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Collect all 10 badges for Roblox's Evade!

Evade is a great horror game on Roblox filled with thrilling chases and spooky jump scares, but with some meme-worthy content to soften the blow. Team up with others as you attempt to survive each round as speedy Nextbots seek to destroy you. Each round you manage to survive, you can earn some cash to purchase helpful items to help you evade the bots, such as Colas, detectors, and gates that keep the bots back. You can also collect special badges for completing specific tasks. Here are all the badges you can win and how to get them!

How to get the Pre-Alpha Tester badge in Evade

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The Pre-Alpha Tester badge was given out to players who played the game while it was still in the testing phase. This badge can no longer be obtained since the game is now fully released. Only a few players could get this badge by becoming testers before the game was released, which was extremely rare.

How to get the Escape? badge in Evade

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The Escape? badge is not that complicated to complete. However, it can take some time to find the right area. You will need to be on The Backrooms map to get the badge and locate the room with the square holes in the floor. All you have to do is fall into one of the holes, resulting in your player's death. You will get the badge for falling into one, but you are sacrificing the round in doing so.

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How to get the Hit and Run badge in Evade

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The Hit and Run badge requires you to complete specific tasks to earn the badge, and you must be on the Desert Bus map to do them. Once you find yourself on the correct map, you will notice the task shown on the top left of your screen to contact a ride. Follow these steps to complete it successfully:

  1. Find the the payphone located toward the center of the map just below the house with the ramp
  2. Hold E on it to call in the bus
  3. Wait for the bus to arrive
  4. Taunt the bots into the road and the path of the oncoming bus, and allow the bus to hit them

This might take a few attempts since the bots might not always be in the correct spots while the bus is driving through. Do your best to keep the bots in the right area for the bus to hit them after making the call, but avoid getting downed. You will only receive the badge when the bus hits the bot. Using slow down or freeze equipment might be helpful as well.

How to get the Procedure badge in Evade

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The Procedure is one of the more complicated badges to get and requires some extra steps. You will need to be on the Arid Ruins map to do this. Once you get to the map, you will need to locate the secret temple room and interact with the brazier at the far podium. First, find the entrance, which is hidden behind some rubble.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The entrance to the secret room is a large door on the side of the stone walls hidden behind some bricks. To unlock it, you will need to look around for keys. This can be tricky since you are limited on time and must avoid the Nextbots as you do. They are randomly spawned in various spots around the map, so you will have to check around on the ground and near decor quickly. Once you find them, you can go back to the entrance and unlock it. Once inside, interact with the blue flame on the far podium to receive the badge.

How to get the Flawless Survivor badge in Evade

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You can get the Flawless Survivor badge by going through a round without dying. However, even getting downed and revived will still count as a death, so you must do your best to evade the Nextbots completely to get the reward. If your Results show 0 times Downed, you will receive the Flawless Survivor badge. Finding a safe spot away from other players, continuously moving around, and using items and techniques to increase your speed is a great way to avoid the bots and survive the round without getting downed.

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How to get the Level 25-125 badges in Evade

Screenshot via Hexagon Development Community

You can earn all the Level badges by reaching each individual level. It can take some time to collect all of them since it reaches up to 125. It will require you to play and survive as many matches as possible, especially to reach the level cap of 125. Try to purchase additional Equipment in the Item Shop to help you survive each round and gain more XP.

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You can see your level at the top left of the screen, which will also show how close you are to leveling up again. You earn XP by surviving rounds, reviving players, and completing round tasks. The more you play matches, the more XP you will earn to level up. You can also purchase the Badge Skin in the Equipment Character Shop for a 10% XP boost while playing.

This is how you can complete all these particular tasks and receive all 10 Evade badges. It can take some time to complete all of them, especially since some require specific maps, but the more you play, the more chance you will have to complete them all. Have fun trying to complete all these special tasks and become an Evade pro!

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