All Quests and Sub-Quests in Tales of Arise

The complete list, plus some help for the hard-to-find ones!

Quests and sub-quests are some of the best ways to earn EXP, Gald, and other good rewards in Tales of Arise. And while you won't have to worry about missing any quests since every single one is required during game progression, you might find yourself missing a sub-quest or two.

Some sub-quests are locked behind certain requirements, such as story progression or having other sub-quests completed. We'll point out any sub-quests that have defined prerequisites that may be keeping you from picking them up.

Some sub-quests don't have any strict requirements but are just hidden away. We'll point those out as well. Besides these certain few sub-quests, all other sub-quests are noticeable on the maps screen once they're available, requiring very little effort to find.


  1. Life of a Slave
  2. The Mysterious Woman
  3. Mine Excape
  4. Teaming up with Zephyr
  5. Battle Preparations
  6. Bound and Determined
  7. Taking Down Balseph
  8. Signs of Liberation
  9. In Search of Medicine
  10. Departing Calaglia
  11. Land of Glistening Radiance
  12. Pursuing Zephyr
  13. Finding Zephyr
  14. Raiding and Running
  15. Incognito
  16. Rescuing Zephyr
  17. Battle Atop the Tower
  18. Off to Elde Menancia
  19. Through the Greenery
  20. The City of Coexistence
  21. The Black Cat Envoy
  22. Waiting for Zareth
  23. An AUdience with a Lord
  24. Heart of Darkness
  25. Kelzalik's Uprising
  26. Kisara's Ideals
  27. Valley of Four Winds
  28. Scorched Earth
  29. Searching for Almeidrea
  30. Setting Sail
  31. The Witch's Keep
  32. Dreams and Reality
  33. Regrouping
  34. Ganath Haros
  35. Vholran's Domain
  36. The Water Lord
  37. The Unliberated
  38. The Way Forward
  39. The Wedge
  40. An Unsightly Tower
  41. Impact Site
  42. The Night Before Takeoff
  43. To the Heavens
  44. Starship Falneitz
  45. Lenegis
  46. The Forbidden Zone
  47. End of the Road
  48. The Summoning
  49. Celestial Base Daeq Faezol
  50. Rena, a World of Death



These sub-quests are accepted automatically upon progressing to certain points in the story, so you needn't worry about missing out.

  • Supply Procurement
  • Forging from Scratch
  • The Owl Forest
  • A Healer and Her Patients
  • Refreshing Roghhousing
  • Training Grounds for All
  • An Invitation to Fish
  • Renans and their Lords

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  • Shionne the Fashion Critic
    • Can accept early on, but will need to wait until after returning to Cyslodia from Ganoth Haros to complete.
  • Hunger Averted
  • The Hunt for New Arms
  • Taking Root
  • Mixed Feelings
    • Complete Taking Root.
  • Giant Zeugle Hunt
  • Doc's Secret Ingredient
  • Into the Grotto
    • After beating the story boss Efreet Malum in Berg Volcano, go to the area in the Trench of Flames - East Side marked on the map below to trigger the quest.
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  • Global Connection
    • Complete Gourmet Saga: Soft and Fluffy in Pelegion.


  • Fire Beneath the Ice
  • Thawing Rations
  • Hard Liquor
  • Gathering of Zeugles
  • Culling the Snowplain Herds
  • Survey Says...
    • Complete Culling the Snowpplain Herds.
  • Opening up Trade
    • Complete Survey Says...
  • In Sync
  • Gourmet Saga: Berry Scavenging
  • Brave New World
    • Complete The Phantom Flower of Nevira, The Spirit Temple, Farewell, Mage, and Untamable Rage.
  • A Humbling Lesson
    • Complete Brave New World.


  • Getting Rusty
  • Dohalim, Big Game Hunter
  • Pharia Ranch
  • The Stud from the Plains
    • Complete Pharia Ranch. You may also need to progress to a certain point in the main story, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Taste-Testing Tusks
  • A Boorish Boar
  • Walking Crag
  • Claiming a Bounty
  • Gourmet Saga: Palace Delicacy
    • Complete Gourmet Saga: Berry Scavenging in Cyslodia.
  • An Eternal Rivalry
  • Bibliophile
    • You may have to wait until Dohalim joins your party to accept this sub-quest.
  • The Phantom Flower of Nevira
    • Return to Autelina Palace (1F) - Library after returning to Cyslodia from Ganoth Haros. That will trigger this quest.
  • Dahna's Tastiest Pancake
    • Complete Kisara's Initiation in Niez.
  • Spirit Temple
    • Only available after returning to Cyslodia from Ganath Haros.
  • Another Hillside Anomolay
    • Complete Spirit Temple. It is believed that you will need to beat the main story first before this quest will appear.
  • Otherworldly Visitors
    • Complete Another Hillside Anomoly.

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Mahaag Saar

  • The Mysterious Pair
    • Complete A Healer and Her Patients.
  • City Renewal
  • Echoes
  • Owl Sanctuary
    • Only available after completing a certain number of other Niez quests/sub-quests.
  • Farewell, Mage
    • Only available after completing a certain number of other Niez quests/sub-quests. In addition, must have returned to Cyslodia from Ganath Haros.
  • Gourmet Saga: Prairie Scent
    • Complete Gourmet Saga: Placace Delicacy in Viscint.
  • Skybound Swarm
  • Kisara's Initiation

Ganath Haros

  • Seaside Tornadoes
  • Untamable Rage
    • Possibly only appears afte reurning to Cyslodia from Ganath Haros.
  • Fishing Fiends
  • Her Place
  • Pelegion's Zeugle Mascot
  • Catching Up
  • Master of nature
  • A Talk with Tilsa
  • Gourmet Saga: Sfot and Fluffy
    • Complete Gourmet Saga: Prairie Scent in Aqfotle Hills.
  • Beyond the Grave
    • Becomes available after reaching Rena. Go to Tuah Seashore. The sub-quest will be accepted after entering the area.
  • Missing Lover
    • Must have healed the Renan Soldier on Talka Pond Road. May also need to have healed a certain number of NPC's total.
  • Their Future
    • Complete Missing Lover.

Daeq Faezol

  • Tissue Sample
  • An Ambition Fulfilled
    • Complete Tissue Sample.
  • The Super Zeugle
    • Complete An Ambition Fulfilled.
  • The Ultimate Zeugle
    • Complete The Super Zeugle.
  • The Reminiscence Device
    • Only available after completing the main story.

The Final Quest - Record Collections

This subquest only unlocks after you have completed all 69 other sub-quests and collected all 23 artifacts.

For some help finding those 23 artifacts needed, check out All Artifact locations in Tales of Arise on Pro Game Guides!

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All Quests and Sub-Quests in Tales of Arise

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