Does Viewfinder have VR support? – Answered

Viewfinder is an interesting take on the puzzle genre, offering first-person gameplay in which you challenge the laws of physics using an instant camera. Being an avid fan of puzzle games, I was immediately interested in the title, even if I’m not that good at them. But one thing that stood out to me is […]

Where to find every planet in Viewfinder

Viewfinder features multiple types of collectibles, with each type tied to a certain chapter of the game. Chapter four features all the planets from our solar system. Some of them can be quite challenging to find, and I must admit, I had a bit of trouble finding a few of them myself. If you’re having […]

Viewfinder Chapter 4 9.1 walkthrough

Viewfinder is a head-scratchingly difficult indie puzzle game developed by SOS Games, in which players need to position photos in order to alter reality and make solutions. One of the more challenging of these levels for me was the optional challenge Chapter 4, Level 9.1. How to solve the Viewfinder Watermelon Puzzle When you enter […]

Viewfinder Chapter 4 3.1 walkthrough

As you progress through Viewfinder, the levels get more and more challenging. In particular, players who approach the end of the game in Chapters 4 and 5 will see some of the puzzles become absolutely mind-bending. One puzzle I had a lot of trouble getting through in my first playthrough was Chapter 4 Level 3.1. […]