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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheat Codes

Use the codes, Luke!

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an ever-popular action-adventure game set in the universe of Star Wars that lets players take the role of a powerful Sith apprentice tutored by Darth Vader himself. I fondly remember this game from a time back because it allowed me to experience playing as a Sith for the first time. The visceral feeling of dispatching opponents with my lightsaber or force-choking them stuck with me for a long time, as did the character and story progression, which was very advanced for its time.

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The codes for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed gave me many costumes to play around with. As a massive fan of Asajj Ventress, I enjoyed playing my favorite hero from the animated show. There are also codes unlocking many different moves, expanding my fighting style vastly, and enriching an excellent gameplay experience. If you like this game, check out Warframe Promo Codes List.

All Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Codes List

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Codes for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

  • DANTOOINE—Redeem for Ceremonial Jedi Costume
  •  FERRAL—Redeem for Scout Trooper Costume
  •  HARDBOILED—Redeem for Blind Kota Costume
  •  HOLOCRON—Redeem for Jedi Adventurer Costume
  •  KORRIBAN—Redeem for Sith Stalker Costume
  •  MANDALORE—Redeem for Master Kota Costume
  •  PROTOTYPE—Redeem for Proxy Costume
  •  TK421BLUE—Redeem for Storm Trooper Commander Costume
  •  TK421GREEN—Redeem for Kashyyyk Trooper Costume
  •  TK421WHITE—Redeem for Storm Trooper Costume
  •  VICEROY—Redeem for Bail Organa Costume
  •  WOOKIEE—Redeem for Master Kento Costume
  •  ADEGAN—Redeem for Force Saber Throw at maximum potency
  •  BRUTALSTAB—Redeem for Lightsaber stab move
  •  DARAGON—Redeem for Sith Slash move
  •  DATHOMIR—Redeem for Force Repel at maximum potency
  •  EETHKOTH—Redeem for Aerial Assault move
  •  EXARKUN—Redeem for Force Push at maximum potency
  •  FREEDON—Redeem for Aerial combo move
  •  HURRIKANE—Redeem for All lightsaber crystals unlocked
  •  JOCASTA—Redeem for All Force talents maximized
  •  KATARN—Redeem for All Force Powers at maximum potency
  •  KITFISTO—Redeem for Saber Sling move
  •  LIGHTSABER—Redeem for Extra Damage effect always on
  •  LUMIYA—Redeem for Sith Saber Flurry move
  •  MARAJADE—Redeem for Unlocks Force Combos
  •  MASSASSI—Redeem for Lightning Bomb move
  •  MINDTRICK—Redeem for Levels in a mirrored layout
  •  MOLDYCROW—Redeem for All Force combos
  •  OSSUS—Redeem for All databank entries unlocked
  •  PLOKOON—Redeem for Saber Slam move
  •  RAGNOS—Redeem for Lightning Grenade move
  •  SAZEN—Redeem for Sith Throw move
  •  VENTRESS—Redeem for Aerial Ambush move
  •  YADDLE—Redeem for Aerial Blast move

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Codes for Nintendo Switch, Wii

