How to defeat Mecha Drapoel in Ultra Age?

Mecha Drapoel is the first boss you will face in Ultra Age, and it’s a pretty challenging fight. You have a limited number of health restores, and the boss’s health is nothing to scoff at. So what’s the easiest way to defeat this boss? First off, you need to use one of two weapons, either […]

How to Save in Ultra Age?

To save in Ultra Age, you must first progress through the game until you are knocked off a cliff after a boss fight you cannot win. After a cutscene happens, you being a tutorial segment collecting crystals. You have to wait until this segment is over to save. You need to interact with a tall-looking […]

What does ZL/L2 mean in battle in Ultra Age?

Ultra Age has a pretty unique battle system, completely comprised of weapon durability. Instead of having one weapon that acquires wear and tear over time, you get many weapons that fade quickly. In battle, you may notice a ZL or L2 prompt appear when in battle. Well, this is to tell you the durability of […]

How to Evade in Ultra Age?

To evade in Ultra Age, you need to press ZR on Nintendo Switch and R2 on PlayStation 4. Yet, there is more to it than just pressing a button. Timing is crucial. You will notice when you press the evade button Age highlights blue for a minimal time period. When this blue highlight appears on […]