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Peroxide Shikai Tier List (Roblox) – All Shikai, Ranked

Choose the best Shikai for your character!

I always try to obtain the best Shikai ability in any Bleach-inspired Roblox Game to be ahead of the competition, and Peroxide is no different in that aspect. While veteran players like myself may be able to differentiate the skill level between each Shikai, many new players often pick weak Shikai, resulting in poor character build and losing several battles. So, if you are a new player in Peroxide and want to know the best Shikai ability, study the below Shikai tier list.

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All Shikai in Peroxide, Ranked

Tier Shikai
SGlacier, Lightning
AFire, Gravity, Clone, Explosion

Best Shikai in Peroxide - Roblox

S- Tier

Glacier Shikai

Glacier is the best Shikai in the game due to its attack move set that causes tick damage, freezes the player, and has a knockback effect. Equip the ability if you are trying to reach the leaderboards of Peroxide.

Frozen Construct Fang

  • Send a projectile forward that will knock back your enemy and freeze them.

Hundred Ice Nights Purgatory

  • Stick your blade to the ground to create an ice spike damaging enemies and inflicting a knockback effect.

Cry of a Thousand Moons

  • Create a tombstone to draw the enemy towards you.

Lightning Shikai

Lightning is the second-best Shikai in the game. It only falls short of Glacier due to its directional attacks that require some practice to aim and hit. 

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Storm Blitz

  • Use the storm's power and perform a set of slashes on your enemies.

Falling Thunder

  • Fly using the power of thunder and bash your enemies with a giant electric-style charge attack.

Approaching Storm

  • Become the storm and move fast like the god of thunder.

A - Tier

Fire Shikai

Fire is the best Shikai one should try to obtain when starting a game in Peroxide. It has all the things a beginner player needs, from range-style attacks to tick damage. I highly recommend the Shikai till you find something from the S-Tier.

Fire Slash

  • Collect your inner rage and send a fire-style whirlwind attack in any desired direction.

Fire Pillars

  • Condense your fire and slam the ground to send a strong wave of energy through the surface. You can teleport to your enemy's position if you pair it up with another Fire Shikai skill.

Will of Fire

  • Cover your body with a blazing fire and rush forward, causing insane damage to anything in your path.

Gravity Shikai

Gravity is the second-best Shikai in A-Tier. It only falls below fire due to being ineffective in close/short-range battles. Check out the Shikai if you love poking enemies from long range.

Gravity Field

  • Create a Gravity Field around you, where you will feel lighter while enemies have reduced movement speed. Also, any rocks in the area will automatically bash any opponents.

Rock Scatter

  • Create Rocks that will shatter and inflict damage to enemies in your line of sight. If used inside the Gravity Field, you can spawn rocks that will keep an auto lock on enemies.

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Orbital Pull

  • Use the ability to repel all the enemies or objects in front of you. When used inside the Gravity Field, you can pull all the items and opponents to a central point, making them an easy stationary target. 

Explosion Shikai

The Explosion is a decent Shikai in the game that can do a lot of damage but falls a bit compared to the Fire Shikai and all other S-Tier lists due to the slow damage rate. Still, go for the ability if you love fighting from long-range.

Detonation Wings

  • Throw fragments of reiatsu that can fly out of your hands and deal damage to enemies upon contact.

Impact Point

  • Condense your reiatsu into your blade and send a wave explosion forward

Bomb Jump

  • Throw your reiatsu fragments on the ground and ignite them to cause a burning explosion that will send everyone flying, including yourself.

Clone Shikai

Clone is a unique Shikai in Peroxide. Many players may even place the ability in S-Tier. But, I felt it belonged to A-Tier due to its high skilling and the inability to counter multiple opponents in a single fight. Do use the Shikai if you are willing to put in the hours.

False Clones

  • Spawn three more similar avatars to create confusion among opponents.

Mirror Inverse

  • Swap places with one of your clones to teleport and relocate during combat.

Emulate Clones

  • Use your clones to replicate your previous offensive move set.

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B - Tier

Wind Shikai

The wind is the weakest Shikai in Peroxide. You should only go for it if you are starting the game and swap for any of the above Shikai at your first chance. It is mainly poor due to its range capability, which falls short in front of others.

Triple Gale

  • Spin with your blade and move forward by three units, slashing all the enemies in the range.


  • Create a new sphere to swallow all the kinetic energy of the incoming attacks.

Tornado Stomp

  • Fill your feet with the power of wind and stomp on the ground to create a powerful smash while flying along it.

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Peroxide Shikai Tier List (Roblox) – All Shikai, Ranked

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