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How to play tank in Star Wars Hunters

Each tank character explained.

Out of the different character classes available in Star Wars: Hunters, the tank class is a must-have if you're playing against skilled opponents. In this guide, I've explained the way these characters operate so you know how to play and master the tank class.

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How to play every kind of tank in Star Wars Hunters

The purpose of tank class characters is to distract the enemy while the support and damage class flanks them. They can take more damage than other Hunters so don't be afraid to get into fights. They are also great at defense when required and can battle multiple targets simultaneously.

How to play Sentinel in Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars Hunters Sentinel
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Sentinel's weapon of choice is the E-Web Heavy Repeater machine gun that can keep firing rounds until it gets overheated, so use it efficiently to mow down targets. Each Hunter also has three unique abilities that you can utilize from time to time.

Sentinel can deploy a Combat Shield on his machine gun that can block incoming projectiles for a while. It also improves weapon fire when active. Furthermore, you can activate or deactivate it when necessary. Sentinel's Weapon Heat shoots a stun shot that knocks down the enemy for a while, but keep in mind that it consumes some weapon heat.

If you find yourself up close and personal with your enemies, you can use the Barrel Slam ability to knock them back. This can throw off the enemy's composition and distance you from them. The real treat is the Empire's Finest ultimate that, when used, calls in two stormtroopers to aid you in battle temporarily.

How to play Grozz in Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars Hunters Grozz
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This Wookie juggernaut used Improvised Clubs, which are modified droid arms built for melee combat. This weapon, alongside his special abilities, makes Grozz unbeatable at close range if you learn how to use him effectively.

When you activate his Stampede ability, Grozz will charge forward, knocking away other enemies and grabbing the primary target. Since close-range combat is his specialty, the Wookie also relies on his crucial War Cry to restore his health to a large extent.

The third ability Grozz can use is called the Upheaval. He'll slam his clubs on the ground, creating a massive shockwave that'll launch and slow down enemies in range. Because Grozz is built for fighting his enemies up close, he is quite vulnerable and often requires support from teammates. Finally, you can use his Boulder Bash ultimate to throw a huge boulder that bounces around, stunning and damaging enemies.

How to play Slingshot in Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars Hunters Slingshot
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Slingshot has the Twin Blaster Cannon, which is his weapon-cum-ride. Use the Trickshot ability to catapult forward with force and knock aside your enemies, damaging them in the process. You can also pull out his Unstable Shield to protect you from bullets, but be careful, as it'll explode when destroyed.

Slingshot's Scatterbomb trait fires multiple rockets directly in front of him, damaging enemies. Keep in mind that this ability's range is quite limited and should only be used when threats are present. For the ultimate ability, Rocket Stomp will make the droid jump up and slam down vigorously for a while, stunning and damaging the enemies within range.

How to play Charr in Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars Hunters Charr
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Charr uses the Scatter Gun shotgun, which is extremely potent at close range thanks to its high damage output. Similar to Grozz, they also have a self-healing trait called Regen Booster. It gives the Hunter back some of their lost health and makes them invulnerable for a while. During this period, any incoming damage aids in the healing and regenerates the health.

You can also lay down the Snare Trap that is triggered when any enemy comes within its range. The affected enemy will then be held in place for a brief moment, making them highly vulnerable. If your enemy is trying to run, you can activate the Laser Tether to attach yourself to them so they can't get away. Finally, use Charr's Ferocious Hunt ultimate to run around the battlefield like a maniac melee attacking the enemies.

Star Wars: Hunters is a team-based shooter game—therefore, focusing on selecting just your character cannot decide the match's outcome. To figure out how to build a perfect squadron of soldiers, check out Best Team Compositions in Star Wars Hunters.

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How to play tank in Star Wars Hunters

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