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Legacy Piece – All Bosses And Mini Bosses

Challenge them!

The world of Legacy Piece is home to many powerful bosses who drop special materials when you defeat them. So, if you are a beginner, here is a list of all the boss drops and their spawn locations in Legacy Piece for your convenience.

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All Bosses in Roblox Legacy Piece

Below you can find the complete list of bosses and mini-bosses that you'll encounter in Roblox Legacy Piece:

Higuma The Bandit Boss

Higuma The Bandit Boss Legacy Piece Boss
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Higuma The Bandit Boss is one of the first bosses you will face in Legacy Piece. To find this boss, you will need to head to the Fusha Islands on the Legacy Piece map which is only available for players at levels 1 to 15.

When it comes to his capabilities, Higuma The Bandit Boss possesses 285 health points. When you defeat Higuma, there's a 35% chance he will drop the Higuma Katana.

Higuma uses two main moves in battle:

  • Smoke Screen: Helps him hide or escape
  • Sliding Slash: A fast attack that can catch you by surprise.

Alvida The Iron Mace

Alvida The Iron Mace Legacy Piece
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Iron Mace Alvida boasts a whopping 480 health points and is found on Alvida Island. You should be at least level 15 in the game to access this place and when you defeat her, she has a 15% chance to drop the Alvida Hat and a 10% chance to drop the Iron Mace.

Alvida uses several strong attacks:

  • Ground Smash
  • Mace Whirl
  • Ground Shatter
  • Mace Headbutt
  • Spawn Alvida Pirates

Axe-Hand Morgan

Axe Hand Morgan Legacy Piece
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Axe-Hand Morgan is an even tougher enemy with 550 health points, located in Shells Town. He has a 10% chance to drop the Metal Jaw and a 5% chance to drop the Axe Hand weapon.

Morgan's abilities include:

  • Double Slash
  • Axe Slice
  • Buster Call
  • Axe Twister

The Yeti

Image via LPO

We all have heard about The Yeti several times and this mysterious creature also resides in Legacy Piece Yeti boasts 850 health points and can only be found on Shimotsuki Island, which is for players at levels 40 to 50.

When you manage to take down the Yeti, there is a 9% chance it will drop the Frost Coat and a 3% chance it will drop the Frost Blade, a rare weapon in the game.

In combat, the Yeti uses three major abilities:

  • Yeti Roar
  • Ceiling Bust
  • Ground Slam

Buggy The Clown

Buggy The Clown Legacy Piece
Image via LPO

Buggy the Clown hangs out in Orange Town and is a sneaky enemy for players between levels 50 and 65. With 685 health points, he can drop Buggy's Hat (10% chance), Buggy's Cape (7% chance), and Buggy's Knife (4% chance). His moves like "Chop Festival," "Triple Knife Stab," "Parade Bomb," and "Festival’s Parade Bomb" are a nightmare for his opponents.

Don Krieg

Don Krieg Legacy Piece
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Don Krieg is a tough guy you'll find at Baratie, an island only available for players between levels 65 and 80. He has 750 health points and a 2% chance to drop the Daisenso weapon.

Don Krieg’s combat style is defined by his explosive power and area control, using moves like:

  • Gas Bomb: Creates hazardous zones
  • Missiles Barrage: For long-range attacks
  • Explosive Web: Traps and damages players


Wolfam boss Legacy Piece
Image via LPO

Wolfam resides on Mink Island, catering to players at levels 80 to 95, and has 550 health points. His electric-themed abilities make him a fast and shocking opponent, with attacks such as:

  • Electric Throw
  • Electric Luna
  • Electric Burst

Saw Shark Arlong

Saw Shark Arlong boss in Legacy Piece
Image via LPO

Saw Shark Arlong is a powerhouse in Arlong Park for players at levels 95 to 99. With 850 health points, he has a 1% chance to drop the Kiribachi weapon. Here's the list of Arlong's abilities:

  • Kiribachi Kraze
  • Kiribachi Slam
  • Water Bullets
  • Shark Rush
  • Shark Bite
  • Sea Beast Summon

All Mini-Bosses in Roblox Legacy Piece

Here's an overview of all the mini-bosses you can find in Legacy Piece:

NameHPLocationLevel RangeDropsAbilities
Lieutenant Ro285Alvida Island15-25Alvida’s keyBasic punch and melee attack
Helmeppo245Shells Town25-40N/ABasic punch and melee attack
Mohji245Orange Town50-65Whip (5%)Basic punch and melee attack
Richie211Orange TownN/AN/ALion Bite
Babji245Orange Town50-65N/ASlash Thrust, Spilterz Barrage
Rogue Mink Guardian600Mink Island80-95Oni Spear (5%)Spear Thrust, Spear Barrage, Electric Luna
Cow Seabeast341Arlong Park (FINAL ISLAND UPD 0)95-99N/AWater Bomb, Water Bullet

How to easily beat any boss in Legacy Piece

Boss fight in Legacy Piece
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

I suggest trying different ability combinations in boss encounters, but if you're stuck on a particular boss, you can fall back on this easy method. First of all, go to Shell's Town and get Geo Skywalk. Geo is really helpful for boss fights because you can do multiple jumps to avoid the boss's abilities. Once you get Geo, equip your weapon and fighting style. You can use fruit instead of a fighting style too.

Once the boss fight kicks off, do M1's, then spam your fighting style or your fruit abilities. Once you run out of abilities, use Geppo to jump, then switch to your weapon. When you come down to the ground, either do M1's or spam your weapon abilities. You can also use Geo when you think the boss is about to use its abilities.

In simple terms, first, perform your fighting style boss combo, then jump multiple times to get away from the boss. After that, quickly switch to your weapons and use your weapon combo on the boss. Repeat this process until the boss is dead. It may seem hard, but trust me, you'll get used to it.

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Legacy Piece – All Bosses And Mini Bosses

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