Shadow ability in Roblox AUT

How to get Shadow ability in A Universal Time

Attack from the shadows.

Abilities are important to A Universal Time Roblox experience; having the best will make you a stronger fighter. One of the strongest skills is Shadow, but it's not easy to obtain it. Here's how to get Shadow ability in AUT.

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How to complete Shadow Quest in AUT - A Universal Time

You must complete the Shadow quest to get Shadow ability in A Universal Time. It's important to note that completing the quest is the only way to get Shadow, as it's unavailable via gacha or Shop. There are plenty of things to do, too, but before you can even start, you must be level 200. When you reach that level, travel to Goku Island.

EpicNitronX203 NPC in AUT
Image via Universe Time Studio

When you arrive on Goku Island, head for the port, and you'll find EpicNitronX203 NPC's house on the water not far from there. You can't miss him as he is at the big house, with an aura surrounding him. Talk to EpicNitronX203 to start the Shadow questline. He'll give you Nitron’s Special Adventure quest, a first step to acquiring Shadow ability. Your task is to defeat enemies from the list below while Standless.

BossSpawn location
The OniTalk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 90)
The BearerTalk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 150)
Minos PrimeBoss alter
Josuke HigashikataBoss alter
Defeat DioBoss alter
The KnightTalk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 120)
Defeat DiavoloBoss alter
Defeat UmbraBoss alter
Defeat The Honored OneTalk to Hecate NPC (Slayer contract level 180)

After you've dealt with all bosses, return to EpicNitronX203 for another batch of quests. Your next task is to defeat Whitebeard and return his Bisento to EpicNitronX203, and to defeat 100 Prisoners. If you need help, redeem Roblox A Universal Time (AUT) codes.

How to defeat Whitebeard in A Universal Time (AUT)

Whitebeard raid boss in AUT
Image via Universe Time Studio

Talk to Kuma and travel to Marineford (location introduced in AUT Summer update 3.6). The Whitebeard boss (level 400) will spawn every three hours globally EST (12am, 3am, 6am, etc). It's difficult to defeat Whitebeard as he's a raid boss, meaning you can't defeat him alone (75k base health + 25k per player). You must damage Whitebeard for a chance to get some of the rewards listed below (including Whitebeard's Bisento quest item). When you're successful, return to EpicNitronX203 NPC.

  • 5% drop chance for a random One Piece Mount:
    • Striker
    • Smokers Billower Bike
    • Buggy Kart
    • Aokiji’s Bike
    • Mini Merry
  • 100% drop chance for a random amount of Event Points ranging from 75-100
  • 100% drop chance for a random amount of UCoins ranging from 750,000 - 1,000,000
  • 100% drop chance for a legendary chest for each player
  • Whitebeard's Bisento (75% drop chance)
  • 75% drop chance for random Devil Fruit

Where to find Prisoners in A Universal Time (AUT)

Prisoners location in AUT
Image via Universe Time Studio

You'll find Prisoners around Joestar Mansion in A Universal Time. Talk to the Ferry Captain NPC at the port, and he'll take you to the mansion location. They are part of the Shadow quest, meaning you must be at least level 200 to defeat them.

How to get all Cursed Gemstones in A Universal Time

To complete the Resurrection, the final quest given by EpicNitronX302, you must create five Gemstones listed below. To do this, talk to Z4 NPC, located near the Colosseum. When you convert all abilities to Gems, return to EpicNitronX302 to receive the Cursed Gemstone.

GemHow to get
Kinetic GemstoneCreated from the Locke ability
Phoenix GemstoneCreated from the Dawn ability
Dragonic GemstoneCreated from the Dragon Knight ability
Soul GemstoneCreated from the Reaper ability
Monochromatic GemstoneCreated from the Xeno ability

How to beat Cid the Shadow Boss in A Universal Time

Cid Kagenou boss in A Universal Time Roblox
Image via Universe Time Studio

Talk to the Burger Developer NPC near the Game modes NPCs to receive the final quest to defeat Cid Kagenou (level 250). You'll need 1 million UCoins and the Cursed Gemstone to summon Cid at the boss spawning cave. Prepare for a tough fight because Cid can't be stunned, knocked, or grabbed. When you defeat Cid, return to Burger Developer to receive Slime Energy. Use it to get the Shadow ability.

Shadow spec moves & controls list in Type Soul

Shadow moves in A Universal Time (AUT)
Image via Universe Time Studio

Shadow ability has many moves, making your journey to obtain it worthwhile. Besides using moves, you'll also get a Cursed Touch passive that marks targets and heals you upon impact. Below, you'll find a list of all Shadow moves.

BAtomic: SwordWrap yourself in an atomic cage as you charge up and unleash a swift slash infused with atomic magic.
CShadowstepYou initiate a swift directional dash, briefly making you intangible to attacks.
ESilhouette SlashesUnleash multiple slashes (If this is held) & slam down the ground after completing the slashes.
GHighestFocus on locating a target as you prepare to unleash a devastating beatdown. If you fail to do so, you will stomp the ground in rage.
HOverdriveEnter an awakened state, where you gain buffed stats (50 ATK, 40 SPEC, 30 DEF) alongside most of your moves having altered attributes.
QAtomic: RecoveryEncase yourself in an atomic cage as you start charging up atomic magic to heal yourself. Charging this fully will release an additional wave of healing that will heal party members.
RUmbral ChargeCharge forward in an instant. Hitting a target will lift this move's cooldown and let you cast it again.
R+Umbral SmashUnleash a swift slash using your longsword. Connecting with a target will cause you to hinder them briefly before flashing behind them to push them down, before following up by flashing in front of them to slam them into the ground. This leaves them in a dazed state.
RMB/M2Slime EmissonEmit some slime, which proceeds to travel forward in the form of a projectile.
Rush AttackPerform a chain of strikes ending with a powerful blow, knocking targets away.
TEidolon TearsCharge up briefly before sending out a burst of slime projectiles. These slime projectiles home onto targets nearby.
T+Birdcage Of DarknessPlace your sword down as you swiftly spin your hands around to release a cage, stringing caught targets up. This briefly immobilizes targets.
VAtomic: FlashFlash forward in an instant by displacing yourself using atomic magic.
XDark BladeImpale a target. If you manage to impale them, twist them around & then slice them away.
YShadow's RetributionEnter a counter-attack state. If you are hit, retaliate by teleporting behind the target & then slashing them away.
Y+Imminent BlinkChannel for a short amount of time before releasing yourself in the direction you're facing. This will attack all targets within the radius of your attack multiple times.
Z"I Am Atomic."Encase yourself in an atomic cage as you start chanting for your ultimate move. Following this chant, release all your atomic magic with a single sword motion, discharging a huge shockwave and greatly damaging anyone caught in the radius.
Source: AUT Fandom

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How to get Shadow ability in A Universal Time

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