How to use Assemblers in Roblox Factory Simulator?

Let's learn about Assemblers!

An experience that challenges players to build their own industrial empire from the ground up, Factory Simulator offers various forms of machinery, tools, and gear to help players complete numerous real-life tasks and jobs in a virtual environment. One of the most popular machines in this experience is the Assembler, an Upgrader Machine that automatically upgrades low-tier materials into higher ones. To learn more information about Assemblers, including how to use them properly, continue reading below.

What are Assemblers, and what do they do?

As mentioned above, Assemblers are machines that can upgrade any lower tier material into its elevated version. Starting at Tier 2 and ending at Tier 7, Assemblers can come in four forms, Single Assemblers, Dual Assemblers, Triple Assemblers, and Quadruple Assemblers, along with two types, advanced and standard. Each of these Assemblers completes their tasks at different speeds, requires different tier levels to use them, and costs a different amount of cash.

A list of all of the Assemblers in Factory Simulator can be found below:

  • Tier 2
    • Tier 2 Assembler
    • Tier 2 Dual Assembler
    • Advanced Tier 2 Assembler
    • Advanced Tier 2 Dual Assembler
  • Tier 3
    • Tier 3 Assembler
    • Tier 3 Dual Assembler
    • Advanced Tier 3 Assembler
    • Advanced Tier 3 Dual Assembler
  • Tier 4
    • Tier 4 Assembler
    • Tier 4 Dual Assembler
    • Tier 4 Advanced Assembler
    • Tier 4 Advanced Dual Assembler

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  • Tier 5
    • Tier 5 Assembler
    • Tier 5 Dual Assembler
    • Tier 5 Triple Assembler
    • Tier 5 Advanced Assembler
    • Tier 5 Advanced Dual Assembler
    • Tier 5 Advanced Triple Assembler
  • Tier 6
    • Tier 6 Assembler
    • Tier 6 Dual Assembler
    • Tier 6 Triple Assembler
    • Tier 6 Quadruple Assembler
    • Tier 6 Advanced Assembler
    • Tier 6 Advanced Dual Assembler
    • Tier 6 Advanced Triple Assembler
    • Tier 6 Advanced Quadruple Assembler
  • Tier 7
    • Tier 7 Assembler
    • Tier 7 Dual Assembler
    • Tier 7 Triple Assembler
    • Tier 7 Quadruple Assembler
    • Tier 7 Advanced Assembler
    • Tier 7 Advanced Dual Assembler
    • Tier 7 Advanced Triple Assembler
    • Tier 7 Advanced Quadruple Assembler

How do I use Assemblers?

Single Assemblers

Despite the name change, Standard Assemblers and their Advanced Assembler counterparts are identical in nearly every way. Where Advanced Assemblers set themselves apart, however, is in their speed—Advanced Assemblers are two times faster than Standard Assemblers, and their drastic jump in price reflects that.

Besides the change in speed, these two Assemblers work in similar ways. Like most of the other machines in Factory Simulator, players can input one item into a Single Assembler, which will output one item in return. Unlike other machines, however, the number of applicable items that can be inputted into Assemblers and then outputted is much larger, making it a valuable piece of equipment.

To set up an efficient production line, it's important to understand the material that you want to make. As an example, we'll walk through the basic requirements of creating Resinite Mesh using a Tier 3 Single Assembler. If it helps, imagine the list below as a conveyer belt.

  • Resinite Ore goes in as the belt's input
  • Resinite Ore moves through a Tier 3 Furnace and becomes a Resinite Ingot
  • Resinite Ingot moves through a Tier 3 Extruder and becomes Resinite Wire
  • Resinite Wire moves through another Tier 3 Extruder and becomes Resinite Fibers
  • Resinite Fibers moves through a Tier 3 Assembler and becomes Resinite Mesh
  • Resinite Mesh is collected as the final output

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Dual, Triple, and Quadruple Assemblers

These three Assemblers work similarly to Single Assemblers, with their biggest difference being the number of items they can output. A Dual Assembler will produce two outputs for everyone input, a Triple Assembler three outputs, and a Quadruple Assembler four outputs. These types of Assemblers are useful when a player needs to create an item that requires more than one ingredient in its recipe.

As an example, we'll walk through the steps of creating an Advanced Circuit by using a Tier 2 Dual Assembler. As mentioned above, imagine the list below as a conveyer belt.

  • Gold Ore and Copper Ore go in as the belt's inputs
  • Gold Ore moves through a Tier 2 Furnace and becomes Gold Ingot, while Copper Ore moves through a Tier 1 Furnace and becomes Copper Ingot
  • Gold Ingot moves through a Tier 2 Extruder and becomes Gold Wire, while Copper Ingot moves through a Tier 1 Extruder and becomes Copper Wire
  • Copper Wire moves through a Tier 2 Assembler to become Basic Circuit
  • Gold Wire and Copper Wire move through a Tier 2 Dual Assembler together and become Advanced Circuit
  • Advanced Circuit is collected as the final output


Though the process of using Assemblers is rather simple, we're aware that it may seem intimidating after reading through our lengthy guide. Sometimes things are better explained through video rather than text, so we'd suggest checking out the YouTube tutorial by bubble gum simulator info if you're still confused!

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How to use Assemblers in Roblox Factory Simulator?

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