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SMITE Patch Notes

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Smite patch 10.2 brings us a new God, Manticore King, and some balance changes to the game mechanics, The Gathering Crossover Content, and an addition of a Mythical Market. Let's look at the highlights in this patch notes summary.

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Smite 10.2 February 21, 2023 Patch Notes

New God Martichoras – The King of the Manticores

  • Basic attacks apply Venom and deal 5% Basic Attack Power over 2s. The initial hit applies 4 stacks, hits refresh, and increases damage by 1 stack, with a maximum of 8 stacks.
  • Monstrosity: Martichoras gains up to 100 stacks of Ferocity for hitting Basic attacks, Abilities and earning kills or assists. Once maxed, he loses all Ferocity and gains an Attack Speed buff that increases in duration by Basic Attacking gods. He also gets a permanent Monstrosity stack of 1% for Physical Lifesteal and 1%for Physical Ability Lifesteal.
  • Acid rain: Martichoras fires multiple venomous spikes from his wings, creating a circular rain of spikes dealing damage as it moves forward. As the rain moves, it leaves a toxic trail that slows and damages all enemies in its trail.
  • Poisoned barb: Martichoras shoots a stinger, dealing damage, going through minions, and stopping on the first enemy god it hits. The stinger clings attached to the enemy god for 3s, reducing their healing or at a point on the ground. Martichoras player can explode it by hitting it with a basic attack or ability. This explosion deals damage, reduces healing, and Roots the God who got hit with it.
  • Stalk prey: Martichoras creates a patch of stealth grass where he and all allies gods can hide. While inside and on exiting the patch, Martichoras gains a Movement Speed boost. Martichoras’ Basic Attacks from stealth gain 10% additional Basic Attack Damage up front and apply 8 stacks of Venom. Enemies may reveal anyone hidden in the patch by entering it or placing a ward inside its range.
  • Death from Above: Using his ultimate, Martichoras becomes CC immune and untargetable as he soars into the air. He starts raining down 12 bursts of damaging toxins over 3 seconds. Each time an enemy is hit with a burst, their Physical Protections are reduced.

Magic: The Gathering Crossover Content

New Skins:

  • Teferi Chronos
  • Nicol Bolas Tiamat
  • Vivien Reid Artemis
  • The Wandering Emperor Mulan
  • Nissa Revane Eset

New Cosmetics:

  • Phyrexian Bundle (MTG Chest)
    • Phyrexian Pedestal
    • Phyrexian Player Title
    • Phyrexian Fountain Skin
  • Spellslinger Bundle (MTG Chest)
    • Black Lotus Ward Skin
    • Nope Global Emote
    • Oblivion Ring Death Mark
  • Event Quest Rewards
    • Nicol Bolas Announcer Pack
    • Nicol Bolas Avatar
    • The Wandering Emperor Avatar
    • The Wandering Emperor Announcer Pack
    • Nissa Revane Announcer Pack
    • Nissa Revane Avatar
    • Vivien Reid Announcer Pack
    • Vivien Reid Avatar
    • Teferi Announcer Pack
    • Teferi Avatar

The Arrival of Mythical Market

  • The Mythical Market is a personalized shop with discounts tailored to the player's preferences!
  • All players will have a new bundle featuring the new Honey Bug Avatar, Bumble Bee Jing Wei Skin, and Honey Bug Fountain Skin.
  • In addition to the Bumble Bee Bundle, each Mythical Market will feature a unique set of additional bundles with content picked specifically for you based on your personal preferences.
  • Your bundles can include Exclusive and Normal Skins and cosmetics released before Update 8.8 at a discounted price.

Balance Changes

Game Modes

  • Conquest
    • Titan
      • Titan Basic attacks now hit multiple enemies in the area. This was in the 10.1 update and was left off the patch notes.
    • Elder Dryad (Green Buff Holder)
      • The special ability is that it will heal all other allied camps 20 health a second on top of 10 HP5. Does not heal himself.
    • Fire Giant
      • The center of the Fire Giant pit is now permanently impassable terrain that blocks ground placement for wards, but allows targeting for abilities and projectiles to pass over it.
    • Pyromancer
      • Decreased initial spawn time from 10 minutes to 7 minutes.
    • Mana Camp
      • Blue Buff Holder no longer summons spirit minions.
    • Health Camp
      • Green Buff now also provides 10 MP5.
    • Totem
      • Reduced the physical size of this NPC by 15%.


