Vault Puzzle Guide and Solutions in Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale

Use our guide below to complete the most daring part of this star-strewn adventure!

In the previous sections of this guide, we covered how to find the Spyglass, the Star Jewels, and the Ancient Vault. In this section, we will explain how to solve the Vault Puzzle using the Quest Book and also provide all the solutions to the possible Puzzle options. This is the most difficult part of the Tall Tale to figure out, so be ready!

Sea of Thieves | Stars of a Thief Tall Tale | Vault Puzzle Guide and Solutions

So we've found ourselves in another Vault. Lovely. Not only that, but this vault bears a strong resemblance to the Vault in The Shroudbreaker, which we all remember started filling up with water as soon as we activated the Altar. This Puzzle follows the same path, and once activated, will give you a limited time span to solve the puzzle before you DIE. You only have one chance at this, so if you think you're stuck, skip to the section below that provides the solutions!

Before we begin, if you made it on this page by mistake when looking for another part of the guide, you can find those parts of the guide in the list below. For this section, you will need to have obtained the Spy Glass, the Star Jewels, and the Vault Totem. If you haven't found all of those, follow the appropriate link below.

If you're still reading, then you are ready to figure out these puzzles! Option One below will explain a spoiler-free way to solve these puzzles. Continue reading if you think you're up to the challenge.

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Step One - Option One: How to Solve the Puzzles

Vague terms in this game are beginning to become commonplace. It makes sense. The game is centered around pirates, after all. Before you begin the puzzle, make sure to note all the names and descriptions of the Constellations. These are vital to solving the Puzzle. If you don't want to write them down yourself, we have also provided the complete list below. This will make it easier to quickly reference the Constellations, so you won't end up flipping back and forth through the book.

  • Courting Crab
    • Description:  Loves Queen, protects her beaches
    • Compass Direction: East-Southeast
  • Glimmer Fish
    • Description: Guided ancients, last of his kind
    • Compass Direction: East-Northeast
  • Golden Feather
    • Description: Cast from eagle, fletch for Arrow
    • Compass Direction: South-Southeast
  • Iron Scarab
    • Description:  Taught tools to Man, six legs not eight
    • Compass Direction: Southeast
  • Great Kraken
    • Description: Old Mother, chained by Ancients
    • Compass Direction: North
  • Great Warrior
    • Description: Thirsts for war, still lives on...?
    • Compass Direction: East
  • Old Boar
    • Description: Angry in winter, tame in spring
    • Compass Direction: Northeast
  • Obsidian Arrow
    • Description: Shark tooth tip, pierced kraken heart
    • Compass Direction: Southwest
  • One-Eye Shark
    • Description: Spy for Kraken, fights with Scarab
    • Compass Direction: South
  • Patient Turtle
    • Description: Raises islands, oldest creature
    • Compass Direction: North-Northwest
  • Proud Eagle
    • Description: Never lands, unbreakable talons
    • Compass Direction: Northwest
  • Sea Queen
    • Description: Great power, made Eternal Promise
    • Compass Direction: North-Northeast
  • Singing Snake
    • Description: Soothes, strangles, was once hydra head
    • Compass Direction: West-Northwest
  • Sleeping Bear
    • Description: Wise old judge, all respect her
    • Compass Direction: South-Southwest
  • Tar-Pitch Boat
    • Description: Rowed by hand, two trees for oars
    • Compass Direction: West
  • Unending Flame
    • Description: Tear of the sun, warms the seas
    • Compass Direction: West-Southwest

The Vault Puzzle for this will follow a similar pattern to the Puzzle in The Shroudbreaker. Upon lighting the braziers, water will begin to fill the room, and you must rotate the pillars to match the correct sequence outlined in the Quest Book.

However, unlike The Shroudbreaker, the Quest Book doesn't have pictures this time! Instead, you will need to interpret two stanzas to a poem that was written by the spacey and wistful Sudds. The two parts of this poem have four lines each, and each line will be a clue. So, now you might be asking: What do we do with these clues?

The whole line is not the clue, but the clue is mentioned somewhere in the line. You must match a short phrase in each line to the correct Constellation listed above (or in the book, if you're using that). An example of this would be Old Mother is angry. If you look at the descriptions of the Constellations, you will see Old Kraken says Old Mother, chained by the Ancients.

