How to Get a Unicorn in Adopt Me (2023)

The Unicorn is one of the most popular pets you can get in Roblox Adopt Me. It is also challenging to get this pet. If you've been playing this game quite a bit in Roblox, you've likely had your eyes set on one of these little pets. Below we have listed all the ways you can get a Unicorn in Roblox Adopt Me.

How to Get a Unicorn in Roblox Adopt Me

There are various ways to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me. You can hatch a Unicorn from different eggs at different rates and costs. You can trade other players for them, but Unicorns are rare, so your trade must also be rare. Finally, you can get a Unicorn through other methods such as YouTubers, giveaways, and third-party sellers. However, these methods are less reliable and may be scams, so go this route at your own risk.

Getting a Unicorn through Hatching Eggs in Adopt Me

A unicorn can be hatched from three different eggs in Adopt Me: Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, and Royal Egg. As the cost of the eggs increases, so does the chance of receiving a Unicorn. However, the Unicorn is a legendary rarity pet, so it's a very low percentage to hatch one, even in the more expensive eggs. Here's a look at the likelihood of getting the Unicorn out of each egg:

  • Cracked Egg ($350): 1.5% Legendary Chance
  • Pet Egg ($600): 3% Legendary Chance
  • Royal Egg: ($1,450): 8% Legendary Chance

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Each egg has different percentages of getting a Unicorn, which gives the Royal Egg the best chance to get a Unicorn. However, you can still receive one from Cracked Eggs and Pet Eggs; the chances are lower. Some players have reported receiving Unicorns from Cracked Eggs more frequently, but this is simply luck. Ultimately, getting a Unicorn from hatching eggs comes down to luck, regardless of what egg it is. Making money and saving it for Royal Eggs is the best way to hatch Unicorns in Adopt Me.

Getting a Unicorn through Trading Eggs in Adopt Me

Another way to get a reliable Unicorn pet is by trading with other players. Look for a player in the chat who is trading a Unicorn and hope you have a pet or two they want. This can be hard to get one because you'll never know what someone might want from you. However, you can also get lucky and have someone trade you for stuff you might not want! We recommend checking the Roblox Adopt Me Discord and seeing if any player is willing to trade a Unicorn.

Getting a Unicorn through Other Methods Adopt Me

As mentioned previously, you could try a couple of less reliable options. Many YouTubers give pets away, but getting a Unicorn this way would require you to get very lucky and for the YouTuber to be credible. Stick to popular and well-known names in the Roblox Adopt Me community, and avoid any lesser-known YouTubers or those with fewer subs. They may just be trying to get subscribers or even scam you.

The other way is using something like eBay to purchase a pet. While this would likely work, you do have to be careful with this because there's always a chance of you being scammed. Only purchase from reputable sellers on eBay, so check their reviews. New sellers should be avoided, as these are likely scams.

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Golden Unicorn

The Golden Unicorn is a unique version of the Unicorn. Instead of the white version, it is Golden and can be obtained through the Golden Egg. Complete daily logins and earn Star Rewards for the Golden Egg in Adopt Me. Unfortunately, this isn't guaranteed, as the Golden Egg can hatch a Golden Unicorn, Griffin, or Dragon.

Diamond Unicorn

The Diamon Unicorn is even rarer and harder to get Unicorn in Adopt Me. This is obtained from the Diamond Egg, which gives players a 1 in 3 chance to hatch a Diamon Unicorn. The Diamond Egg can be obtained from daily logins through Star Rewards. The Diamond Egg can also hatch a Diamond Griffin and Diamond Dragon, so you are not guaranteed to get a Diamon Unicorn.

Neon Unicorn

A Unicorn can be turned into a Neon pet if you can obtain four normal Unicorns and age them up to Full-Grown. This is obviously pretty difficult because getting just one is a large task. You can check out our how to make a Neon Pet guide for more details!

