All Agents and Abilities in Valorant – Characters List & How To Choose

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the characters!

No matter which character you choose or how great your gun skills are, winning a match in Valorant comes down to teamwork and coordination. That said, here's a list of all agents and abilities in the game.

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Valorant Agents & Abilities - Choosing the Right Character in Valorant

There are currently 16 agents in Valorant, each with different skills and uses. You have to choose the right one to match your playing style and complement the rest of the team. Some characters thrive on pushing opponents, while others are more defensive. We’ve made a Valorant character list with all the agents and abilities so you can decide which is best for you.


Like in a sports team, every player in Valorant has a different position to play in the team. These are called classes. The four classes in the game are Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel.


Duelists are the attacking players and the first ones to run into battle. They often have offensive abilities that deal high damage or blind enemies.


Initiators set the groundwork for the Duelists to attack. Their abilities are often ranged and can destabilize or disorientate the enemies before the Duelists make their move.


Sentinels support the other players by blocking off areas or using their abilities to gather intelligence. A good Sentinel can often use its tools to lock down a site single-handedly.


Controllers are experts at blocking off areas to control the enemies’ movements. Their effectiveness relies on misdirection, and they often have ranged abilities that can work from across the map.


Every agent in Valorant has two abilities they can purchase at the start of every round. There’s also a signature ability that charges up as they play. Lastly, each agent has an ultimate ability that gets charged by racking up kills and interacting with orbs.

All Valorant Agents and Abilities


Valorant ISO abilities explained
Image via Riot Games

Nationality: China
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Undercut, Contingency
Signature: Double Tap
Ultimate: Kill Contract

Double Tap (E)

ISO's double tap ability initiates a focus timer. When it ends, enter a flow state that lets you generate an energy orb by killing or damaging downed enemies. You can shoot this orb to get a shield that blocks one hit from any source.

Undercut (Q)

Equip a molecular bolt that can pass through solid objects, including walls. Fire to throw it forward, applying a brief FRAGILE to all players it touches for a short period of time.

Contingency (C)

Equip a prismatic energy device. Fire it to create an unbreakable wall of energy that stops bullets.

Kill Contract (X) - Ultimate

Equips a portal device that can create an interdimensional arena. Fire to launch a beam of energy that travels across the battlefield, pulling you and the first enemy hit into the arena. You and your opponent are locked in a one-on-one duel until one of you is eliminated.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Norway
Class: Sentinel
Abilities: GravNet, Sonic Sensor
Signature: Barrier Mesh
Ultimate: Annihilation


This Deadlock ability works very similarly to the KAY/O flash ability. Equip and throw the GravNet grenade, which will cause all enemies within its blast radius to crouch and slow walk.

Sonic Sensor

Deploy Sonic Senor at places where enemies may frequently move around before the start of any round. During the match, the sensor will monitor for foot, weapon, or ability sounds. If sounds are made, the sensor will trigger itself, causing concussion to all enemies within its vicinity.

Barrier Mesh

Deadlock can throw a disc-like object onto the ground, which, upon hitting, will spawn a barrier mesh that will block all enemy movements past it.


During her final ability, Deadlock can shoot a pulse of the nanowire, which can turn any enemy into a cacoon and die if not saved by their allies using weapons. You can even bounce the nanowire off walls or solid infrastructure to capture hidden opponents.   


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Ghana
Class: Controller
Abilities: Nova Pulse, Gravity Well
Signature: Astral Form
Ultimate: Cosmic Divide

Nova Pulse

Astra can use a pre-placed star to detonate a Nova Pulse. The Nova Pulse ability charges briefly and then strikes, concussing all players in its area.

Nebula / Dissipate

Astra can use a pre-placed star to form a Smoke/ Nebula for 14 seconds. She can also Dissipate the star to form a temporary smoke and take the star to place it somewhere else on the map.

Gravity Well

Astra can use a pre-placed star to form a Gravity Well. This ability pulls enemies to its center before exploding and making them vulnerable.

Astral Form / Cosmic Divide

Astra always has one part of her ultimate, which is Astral Form. That is the signature ability in her kit, and it allows her to go into an Astral form. The Astral form allows Astra to place her wherever she wants on the map. Through Cosmic Divide, she creates an infinite wall in the map, which heavily dampens the audio, and no bullets can pass through the wall.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Sweden
Class: Initiator
Abilities: Aftershock, Flashpoint
Signature: Fault Line
Ultimate: Rolling Thunder


This ability sends a fusion charge through a wall, damaging anyone hiding behind it.


Flashpoint sends a charge through a wall, blinding any enemies who look at it.

Fault Line

Faultline sends a seismic blast in a straight line. Anyone caught in its effects gets disorientated, leaving them vulnerable.

