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Shinobi Lineage Tier List – All Clans, Ranked

Know the Best clans in the Shinobi Lineage!

Similar to most Shinobi-based games, choosing the right clan is essential to determining the overall combat capability of your character. So, if you are a beginner and need to know the best clans in Shinobi Lineage, here is a detailed tier list explaining the best and worst clans in the game.

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Best Clans Tier List - Shinobi Lineage

I have categorized all the clans in the Shinobi Lineage in a tier-wise format according to their ease of use, rarity, and overall value in combat situations. Study the entire tier list and go for better ones as you progress in the game.

Tier Clans
SSenju, Uzumaki
AUchiha, Otsusuki, Hoshigaki, Karatachi
BHyuga, Kazesuna, Oribe
DMiyajima, Yuki

Best Clans/Races in Shinobi Lineage

S- Tier

  • Senju: The Senju is the best clan in the Shinobi Lineage. It has everything you need from a top-tier clan, from stun abilities to AOE-type attacks. The damage numbers from the Senju abilities are also pretty insane, rivaled only by a few clans in the game. Overall, it is best for finishing all the PVE quests in the game.
  • Uzumaki: While Senju excels in the PVE department, Uzumaki is the best for PVP fights. Firstly, the Chain of Fate ability can pull any enemies towards you from any range and stun them, allowing you to inflict free damage for quite a while. While that sounds great, another ability called Royal Blood will enable you to remove all the debuffs, stuns, and even arise from death with 30% HP, shifting the tide of the battle at any time. Due to all these broken abilities, Uzumaki is an S-Tier clan until some nerfs are made by the developers.


  • Uchiha: Uchiha is one of those clans that has a beautiful mix of offensive and defensive abilities. Use skills like Ribcage (Susanoo) to equip a protective shield around yourself whenever you feel like being bombarded by enemies. At the same time, you scan their current health mana status using Sharigan and devise a plan for the next attack. The only thing preventing the Uchiha clan from entering S-Tier is that it consumes a lot of mana and requires a lot of refilling.
  • Otsusuki: Many of you reading this tier list would have expected the Otsusuki to belong in the S-Tier due to its sheer array of stun, teleport, and AOE-based abilities. While all these abilities are extraordinary in PVE and PVP fights, it is tough to get the ability due to its low rarity of 1%, making you spend a lot of Robux to get one.
  • Hoshigaki: The Hoshigaki is another top-tier clan. It has both close-range and long-range abilities in the form of Shark Drill and Water Pistol; both attacks are highly lethal and can chip a lot of health from your pool pretty quickly.
  • Karatachi: Karatachi is a solid clan in the Shinobi Lineage because of its Lava Meteor and Lava Pillar abilities. The Meteor is excellent for dealing with groups of enemies, while the pillar inflicts burn damage that slowly chips off health over time. Overall, it is excellent for both PVE and PVP battles and should likely be your next upgrade if you have any clans from B or C Tiers on this list.


  • Hyuga: The Hyuga is the best clan for passive players who like to build their fight slowly. Abilities like Byakugan allow players to see their opponent's health, chakra levels, and depending on what you see, you can either go near them to perform an Air Fist or stay afar and attack using Palm Rotation. Though you can plan a lot of strategies, it lacks damage numbers compared to others, making it a B-tier clan.
  • Kazesuna: Kazesuna is the best clan for beginner players. It only has two abilities: Sand Spikes and Sand Spada. The former is suitable for close-range attacks, while the other is used for long-range. The damage is also decent and adequate for finishing the early-level PVE quest. But, if you are entering the world of PVP, there are much better options from A tier.
  • Oribe: Similar to Kazesuna, the Oribe is another fantastic clan for beginners. Like the former, it also has two skills: Scorch Orbs and Scorch Beam. If the enemy is standing afar, use your beam to shoot at them, and if they are near, you equip the protective Orbs to protect you from their onslaught. It's simple to use, and that's why it is excellent for newbies.


  • Rai: If you like speed-based builds, the Rai clan is your best option. Equip skills like Lightning Cloak to increase the speed of your character and attack much faster. While moving at such high speeds, you also make use of the Laiger Bomb attack, which can slam the opponent to the ground, inflicting quite a substantial amount of damage to enemies. Still, all these attack stats are minimal compared to any clans in the B or A tier. Additionally, it is very easy for enemies to counter and figure out your next move due to the very few attack options.

D- Tier

  • Miyajima: Mijajima has some of the best AOE, stun, and long-range abilities in the game. If everything is great about the clan, why does it belong in D-Tier? Well, it takes a lot of work to execute any of the moves. Even the simplest move - Crystal Poison, takes a lot of effort to connect and hit the opponent. So, until the developers make any change to the clan, it will belong in the D-tier.
  • Yuki: Yuki is the worst clan in the Shinobi Lineage. It has two skills - Ice Mirrors and Ice Birds. Both of these are insanely difficult to execute and, if connected, deal slight damage. Stay away from Yuki and try to get any option from the B or C tier if you are just beginning.

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Shinobi Lineage Tier List – All Clans, Ranked

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