Best Silent Hill Games, Ranked (2022)

Since the original Silent Hill first graced our console screens back in 1999, the horror franchise has continued to scare us rigid everywhere from our handhelds to the big screen. But with more than 10 gaming outings across a plethora of platforms and a laundry list of developers, there were always going to be hits […]

How to play all Silent Hill games in order

One of the big problems with determining an overarching story in the world of Silent Hill is that almost every game is self-contained. They’re deeply personal journeys into the haunting world of psychological horror. There’s a lot of debate over what is and what isn’t canon, but if someone wants to get the most out […]

Silent Hill Ascension – Release date, Trailer, and Everything we know

Konami has breathed new life into the Silent Hill series after many, many years. The Silent Hill Transmission introduced remakes and new titles alike, including Silent Hill Ascension. This mysterious new project has intrigued Silent Hill fans and us. We have compiled everything we know about Silent Hill Ascension below. Everything we know about Silent […]

Konami lets Silent Hill website domain lapse; fan changes link to anti-Pyramid Head tweet

Silent Hill is one of Konami’s most neglected franchises, especially if you ask the fans of the series. So when a fan noticed that Konami’s ownership on the domain had lapsed, they snapped it up. Now, heading to the website, you’ll be greeted with a tweet reading, “I wish I hadn’t designed Pyramid Head.” The Feb. […]