblox will get around impersonating people?

      1. More than likely a new type of report, where then they can check a list of previously used Nicknames to see if the report is valid or not.

  30. when will it be released? do you have an estimated date?

    1. No estimated date, supposedly at some point in 2021 as developers latch onto it in their Roblox games.