Terraria Summoner Armor Tier List

Even though Terraria does not have a set class system, many of the items are designed to fit a specific style of play. A summoner is a class that focuses more on magic than melee and has many great options, like a bird that fights for you. Even though Magic Summoner mains often share many […]

Best Terraria survival servers

It is more fun to play Terraria with friends, and there are Terraria survival servers that allow many players to play together. Servers are like seeds, but other players design them and maintain everything that has happened to them over time. Here is a list of Terraria survival servers you should try if you’re looking […]

Best Terraria Seeds

Terraria has many fun seeds for you to experiment with, but you can also access maps in the game for two purposes. The first is to start a whole new adventure, and the second is to bring items from another world back to your primary world. In the following sections, you’ll find interesting worlds to […]

Is Terraria Cross Platform?

There are many similarities between Terraria and Minecraft, though not as far as multiplayer is concerned. Minecraft players can play with friends across many devices, while Terraria has many crossplay and cross-platform restrictions. Yes, you can cross play between iOS and Android devices. Currently, there is no other platform that offers this feature. Therefore, cross […]