With this, you will know that the first line is telling you to turn the pillar pillar to the image for the Old Kraken Constellation. Following the same method, you can turn the other pillars to their appropriate image. There are several different possible stories for this puzzle, so yours is likely no the same as ours. Again, use the guide above that best suits the story you have in your Quest book.

If you are still struggling, feel free to use Option Two: Puzzle Solutions below.

Step One - Option Two: Vault Puzzle Solutions

Listed below is every possible poem that you might have. Since these poems don't have titles, they are listed in alphabetical order based on the first line of the poem.

  • Puzzle #1: A tear of the sun
    1. A tear of the sun fell down to land: Unending Flame
    2. And lit the way for man to sailTar-Pitch Boat
    3. Even the warmonger was brought to peace: Great Warrior
    4. He was taught more than war by the iron shell: Iron Scarab
    5. The courter dance in the new light: Courting Crab
    6. As Glimmer showed the man the way: Glimmer Fish
    7. The oldest creature watched them at play: Patient Turtle
    8. As the queen bided her time: Sea Queen
  • Puzzle #2: An old one raised a spit of land
    1. An old one raised a spit of land: Patient Turtle
    2. And gave it to eternal manGreat Warrior
    3. He was taught to build with tar and treeTar-Pitch Boat
    4. The last of its kind showed him the seas: Glimmer Fish
    5. The vessel lead man on a journey: Tar-Pitch Boat
    6. To the one respected by allBear
    7. The grump now happy with the season: Boar
    8. And all taught the warmonger to reason: Great Warrior
  • Puzzle #3: Old judge spoke to those who listened
    1. Old judge spoke to those who listened: Bear
    2. The last of its kind would guide them: Glimmer Fish
    3. The iron one would teach them: Iron Scarab
    4. And patient one raised them land to sleep on: Patient Turtle
    5. Tar covered vessel carried them to land: Tar-Pitch Boat
    6. Old grump would welcome them in spring: Boar
    7. The queens lover would guard her beaches: Crab
    8. But singer would always put them in peril: Snake
  • Puzzle #4: Old Mother was angry
    1. Old Mother was angry: Great Kraken
    2. Her friend had made an everlasting promise: Sea Queen
    3. She protected those who rowed by hand: Tar-Pitch Boat
    4. Who were sailing out on warmer seas: Unending Flame
    5. Without landing he watched from high: Proud Eagle
    6. As the singer whispered deceitfully: Singing Snake
    7. The vessel continued on its way: Tar-Pitch Boat
    8. Protected by eternal warrior: Great Warrior
  • Puzzle #5
    1. The Queen plotted: Sea Queen
    2. Along with the one-eyed spyOne-Eye Shark
    3. They would kill the teacher: Iron Scarab
    4. And his two-legged pupil: Great Warrior
    5. One Eye attacked under cover of night: One-Eye Shark
    6. But warmonger was ready and won the fight: Great Warrior
    7. He made a weapon of the victims tooth: Arrow
    8. And went to hunt a bigger foe: Great Kraken
  • Puzzle #6
    1. War monger was angry: Great Warrior
    2. The tear of the sun had touched his home: Unending Flame
    3. He sought a proud one's help: Proud Eagle
    4. Proud one gave up part of himself: Golden Feather
    5. The part of proud one made a weapon: Arrow
    6. Destined for Old Mother's spy: One-Eye Shark
    7. Teacher warned of needless violence: Iron Scarab
    8. But the warmonger did not listen: Great Warrior

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Step Two: Return the Shroudbreaker Stone

When you have completed the Vault Puzzle, the water in the room will clear and a mechanism will drop part of the wall. In this section of the wall you will find the red Shroudbreaker Stone. This is the final item you need for the quest! To finish this Tall Tale, head back to The North Star Seapost, and offer it to Sudds.

What's Next

This completes this main questline for Stars of a Thief. For completing it, you will receive Stone of the Heavens Commendation and the Stars of a Thief Commendation. From here, you have several options. You can do the quest againfind the Hidden Journals, or move on to the next Tall Tale: The Wild Rose!

Have you managed to get any of the Curses yet? Check out our guide to see how to get them!

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