SMITE Patch Notes (June 2023)

Smite patch 10.2 brings us a new God, Manticore King, and some balance changes to the game mechanics, The Gathering Crossover Content, and an addition of a Mythical Market. Let’s look at the highlights in this patch notes summary. Smite 10.2 February 21, 2023 Patch Notes New God Martichoras – The King of the Manticores […]

Best Surtr build in Smite

Since the earliest days of Smite, Surtr, better known as the Fire Giant, was the strongest monster in Conquest. Hailing from Muspelheim, Surtr enters the Nordic pantheon in Smite as a Warrior. Destined to beat Freyr in Ragnarok, Surtr is a fire giant hellbent on unleashing fury on the opposing gods. This guide will help […]

Best Supports in Smite

Smite now has over 100 different Gods that you can play as. Some gods are better than others, and some gods excel in certain Lanes. Support Gods must provide support in the form of protection and healing. They will spend most of their time in the Duo Lane with the ADC God. These are the […]

Best ADC Gods in Smite

ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry, and in this role, you focus on building up high damage and carrying your team in the late game. Smite is home to over 100 playable Gods, and around a quarter of them are considered ADC Gods. Here are the best ADC Gods in Smite. Before we get into our […]

Best Junglers in Smite

With all of the Gods now offered in Smite, it can be impossible to know which Gods are best, and where is the best place to use them. Junglers are Gods who excel at taking control of the Jungle that lies between the three lanes. Here are the Best Junglers in Smite. Thor The Norse […]