What is Master Mode in Terraria?

Terraria’s open world is a dangerous place, where monsters, the undead, bosses, and more roam the land. But once you’ve mastered Classic Mode, and Expert Mode, you’ll need a new challenge. That’s where Master Mode comes in. Master Mode is the most challenging game mode in Terraria. It’s a super-hard difficulty only for the most […]

How to Defeat All Bosses in Terraria

Building and experience. Put in the simplest way possible, the best way to make every boss in Terraria beatable is through building and experience. Building a boss arena in all the places you need to fight a boss can be a massive hassle. But if you’re having difficulty with a boss, setting up a suitable […]

How to Make a Sawmill in Terraria

Making a sawmill in Terraria is fairly simple and can be accomplished very early on in a playthrough. This crafting station is quite useful as you can use it to make a number of new vanity and utility furnishings. These new furnishings include things like a loom, which let you craft silk and various clothes, […]

How Many NPCs are in Terraria?

One of the most significant features in Terraria is the array of NPCs that provide items, services, and game-advancing events. Naturally, many players are curious to know how many NPCs are available, so they know when to stop recruiting new townsfolk. The simple answer to this is: there are 29 NPCs available in the game. […]

How to get Bottled Water in Terraria

Bottled water is one of many potion items that the player can make in Terraria, so here’s how to make it and what you will need. How to make a Bottled Water in Terraria To make bottled water, you will need two items: a bottle and a water source. So to start, if you want to […]