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11 Sea of Stars Tips and Tricks For New Players

There's so much to cover!

One of the charms of old-school RPGs is the “no hand-holding” policy they like to uphold. Sure, it’s fun now that we’re older and have access to walkthroughs online, but younger me would have appreciated the help. And now, I’m here to do the same for Sea of Stars.

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Beginner tips and tricks every Sea of Stars player needs to know

You don’t have to navigate this game blind; here are 11 tips I have for every new Sea of Stars player diving into the game.

1. Don’t charge Sunball too long

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Zale has a skill called Sunball, which you’re probably already familiar with. However, what you may not have noticed is the fact that the fireball only reaches its maximum size for a split second before it shrinks back and Zale is forced to unleash it. The fireball will increase in size three times. After the third expansion, let go to trigger that timed/critical hit!  

2. Eat your food

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If you’re hoarding food in Sea of Stars like how you hoard potions in other RPGs—don’t. Use them when you need to. There’s a limit to the number of food items you can carry. Besides, ingredients are cheap, and you can always make more!

3. Save your gold for the Hidden Market

Unless you’re using it to buy a better weapon, don’t use your gold until you reach the Port Town of Brisk. There is a hidden market located in this area that sells useful Relics, such as one that boosts EXP gain, as well as an Amulet that shows ALL relevant enemy stats during battle. They’re expensive for an early wallet but are worth purchasing ASAP. The exact location is in our second image!

The shopkeeper is going to ask for an item called a Trader's Signet, which you can find behind the locked door in the Stonemasons wind caves.

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4. Don’t grind EXP

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The areas scale pretty well with your current level in Sea of Stars, so don't bother grinding EXP. The only bonus leveling up grants you are extra stat points you can allocate, but those aren't worth grinding for. The amount of EXP you can earn MASSIVELY differs from your current area to the next one. Meaning, once you've leveled up, you're going to want the amount of EXP given by the monsters in the next area for the chance to level up again ASAP. So, enjoy the game and progress naturally!

If you’re having boss troubles, don’t be ashamed to turn your Relics on. In fact...

5. Turn on Relics

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I know the feeling of wanting to play a game the way it’s meant to be played. But when you’re having a difficult time—and the battles can be hard at times—it’s okay to use the Relics you’ve been given at the beginning of the game. They will make things significantly easier. You can find the Relics tab on your Start/Tab menu. You can purchase more Relics as you progress.

Moreover, not all Relics are there to let you cheese the game. Some of them are genuinely useful, like Sequent Flare, which places a visual indicator when you’ve managed to perform a successful block or critical hit. I have mine turned on to perfect my timings.

6. You can set up camp in the overworld (including your ship)

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While you can set up camp near a fireplace, you can also do it when you’re out on the overworld map. Just open your menu and select Camp at the bottom. There’s also a shortcut key you can press-hold (F on keyboard). You can also do this while sailing (in which, you'll enter your ship)—which is the only way you'll be able to progress though your journey to become the ultimate Wheels champion.

7. Do not skip night/day puzzles

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Have you been doing the night and day puzzles Elder Mist told you about? Because if you haven’t, you should. Always. These puzzles reward you with a Combo Move or something better every time you complete one. For example, the earlier puzzles give Garl Combos with Zale and Valere, which can improve your battle strategies.

8. If it looks like there’s a room behind it, explore

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Sea of Stars is a game that rewards players who explore. For example, after you defeat the first boss near Mooncradle, the cave it comes out of is a room that you can enter for extra rewards. You’ll also sometimes see cracks on the ground, which you should always break by jumping off the highest ledge in the vicinity and landing on it. There's even a very good accessory hidden in one of these obscure locations.

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I could go on and on, but then we’d never reach the end of it. My point here is: explore!

9. Use Garl’s Hurl Skill when you’re surrounded

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Zale and Valere may deal good damage, but nothing beats the support of Garl’s Hurl. When used, Garl will toss the target enemy beside another enemy. This will allow you to use AoE/Area of Effect moves more efficiently. For example, while powerful, Zale’s Sunball can only hit a small area.

10. Approach enemies from behind or use your Graplou

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While there’s no consequence to charging into battle, Sea of Stars rewards those who are patient enough to approach them from behind. Doing so will trigger a sneak attack, spilling one Life Mana charge. With a critical/timed hit, you can use this charge to break a double elemental/magic weakness on the first turn. Eventually, when you get your hands on a Graplou, you can use that to attack enemies from afar instead.

11. Even heals can be boosted

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It’s not just attacks and blocks that gain increased potency with a timed button press; heals are, too! For example, press A/X/Space just as Garl brings out his food or when Zale’s magic is released from his sword. From my experience, the potency usually doubles with the boost.

For more help with Sea of Stars, take a look at All Recipe Locations in Sea of Stars and How to grind gold fast in Sea of Stars here at Pro Game Guides.

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11 Sea of Stars Tips and Tricks For New Players

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