Rolling Thunder

This ability sends out a cone-shaped seismic blast, dazing enemies and knocking them off balance.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: USA
Class: Controller
Abilities: Stim Beacon, Incendiary
Signature: Sky Smoke
Ultimate: Orbital Strike

Stim Beacon

Stim Beacon creates a small zone that lasts for 12 seconds. Everyone in the zone gets a 15% increase in their fire rate, reload speed, and recoil recovery. The effects last for a few seconds after leaving the zone.


Brimstone fires a single incendiary grenade that creates a pool of fire on the ground. The grenade can bounce off walls or fire over them. It’s excellent for blocking off areas or damaging enemies behind the cover.

Sky Smoke

This ability drops a cloud of smoke onto a particular area to block visibility for 19 seconds. You can have up to three at a time, and they are handy for stopping enemy pushes or slowing them down when defending. Since they are launched remotely, they have a long range.

Orbital Strike

This ability brings down a targeted laser beam over a particular area for a duration of four seconds. The effects are devastating, and it can take down multiple enemies if they are in the area. It’s another remote-controlled ability that can be used from a range. 

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Image via Riot Games

Nationality: France
Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Headhunter, Trademark
Signature: Rendezvous
Ultimate: Tour De Force


Chamber can pull out his unique heavy pistol with limited bullets. It is the only pistol with the ability to ADS and shoot.


Using a Trademark, he can place traps on the ground. The traps are triggered when opponents come under their working range. Once activated, they will destabilize the terrain and slow down any enemies.


Place two portal anchors on the ground. When Chamber is in the range of anyone's portal, he can activate and teleport to the other one.

Tour De Force

Upon activating the ability, Chamber will pull out a custom sniper rifle with 5 Bullets. The gun can instantly kill anyone with a direct hit to any part of the body. After killing, a small lingering field similar to "Trademark" will be created around the body of the enemy.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Morocco
Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Trapwire, Cyber Cage
Signature: Spycam
Ultimate: Neural Theft


Trapwire places an invisible beam across an area. Any enemies who trigger it get dazed if they don’t destroy it in time, and it also shows their location.

Cyber Cage

Cyber Cage sets up a wall that blocks vision for seven seconds. It can be placed on any area of the map and activated remotely.


The Skycam places a camera that Cypher can activate from anywhere on the map. It can be redeployed, but it can also get destroyed by enemy fire.

Neural Theft

Cypher throws down his hat when an opponent dies, and after a brief delay, it shows the location of the enemy team.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Turkey
Class: Initiator
Abilities: Prowler, Seize
Signature: Haunt


Fade can throw a powerful mystical creature called Prowler that will lock on to any enemies in their frontal vision. If the Prowler can chase and catch an enemy, it will inflict temporary near-sight blindness.  


She can place these mysterious-looking Orbs on the ground or any part of the map. When an enemy goes near the vicinity of these orbs, they will be trapped and cannot leave the zone till they destroy it or wait for the ability to expire.


Similar to the Seize kit ability, you can throw a mysterious-looking Orb at any hidden corner or point on a map. The Orb will catch and reveal any hidden enemies at those places.


Upon activating the ability, Fade will send a powerful shockwave of enemies toward a straight line. This shockwave will deafen and blind any enemies on its radar. Also, it will create a tail-like trajectory toward the enemy, pinpointing their location.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: The United States
Class: Initiator
Abilities: Mosh Pit, Wingman
Signature: Dizzy
Ultimate: Thrash

Mosh Pit

Gekko can throw the Mosh Pit like a grenade, similar to a KAY/O flash. Upon hitting the ground, the Mosh Pit will expand and duplicate itself across a large area before exploding, causing damage to all enemies in its blast radius.   


Upon activating, Gekko will send an owl-like creature called Wingman in a straight lane. The animal can either concuss the first enemy in their line of sight by clapping. Alternatively, Gekko can send Wingman to deploy and defuse any spike. To plant, Gekko must have the bomb in his inventory.


Gekko will throw a blue-looking animal in the air that can shoot plasma rays into opponents' eyes, temporarily blinding them.


While using this ultimate, Gekko will connect himself with Thrash, another of his weird-looking animal friends. Control Thrash using telepathy and enter into an enemy to gather positional information or lunge forward on any opponent to arrest their movements, detaining them temporarily.

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Image via Riot Games

Nationality: India
Class: Controller
Abilities: Cascade, Cove
Signature: High Tide
Ultimate: Reckoning


While using this ability, Harbor can send a wave of water in any direction, even through walls that can act as a cover to block enemies' line of sight and slow enemies when hit by it.