  • AAYLA—Redeem for Aayla Secura costume
  •  ACOLYTE—Redeem for Asajj Ventress costume
  •  BENKENOBI—Redeem for Obi-Wan Kenobi costume
  •  CHOSENONE—Redeem for Anakin Skywalker costume
  •  DANTOOINE—Redeem for Ceremonial Jedi Robes
  •  DREXLROOSH—Redeem for Drexl Roosh costume
  •  ECLIPSE—Redeem for Juno Eclipse costume
  •  GRANDMOFF—Redeem for all costumes
  •  HIDDENFEAR—Redeem for Darth Phobos costume
  •  HOLOCRON—Redeem for Sith Robes
  •  HOLOGRAM—Redeem for PROXY
  •  INTHEDARK—Redeem for Shadow Trooper costume
  •  ITSATWAP—Redeem for Admiral Ackbar costume
  •  JEDIMASTER—Redeem for Mace Windu costume
  •  KLEEF—Redeem for Kleef costume
  •  KORRIBAN—Redeem for Sith Stalker Armor
  •  LEGION—Redeem for 501st Legion
  •  MANDALORE—Redeem for General Rahm Kota costume
  •  MARAJADE—Redeem for Mara Jade costume
  •  MARISBROOD—Redeem for Maris Brood costume
  •  MAVERICK—Redeem for Qui Gon Jinn costume
  •  NERFHERDER—Redeem for Han Solo costume
  •  NOTIMO—Redeem for Chop'aa Notimo costume
  •  PALPATINE—Redeem for Emperor Palpatine costume
  •  PAUAN—Redeem for Darth Desolous costume
  •  SCOUNDREL—Redeem for Lando Calrissian costume
  •  SECURA—Redeem for Twi'lek costume
  •  SERENNO—Redeem for Count Dooku costume
  •  SHOCKTROOP—Redeem for Heavy Trooper costume
  •  SITHLORD—Redeem for Darth Vader costume
  •  STORMTROOP—Redeem for Navy Commando costume
  •  T16WOMPRAT—Redeem for Luke Skywalker costume
  •  TK421—Redeem for Classic Stormtrooper costume
  •  TOGRUTA—Redeem for Shaak Ti costume
  •  WOOKIEE—Redeem for Kento's Robe
  •  YELLOWJCKT—Redeem for Yavin Luke costume
  •  ZABRAK—Redeem for Darth Maul costume
  • SPEEDER—Redeem for 1,000,000 Force points
  • LIGHTSABER—Redeem for amplified lightsaber damage
  • CORTOSIS—Redeem for Godmode
  • COUNTDOOKU—Redeem for increased combos to the maximum level
  • KATARN—Redeem for increased force powers to the maximum level
  • VERGENCE—Redeem for unlimited force
  • TYRANUS—Redeem for all force powers

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How to redeem codes in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

  1. Launch Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on your device.
  2.  Start a New game.
  3.  Choose a campaign and start playing.
  4.  Press the Start button to access the Game Options Menu.
  5.  Select Input Code near the bottom of the menu.
  6.  Input a code from the list into the code window.
  7.  Press XB, or Space to confirm code input.

Be advised if you activate any cheat codes in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, you won't be able to save your game anymore. There is still a way around this limitation, but it won't include using save files to record your progress, so if you want to save a certain critical point in the story as a separate file, reconsider using cheats in the game.

How can you get more Star Wars: The Force Unleashed codes?

The developers published all Star Wars: The Force Unleashed codes on the game's release. Given that the game is old, it is unlikely that Aspyr Media will post any more codes in the future.

Why are my Star Wars: The Force Unleashed codes not working?

There could be several reasons why your Star Wars: The Force Unleashed codes might not work. Sometimes typos may happen by imputing the codes in the code menu letter by letter. Always make sure you type the codes correctly. If you are playing on a PC, the best method to redeem the codes is to copy and paste them directly into the game. Given that the codes have been released since the game came out, they will never expire and are reusable throughout the game.

How to save your progress with cheats in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The only other way to still record your progress in the game while using cheats in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is by using the autosave feature in the game. You can exploit the autosave feature by reaching a point in the game where you'd like to stop playing and dying on purpose. You will then be able to close the game and continue from the most recent checkpoint the next time you want to play.

What is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is a third-person action-adventure game set in the semi-canon universe of Star Wars. The story follows a young Sith apprentice, the Starkiller, with a powerful connection with the Force. The Starkiller's original purpose set by Darth Vader is to hunt down the remaining Jedi that survived the Purge, akin to inquisitors, but fate has other plans for the young apprentice. During the adventures as the Starkiller, players will be able to gather experience points, further developing their force powers and lightsaber-wielding skills, and steer him further into either the Light or the Dark side of the Force.

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Star Wars The Force Unleashed Cheat Codes

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