  • Druid Stone
    • Cost increased from 600 to 650.
  • Stone of Binding
    • Decreased the Protection Debuff from 5+1 per level to 0+1 per level.
  • Contagion
    • Damage Decreased from 35 to 25.
    • The following was fixed in an earlier hotfix (already live):
      • Each player can now only have 1 damaging Contagion aura on them at a time.
      • If a player with a damaging aura does a Hard CC on an enemy, the aura is refreshed.
      • Damage Aura no longer ticks at CC Application time (0 seconds). Instead, it ticks at 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.
    • Fixed an issue where a fifth pulse that did no damage would play.
    • A known issue persists with this audio item not playing on additional pulses if the damaging aura is refreshed. Also will occasionally play an extra visual FX pulse that does no damage (but significantly less frequently than before).
  • Prophetic Cloak
    • Internal Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Fixed text to clarify the ICD and to state that the increase in protection stats on evolution is intended.
  • Evolved Prophetic Cloak
    • Physical Protection decreased from 55 to 40.
    • Magical Protection decreased from 55 to 40.
  • Sigil of the Old Guard
    • Base Damage Mitigation decreased from 5% to 3%.
    • Damage Mitigation decreased per stack from 4% to 3%.
      • (Decreases total Damage Mitigation from 17% to 12%)
    • Decreased Healing per stack from 3% to 1% of your max health.
  • Berserker Shield
    • Damage Mitigation on the passive effect decreased from 10% to 5%.
  • The Crusher
    • The cost of 2700 decreased to 2600 gold.
    • Physical Power decreased from 55 to 50.
    • Physical Power Scaling decreased from 40% to 30% on the Passive.
  • Heartseeker
    • Decreased the Bonus Damage from 3% to 2% when the item owner has lower power.
  • Horn Shard
    • Fixed the text of this item to specify that it decreases CDR by 0.5s every 0.5s (3s total) and not every 1s as listed on the 10.1 launch.
  • Qin's Sais
    • Increased Attack Speed from 20% to 25%.
    • Increased Bonus Damage against high max HP targets from 5% to 6%.
  • Bladed Boomerang
    • Cost decreased from 2600 to 2500 gold.
    • Attack Speed increased from 15% to 20%.
    • Decrease the offset from the player of the buff drops to be 50% closer to the player.
    • Fixed the item description of the stacking buff duration of 6s.
  • Chronos' pendant
    • Increased Magical Power from 90 to 100 gold.
  • Brawler's Beat Stick
    • Cost decreased from 2600 to 2500 gold.
    • Fixed item description to say that the buff field lasts 10 seconds.
    • Increased the buff field's base Power (Magical and Physical) from 10 to 20.
  • Cloak (T1)
    • Cost decreased from 650 to 600 gold.
    • The Upgrade cost of T2 and T3 items were adjusted to keep their final cost unchanged by this T1 change.
  • Cannoneer's Cuirass
    • Cost decreased from 2250 to 2100 gold.
  • Dawnbringer
    • Decreased Cost from 2600 to 2400 gold.
  • Absolution
    • Increased Magical Protections from 60 to 70.
    • Increased Crowd Control Reduction from 10% to 20%.
  • Phalanx
    • Increased Physical Protection from 55 to 60.
    • Increased Health from 150 to 200.


  • Ao Kuang
    • Wild Storm:
      • Decreased Magical Power Scaling from 50% to 40%.
  • He Bo
    • Water Sprout:
      • Decreased Base Damage from 80/130/180/230/280 to 70/120/170/220/270.
      • Decreased Magical Power Scaling from 65% to 60%.
  • Discordia
    • Erratic Behavior:
      • Decreased Cooldown from 15s to 13s at all ranks.
    • Golden Apple of Discord:
      • Increased Base Damage on the initial hit from 100/125/150/175/200 to 125/150/175/200/225.
      • Increased Magical Power Scaling on the initial hit from 40% to 50%.
  • Geb
    • Shock Wave:
      • Increased Base Damage from 90/160/230/300/370 to 100/170/240/310/380.
      • Decreased Cooldown from 15s to 14s.
  • Tsukuyomi
    • Dark Moon Shuriken:
      • Increased Damage from 75/125/175/225/275 to 85/135/185/235/285.
    • Piercing Moonlight:
      • Increased Physical Power Scaling per Dash hit from 45% to 50%.
  • Jing Wei
    • Persistent Gust:
      • Increased Damage Per Tick from 10/20/30/40/50 to 15/25/35/45/55
    • Decreased Cooldown from 12s to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10s
  • Chernobog
    • Vicious Barrage:
      • Decreased Mana Cost from 60/65/70/75/80 to 50/55/60/65/70.
    • Into Darkness:
      • Decreased Mana Cost from 70 to 50 at all ranks.
      • Decreased Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14 seconds to 16/15.5/15/14.5/14 seconds.

Year 10 Viewer Store

  • Viewer Pass is no longer purchasable, and the ability to earn double points will no longer exist. Everyone will be able to earn the same amount of points for free.
  • To help with this, Viewer Point gains have been increased in the following areas.
    • Twitch Viewer points have increased to 2000 Viewer Points per drop.
    • Additional Viewer Points have been added to the Battle Pass's Free and Premium tracks.
    • Additional Viewer Points will be available via event quests throughout the year.
  • You will also still be able to earn points by picking esports matches and the new player Welcome Pass.
  • There will be a soft reset for Viewer Points in 10.2. for all players. All points above 75,000 will be removed.
  • The Year 10 Viewer Store will not have any new content exclusive to the viewer store, but the total content pool has been updated to feature more recent skins.

Quality of life improvements

  • Updated the Profile Stats Ranked Placement tab with new Conquest and Joust art.
  • Updated the Play and Gods background UI images with new Conquest art.

New Skin Voice Actors

  • Martichoras: Tim Bick
  • Sir Snooze Kumbhkarna: Patrick Seitz
  • The Wandering Emperor Mulan: Monique Shi
  • Teferi Chronos: Charlie Wes
  • Nicol Bolas Tiamat: Hunter Peterson
  • Nissa Revane Eset: Kaitlyn Robrock
  • Bumble Bee Jing Wei: Sara Secora
  • Vivien Reid Artemis: Jenelle Randall

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