Harbor can spawn a large sphere made out of water that is invulnerable to any bullet/ability attacks.

High Tide

Use this ability to summon a long wall made of water that can travel in any direction and bend according to your mouse inputs. The skills act as the primary form of smoke cover for the agent. 


Harbor can use his artifact and create ripples of water droplets around a given radius. Enemies within this circle will get concussed and slowed if hit by these waves. 


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: South Korea
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Cloudburst, Updraft
Signature: Tailwind
Ultimate: Blade Storm


Cloudburst throws a projectile that turns into a cloud upon impact to block enemy vision.


Updraft causes a gust of wind that lifts Jett into the air to fly over walls or reach locations inaccessible to other agents.


Tailwind gives Jett a boost to propel her fast in whatever direction she’s moving.


This ability equips five throwing knives that can be thrown individually or all together. They cause massive damage and kill with a headshot. Killing an enemy replenishes your knives.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Alternate Timeline Earth
Class: Initiator
Signature: ZERO/POINT
Ultimate: NULL/CMD


KAY/O uses this ability to throw an explosive molly on the ground, which explodes four times, dealing more damage in the center.


This ability can be used in two ways to flash enemies. First, it could be thrown in front of the enemies directly, and second, using the alternate way of pop flashing the enemy, which is quicker than the first one.


KAY/O throws a knife with a huge radius which suppresses any enemies and cuts their access to abilities for eight seconds. Enemies can destroy the knife during its wind-up animation.


KAY/O has enhanced shooting speed and suppresses any enemies within his radius. When killed while his ultimate is active, he gets downed, and he could be revived by his teammates within 15 seconds.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Germany
Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Alarmbot, Nanoswarm
Signature: Turret
Ultimate: Lockdown


Alarmbot is a tiny robot that attacks enemies within range and explodes. It can be redeployed but only works if Killjoy is within 40 meters of it.


This ability is a grenade that lands and goes into covert mode. Killjoy can activate it remotely to release nanobots that attack enemy players.


This ability deploys a turret that fires at enemies in its line of sight.  It can also be redeployed but only works when Killjoy is within 40 meters of it.


The lockdown has a large circular area and slows enemies down while stopping them from using their abilities or shooting for eight seconds. It has a long windup time, so enemies have a chance to get away from it.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Philipines
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Relay Bolt, Fastlane
Signature: High Gear
Ultimate: Overdrive

Relay Bolt

Neon can throw a powerful bolt that can bounce once before blasting. Opponents in the radius of the blast will be concussed and stunned. 


Using this ability, Neon can raise an electric-based dual wall with a gap between them. The wall allows teammates to enter the site as it blocks vision and inflicts damage to opponents passing through it.

High Gear 

She can channel her energy to run faster and perform an electric slide. Players can reset the ability with every two kills.


On activating the ability, Neon can shoot small charges of lighting bolts from her hand for a short period. She also gains high movement accuracy and speed for the duration. The duration resets with every kill.

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Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Unknown
Class: Controller
Abilities: Shrouded Step, Paranoia
Signature: Dark Cover
Ultimate: From the Shadows

Shrouded Step

The shrouded step allows you to mark a location in your line of sight and teleport to it.


This ability sends out a shadow that blocks the sight of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Dark Cover

Dark Cover sends out a large shadow sphere that blocks the enemies’ view. It can be targeted near or far using the alternate fire button.

From the Shadows

This ability equips a map, and Omen can teleport to any marked location. It takes a couple of seconds to activate, and Omen is vulnerable during this time.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: United Kingdom
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Blaze, Curveball
Signature: Hot Hands
Ultimate: Run it Back


Blaze puts up a flame wall that blocks the enemy’s sight and damages anyone who walks through it. You can bend the wall by using the fire button, and standing in the flames can heal Phoenix.


This ability acts as a flash to blind enemies. It can only curve to the left or right and is perfect for throwing around corners.

Hot Hands

Hot Hands is a fireball you can throw to make a pool of flames on the ground. It lasts for four seconds and damages anyone who walks through it. Phoenix’s health gets some regeneration if he walks through it.

Run It Back

This Ultimate places a marker on Phoenix’s location, and he gets ten seconds to move around before being transported to his starting point. This ability is useful because he can run into enemy territory, and if he dies, he goes back to his starting point.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Brazil
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Boom Bot, Blast Pack
Signature: Paint Shells
Ultimate: Showstopper

Boom Bot

The Boom Bot is a small-wheeled robot that travels in a line and bounces off walls. When it detects an enemy, it targets them and explodes, causing heavy damage.

Blast Pack

The Blast Pack is s sticky bomb that can attach to surfaces. It detonates after a couple of seconds, damaging everything in the nearby area. 

