Vault Location in Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale

More Totems, more Stars, and more Vaults! Where are they now? Use this guide to find them!

In the previous sections of this guide, we covered how to find the spyglass, and the Star Jewels. In this section, we are going to explain how to find the Totem and Vault. You will be headed to one of six locations. Below, we provide instructions on how to find the Vault yourself. Or, if you're truly stuck, you can also find the specific vault locations at the end of this section of the guide.

Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale | How to Find the Vault Location

For this part of the Tall Tale, you will need the Spyglass and the two Star Jewels. If you have not yet found the Spyglass or the Star Jewels, you can find the link to those parts of the adventure below. Alternatively, if you were just looking for the Puzzle Solutions or Hidden Journal locations, you can also find the link to that section of the guide listed below.

Before we begin, we'd like to go over a few critical facts that will provide great help in this part of the guide. First, we again strongly suggest you write down the names, descriptions, and compass directions of each Constellation. This is particularly important if you don't want to use the guide's spoiler section(located in Option Two)Alternatively, you can use the list below to quickly reference this information instead of flipping back and forth through the pages.

  • Courting Crab
    • Description:  Loves Queen, protects her beaches
    • Compass Direction: East-Southeast
  • Glimmer Fish
    • Description: Guided ancients, last of his kind
    • Compass Direction: East-Northeast
  • Golden Feather
    • Description: Cast from eagle, fletch for Arrow
    • Compass Direction: South-Southeast
  • Iron Scarab
    • Description:  Taught tools to Man, six legs not eight
    • Compass Direction: Southeast
  • Great Kraken
    • Description: Old Mother, chained by Ancients
    • Compass Direction: North
  • Great Warrior
    • Description: Thirsts for war, still lives on...?
    • Compass Direction: East
  • Old Boar
    • Description: Angry in winter, tame in spring
    • Compass Direction: Northeast
  • Obsidian Arrow
    • Description: Shark tooth tip, pierced kraken heart
    • Compass Direction: Southwest
  • One-Eye Shark
    • Description: Spy for Kraken, fights with Scarab
    • Compass Direction: South
  • Patient Turtle
    • Description: Raises islands, oldest creature
    • Compass Direction: North-Northwest
  • Proud Eagle
    • Description: Never lands, unbreakable talons
    • Compass Direction: Northwest
  • Sea Queen
    • Description: Great power, made Eternal Promise
    • Compass Direction: North-Northeast
  • Singing Snake
    • Description: Soothes, strangles, was once hydra head
    • Compass Direction: West-Northwest
  • Sleeping Bear
    • Description: Wise old judge, all respect her
    • Compass Direction: South-Southwest
  • Tar-Pitch Boat
    • Description: Rowed by hand, two trees for oars
    • Compass Direction: West
  • Unending Flame
    • Description: Tear of the sun, warms the seas
    • Compass Direction: West-Southwest

The list above is the essential information you'll need to continue the adventure. If you would like to attempt to navigate to the Totem and Vault, then solve the puzzles yourself, read the spoiler-free guide in Option One. If you would just like the solutions to the puzzles, scroll down to Option Two.

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Option One: How to Use the Constellations

If you read the next page in the Quest book, you will see that it explains where to find the Totem to open the Vault. Since it is the same every time and is usually quite obvious (almost every reference to an Uncharted Island in the game leads to one island), we will just tell you that the initial island you need to go to is N13 Island. Head there and be ready to go to the underwater Temple near the front side of the Shipwreck.

If you have a chest to place items, put the Star Jewels in it and pick it up. With the chest or Jewel in hand, dive beneath the surface and swim into the Temple. At the end of the tunnel, you will find a small room with a statue of a head. Place the Jewels in the eye sockets of this statue to receive a Totem.

This is where the game once again randomizes where you will need to go. It all depends on which Totem you get among the six possible options. However, besides the Totem, you will also receive additional pages for the Quest book!

The page that explains where to take the Crab Totem.

You must use the information listed above to interpret the new pages in the Quest Book. It will tell you where to start and provide hints as to which direction you need to go. As shown in the image above, we ended up needing only to walk a few steps to find our Vault. Unfortunately, the others are not as easy.

Option Two: Vault Locations

Listed below are the locations of each Vault and the islands on which they might be located. To determine which one you have, simply look at your Totem and match its figure to one of the list items below!

Boar Totem

The vault location on Devils Ridge.

Approach Devil's Ridge from the Southeastern corner and park there. You will see the Boar rock paintings on the beach. The vault is next to these.

Crab Totem

A full view of the N13 Vault door next to the mechanism.

If you receive the Crab Totem, you're in luck! You simply need to turn around and walk a few steps to place the totem and enter the Crab Vault on N13 Island.

Moon Totem

The vault location on Crescent Isle.

The Moon Totem will (of course) take you to the only moon-shaped island: Crescent Isle. Enter the primary cave system in the center of the island from the Northeast. Turn right to go into the northern side, then take your first right to find the

Scarab Totem

The Vault location on Crook's Hollow.

If you have already done The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, there is a good chance that you have been to Crook's Hollow. This island is a hotspot for Voyages, Quests, and Tall Tales, so you likely know where the Vault is already. However, if you don't, you can reference the image above. You will be headed to the central cave system. On the south side of this cave system are some Scarab rock paintings. The vault is here.

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Shark Totem

The Vault Location on Kraken's Fall.

This Vault on Kraken's Fall is disguised better than the other Vaults, so you will need to keep your eyes open. The rocks on this island are darker, so the door blends in exceptionally well. At the base of the archway near the middle of the island, you will see some Shark rock paintings. The Vault is located near these rock paintings. The mechanism to open it is not far away, across a patch of sand on some small rocks.

Snake Totem

The Vault location on Mermaid's Hideaway.

You will be headed to Mermaid's Hideaway for this vault. As you approach the island, you will see a massive archway on the southeastern side that is extremely hard to miss. The Vault door is at the northwestern base of this arch, and the mechanism to open it is on the southeastern side.

What's Next

Now that you've found the Vault, you will need to solve the puzzles inside. True to the rest of his books (and quite frankly, the other Tall Tales), Sudds speaks in such vague terms that it is difficult to understand what to do. This is covered in our next section of the guide: Puzzle Guide and Solutions.

Have you found the Hidden Journals in The Cursed Rogue? Use our guide to see where they're located!

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