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How to refuel the Warp Engines in Starstruck Vagabond

Because you can't deliver cargo if you're running on empty.

What would a great simulator game like Starstruck Vagabond be without challenges? Like running out of fuel in your warp engines. Without fuel, it's not possible to progress. So, if you're having trouble finding the fuel or scratching your head over how to load it into the engines, this guide has you covered.

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How to find fuel in Starstruck Vagabond

There are four different types of fuel that you can use to refuel your warp engines in Starstruck Vagabond. Each of them can be found in different locations and has their own pros and cons. So make sure you're using the best fuel (and the number of credits you have in your wallet).

Junk Balls

The ship navigator screen in Starstruck Vagabond with a junk ball highlighted.
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  • Pro: This is the cheapest way to refuel your ship, being completely free and in high abundance. After all, junk balls can be found floating around just about anywhere you look.
  • Con: There's a very small amount of fuel in each junk ball so it can take a long time to fully top off the tanks. Also, fuel collected in this way contains the highest amount of residue, which will clog up your fuel tank if you don't clean it out.

Junk balls can be found floating in space while navigating between planets or other points of interest. You can siphon off the fuel contained within them by crashing into them. It both sounds and looks scary, with chunks of grey space debris smashing into the front of your ship at sub-light speeds.

Don't worry though, as this does no damage to your ship—just make sure what you're crashing into is a junk ball and not an asteroid, those suckers will put a hole in your hull quickly as you can gasp!

Raw Fuel Minerals

Astronaut holding raw fuel minerals on the surface of an alien world in Starstruck Vagabond.
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  • Pro: This is also free (hurray!). Though they are lower in abundance than junk balls, and you will actually have to land on a planet to pick them up, they do provide more fuel.
  • Cons: Though they clog your tanks with less residue than the junk balls, there is still a significant amount of residue per mineral.

Raw fuel minerals can be found littering the surface or contained in breakable rocks on the surface of uncivilized planets. You'll need to land, go exploring, find some, and haul them back to your cargo lifter. Your ship in the early game will be claustrophobically small, so if you're already carrying plenty of cargo, you might not have the room to bring more stuff onboard.

Warp Fuel Cans

Astronaut holding a warp fuel can in a derelict spaceship in Starstruck Vagabond.
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  • Pro: They can occasionally be free, as described above. They have low residue and will provide a large amount of fuel in one hit.
  • Con: Where bought, they are reasonably expensive.

Warp fuel has been pre-refined and canned for your convenience. They can be found in derelicts floating in space, found on crashed ships on planet surfaces, and bought from traders on civilized planets. They usually cost around 200 credits.

Prime Warp Fuel Cans

Captain on the loading dock with prime fuel can in Starstruck Vagabond.
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  • Pro: They'll fill your tank to the brim in one hit and come without any of that pesky residue to gunk up the works.
  • Cons: The cost. By far and away, the most expensive way to refuel.

This is the good stuff. The fine vintage of warp fuel. You can tell because of the fancy star on the can. If they can be found in derelicts and crash sites, then they are very rare. They must be purchased from a trader on a civilized planet and are usually around 400 credits.

How to remove residue from your warp engine tanks

Residue is represented by a brown bar within the green of the warp fuel bar. As the residue grows it leaves less room for the real fuel and makes your engine run less efficiently, and may even lead to damage requiring repair if left.

Captain about to open the warp engine fuel valve in Starstruck Vagabond.
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To remove the residue, select the red wrench from your tools, stand in front of the tank you wish to clean by the grate on the floor, and hold space to open it. Be warned: once the tank is open, precious fuel will pour away at an alarming rate. Make sure to hit space again the moment the residue is down to an acceptable level, preferably none.

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How to refuel the Warp Engines in Starstruck Vagabond

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