All Monsters and their mutations in VHS Game

The three monsters in VHS and what makes them dangerous.

In this Dead-by-Daylight-style game, three monsters fight against a team of teens within the VHS club. Brett, Faith, Gloria, Jess, and Leo round out the roster of teens, while the Doll Master, the W.A.R.T., and the Werewolf make up the three onsters. Each monster has its own set of perks and mutations that make them true horror movie legends.

The Doll Master

Image via Hellbent Games

The Doll Master is an extra creepy monster with the ability to keep tabs on everyone using dolls and perks. These perks include Ambush 1-3, Deadly Bite 1-3, and Hidden Agenda 1-3. Creep around every corner to catch the teens unaware!

The Doll Master's Perks

  • Ambush - When a teen fails a crafting skill test, they will be exposed for up to seven seconds.
  • Deadly Bite - When a teen uses a Candy Bar, the player will be alerted and the teen will be exposed for up to five seconds.
  • Hidden Agenda - As little as three seconds after a teen leaves a hiding place, the aura of that place will be revealed to the player for six seconds.

The Doll Master's Mutations

  • Doll Trap Mutations
    • Tricky - The icons above placed Doll Traps now have an additional level of color change that occurs when a teen is within 11 meters of the trap. However, the maximum number of Doll Traps allowed on the map simultaneously is reduced by one.
    • Offspring - The maximum number of Doll Traps that can be placed on the map simultaneously is incresed by one. However, the distance at which the traps alert is reduced by 80%.
    • Haunted - A Doll Trap will no longer self-destruct at the end of the alert. Teens will be exposed while disarming a trap and for three seconds after succeeding. The cooldown on Doll Possession will also be reduced by 25%. However, the trap icons will no longer change color when teens are nearby.
  • Doll Possession Mutations
    • Frolic - Dolls can be possessed for 35% longer. However, the focusing time required to possess a Doll takes 50% longer.
    • Rebound - Dolls will immediately have access to their Jump ability. However, players will have 20% less time as the doll.
    • Double Cross - Dolls will now have an additional use of the Jump ability. However, the doll's base speed will be reduced by 2%.
  • Doll Teleportation Mutations
    • Outcast - Doll Teleportation will automatically use the Doll Trap furthest from the Doll Master. However, the teleportation focusing takes 10% less time.
    • Slippery - Players can now make a second Doll Teleportation within four seconds of the initial teleport before going into cooldown. If a secondary teleportation is taken, it will leave behind a doll trap. However, the focusing time for the teleportation is increased by 25%.
    • Aggressive - If the Doll Master strikes a teen within eight seconds of performing a Doll Teleport then it's cooldown will instantly refresh. However, the base cooldown is increased by 15%.

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The W.A.R.T.

Image via Hellbent Games

The W.A.R.T. is focused on damaging and separating teens. This is backed by his perks, which include All Consuming 1-3, Easy Target 1-3, and Lethal Weapon 1-3. Stalk the teens and keep them from healing one another to beat their teamwork.

The W.A.R.T.'s Perks

  • All Consuming - Fuel the W.A.R.T.'s rage up to 45% faster when feasting.
  • Easy Target - If a teen is within 28 meters of the player and gets within 10 meters of another two teens, the player will be alerted and the teens will be exposed for up to four seconds.
  • Lethal Weapon - Increases the damage inflicted by the player when hitting a teen by up to 12%.

The W.A.R.T.'s Mutations

  • Leap Mutation
    • Bombshell - The Leap's shockwave radius is increased by 25% and the stagger lasts 10% longer. However, the activation time takes 20% longer.
    • Throttle - The speed of the Leap when not taking damage is increased by 30%. However, the cooldown is increased by 35%.
    • Kinetic - The base Leap cooldown is 25% less. However, leap will no longer create a shockwave on impact.
  • Acid Armor Mutation
    • Immune - Acid Armor's cooldown is reduced by 20%. However, if it is shattered by a weapon, all of the W.A.R.T.'s abilities will be put into cooldown.
    • Fluid - Base speed while armored and not taking damage is increased by 5%. However, the armor's activation time is 20% longer.
    • Toxic - While armored, damage dealt is increased by 10%. However, the integrity of the armor is reduced by 20%.
  • Echolocation Mutation
    • Detect - When Echolocation is used, the images of armed teens is a different color from unarmed ones. However, the cooldown is increased by 25%.
    • Mimic - When Echolocation is used, the images will continue to trace the teens for 1.5 seconds instead of a single image. However, focusing time takes 33% longer.
    • Deafen - When Echolocation is used, teens are deafened for 4.5 seconds. However, if Acid Armor is active, it will be cancelled.

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The Werewolf

Image via Hellbent Games

The classic Werewolf is a swift attacker and focuses on debuffing enemies with perks like Body Count 1-3, Ruthless 1-3, and Scream Fest 1-3. Terrorize the teens of the Video Horror Society to finish them off.

The Werewolf's Perks

  • Body Count - Any prone teens up to 28 meters away from the player are exposed.
  • Ruthless - Recover from a missed attack up to 39% faster.
  • Scream Fest - Teens affected by the monster's Scream are disrupted up to 36% longer.

The Werewolf's Mutations

  • Beserk Mutations
    • Nightmare - Berserk lasts 50% longer. However, the speed boost is reduced by 30%.
    • Grim - If during a Berserk, the player did not get hit or strike a teen, the cooldown is immediately refreshed. However, an active Berserk will cancel when Howl or Hunt is used, and using Berserk will cancel an active Hunt.
    • Vicious - When knocking down a teen in Berserk, the Berserk remains active and is extended by six seconds. However, the cooldown is increased by 20%.
  • Howl Mutations
    • Rabid - Howl cooldown is reduced by 25%. However, the range is reduced by 20%.
    • Thunder - Howl now staggers teens and reducing their movement speed for 1.5 seconds. However, the focusing time for the Howl is increased by 33%.
    • Savage - For 1.5 seconds after taking damage, players can use Howl without focusing. However, the cooldown of Howl is increased by 25%.
  • Hunt Mutations
    • Greedy - The detection range during a Hunt is increased by 25%. However, the frequency response of the heartbeat sound is reduced by 25%.
    • Obsessed - The hunt's duration depletes 40% slower when no teens are detected. However, it depletes 30% faster when detecting teens.
    • Chronic - Hunting will no longer detect teens that are prone. However, players won't be able to activate a Hunt until 22 seconds after knocking down a teen.

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