Saints Row Reboot Review Roundup

The Saints Row reboot is here, and the reviews are coming in from outlets around the globe. Things aren’t looking too good for those hoping to see a return to form for the series after the troubled fourth entry. This reboot has a new set of saints take to the streets of Santa Ileso as […]

Best Weapons in Saints Row

In Saints Row reboot, you have several weapons at your disposal to protect yours and the Saints as you expand your criminal enterprise. Throughout the game, you will complete missions, side hustles, and other activities. Your weapons are a core part of combat in Saints Row. Here are the best weapons in Saints Row. Best Weapons […]

Best Perks in Saints Row

In Saints Rows reboot, you will undertake several missions and side hustles as you expand your criminal enterprise. In Saints Row, you will unlock Perks, not be confused with skills. Perks are minor, major, or elite. These perks add passive boosts to your combat ability. There are several perks, and selecting the right perk is challenging. Here […]

Best ways to earn Money in Saints Row

Any good criminal organization needs money. In Saints Row (2022,) as the leader of the Saints, you will need a lot of income to complete your illegal activities. In Saints Row, you’ll spend money on weapons, vehicles, perks, clothes, and other upgrades. You’ll need to earn as much money as possible to fill your needs. […]

How to import your Boss to Saints Row

Saints Row reboot allows players to design their Boss with many customization options. Deep Silver Volition released the Boss Factory to enable players to create their Boss before the game launched. Now that Saints Row has launched, you can import your Boss into Saints Row; here is how to import your Boss to Saints Row. […]