Paint Shells

Paint Shells is a grenade that explodes into smaller grenades that deal massive damage to anyone in the surrounding area. 


Showstopper is a rocket launcher with a single shot after the fuse is lit. It has a very high blast radius and devastating damage. 

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Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Mexico
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Leer, Devour
Signature: Dismiss
Ultimate: Empress


Leer launches a projectile called the ethereal eye that blinds any enemy who looks at it. It lasts for two seconds or until it gets shot down.


Many of Reyna’s abilities are tied to the kills she makes. Every kill harvests a Soul Orb that lasts for three seconds and can boost her abilities.  Devour consumes a Soul Orb and gives her rapid health regeneration. She can be over-healed up to 150 health, but her firing ability gets disabled for a second.


This ability also consumes a Soul Orb and makes Reyna intangible for two seconds. She also gains extra speed for the first second.


Empress puts Reyna in a frenzy for 30 seconds, and her reloading, firing, and equip speeds are all increased by 15%. Killing an enemy increases the duration, and she can also use Dismiss during this time.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: China
Class: Sentinel
Abilities: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb
Signature: Healing orb
Ultimate: Resurrection

Barrier Orb

Barrier Orb creates a wall of ice that can be used to block off areas. The opposing team can break through it with enough effort, but they’ll give their position away.

Slow Orb

Slow Orb places a pool of ice on the ground to slow down anyone who walks through it. It only lasts for seven seconds, and it can slow down members of both teams.

Healing Orb

Healing Orb can be used to regenerate the health of Sage or her teammates during a round. It has a 45-second cooldown time and can only be used on teammates within line of sight.


This ability allows Sage to resurrect a dead teammate. It’s one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, but it takes a few seconds to work and can only be used on nearby teammates.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Australia
Class: Initiator
Abilities: Regrowth, Trailblazer
Signature: Guiding Light
Ultimate: Seekers


This ability can heal Skye’s allies in and out of her line of sight. She can use it until her healing runs out, but she can’t heal herself.


Skye equips a Tasmanian tiger that she can control. She can use it to attack enemies and damage them with a concussive blast.

Guiding Light

Guiding Light equips a hawk trinket that she can guide in the direction of her crosshair. She uses it like a flash to blind the enemy team.


This ability sends out three seekers that home in on the nearest three enemies and blinds them.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Russia
Class: Initiator
Abilities: Shock Bolt, Owl Drone
Signature: Recon Bolt
Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Shock Bolt

The shock bolt is a detonating arrow that can damage players in the area where it lands. You can adjust the range and set it to bounce up to two times before hitting your target.

Owl Drone

Owl Drone sends a remote-controlled recon drone to scout a location. The drone can also fire a tracking dart at an enemy to allow you to keep tabs on their location.

Recon Bolt

The Recon Bolt is similar to the Shock Bolt, but it emits a radar-like signal that detects any enemies in its line of sight. It also has a long-range and bounces off walls.

Hunter’s Fury

Hunters Fury fires three energy blasts from your bow. The blasts are deadly and can fire through walls from across the map. The energy blast also reveals nearby enemies so you can adjust your aim for the next shot.

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Image via Riot Games

Nationality: United States
Class: Controller
Abilities: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud
Signature: Toxic Screen
Ultimate: Viper’s Pit

Snake Bite

Snakebite creates a pool of acid that damages enemies and leaves them vulnerable to damage. It lasts for eight seconds, and enemies are vulnerable for two seconds after leaving.

Poison Cloud

Some of Viper’s abilities are tied to how much fuel she has. Poison Cloud deploys an emitter that creates a toxic cloud that drains enemy health and blocks their view. The emitter can be redeployed and reused during a round.

Toxic Screen

Toxic Screen deploys emitters that create a poisonous wall that blocks the line of sight and damages enemies who walk through it. The wall can be deployed remotely or reused but only works until the fuel runs out.

Viper’s Pit

This ability creates a massive toxic cloud that reduces the health and vision of any enemies within it. This ability lasts as long as Viper is inside it or if she keeps refueling it.


Image via Riot Games

Nationality: Japan
Class: Duelist
Abilities: Blindside, Fakeout
Signature: Gatecrash
Ultimate: Dimensional Drift


This ability allows the agent to place fake footsteps and activate them instantly or after a brief period.


Yoru can use this ability to throw an unstable ball of energy, which activates after hitting a hard surface. After activating, the ball flashes enemies in its vision.


This ability can be used to create a Rift Tether, which has a 40-second cooldown. The Rift Tether can be used to teleport quickly on the map.

Dimensional Drift

Dimensional Drift makes Yoru invulnerable and can move fast for nine seconds.

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