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How to Get a Unicorn in Adopt Me (2023)

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  1. Hello i wand to ask will unicorn s come back im adopt me

    1. Hey there, Laili! 🙂 We will keep our eyes peeled for the Unicorn and let our readers know as soon as it comes back!!

  2. Also, I’ve been looking at Youtube gamers, and probably the the rarest chance of getting a free unicorn from a Youtuber is being in the same game server with them if you haven’t subscribed. Even if you do, there’s lot of Youtubers that say “Put your Roblox username in the comments below!” And they pick from thousands and thousands of comments and poeple. Probably 1 out of 1000% chance of getting it from a Youtuber. And I’m pretty upset because I have a restriction mode so I can’t. Disapointing.

  3. Im trading my R Dragon for a Unicorn pls reply to me if you wanna trade with me or tell me in Discord this is my Discord is Yamashiki#1444

    1. will you give it for two mythic eggs and 1 wyvern?

  4. I’m trading a fly kitsune my Roblox is Birdiegirl3000 an mega neon uni fly ride shadow and fly mega neon giraffe

    1. Wait really-? I probably won’t get it- I only have a ride robo dog and a ride koala-

  5. I even wanted to have a rare pet I’ve tried everything but I’ve given up. If anyone is interested I can exchange it for a motorcycle or a bicycle my Roblox is robert_eu99

  6. I want to have a pet unicorn/frost dragon or shadow dragon.I do not know if this will work,but wish me luck!

  7. i realy whant a uni thats a ride and fly

  8. thanks for the help i will try to get the uni in adopt me how do i get for free a fly pass in adopt me for my uni

    1. Well you can’t get a free fly pass but I have a fly griffin if u want.

  9. My dream pet is a unicorn and a frost furry!

  10. I will offer my frost furry for your unicorn!

  11. Hi do you know any more ways to get a unicorn bc i tried all these metjods and never a single time got a unicorn

    1. Oh,that is sad-but you can search videos of ´´how to get a pet unicorn for free in adopt me´´on Youtube!Many youtubers upload these kind of videos.I do not know if they will work,but atleast you can try!Good luck!

  12. i have all the unicorns evan the secret polk-o-dot unicorn

    1. What is your advice on how to get one? I am a mom trying to help my daughter because I accidentally knocked my daughter’s ipad when she was playing and was in the middle of trading a unicorn. She is in tears and I don’t know what to do except feel horribly bad. So far I bought a cracked egg and a royal egg. Let me know if you can remember what you did to get the unicorns. Much appreciated.

      1. Ummmm. You can trade people for a metal ox ( which has been rising nowadays) or you could just trade old update eggs or pets (which are now extinct and people do give you good offer (search for a offer which has a unicorn)

        1. Some good advice is to go on Traderie. A lot of epople put their pets up for selling/trading there so you could offer andyone who has a unicorn with your daughter’s pets.

    2. Wow! can you trade pretty please with a cherry on top? I’m dying to get even one huhuhu

  13. Hi guys .If anyone has a unicorn I will trade it for my cats,Ice cream truck and train .I also have more stuff I could probably give .Let me know if you want to trade anytime thanks.

    1. Well i have one!

    2. i got uni from trading! 😀

  14. bruh its how to get free unicorn… and its not helping AT ALL.

    1. It’s how to get a Unicorn, not how to get a free one.

  15. I was playing Adopt Me! and purchased 4 Pet eggs (rare). I bought these about a month ago and did not open them until weeks after I got them. The first egg I opened I got a Red Panda. The second egg I opened I got a Unicorn! I don’t know if I just got lucky or if by waiting a while without opening them made them lucky. You can try it and see if it works for you.

    1. Oohh the same thing happened to me!( well, not exactly a uni . I kept a cracked egg in my inventory for a few days and when I hatched it I got a Rare bunny!

    2. That would make no difference, it’s purely random.

    1. You aren’t helpful.

  16. CAN you buy a unicorn with Robux? if so, how much?
    How much is a heart hoverboard worthwhile trading??

    1. I have a heart Hoverboard, and I will trade it if you have a good offer, if you are ready to trade me the friend me, my roblox user is TiffwithmiFandom! 🙂

  17. I would def. unsubscribe if it is that case. You never want to take a risk. Even a low-sub person may really give out items.

    1. ikr they just want you to sub- LIKE BrUh!