Best VTuber Software in 2022

There are a lot of options out there in the VTuber world, and it seems like more are added every time you look. We’ve compiled our favorite software programs for VTubers. We have provided a variety of programs, whether it is free character creation or high-quality streaming software. Wakaru For the aspiring VTuber who has […]

Best Steam VR Games

With the lowering costs of virtual reality (VR) headsets and its growing library of games, there has never been a better time to play VR games. The latter is especially true with the existence of Steam VR, which gives you access to thousands of VR games published on Steam. Whether you’re new to the genre […]

Can I use a USB headset on the PSVR?

While the PlayStation VR does come with a pair of in-ear earphones, games are much more immersive with a dedicated headset. And chances are, you own a USB one. After all, USB headsets process sound through their sound system, so their audio is clearer and crisper. Most of them are also built with surround sound. […]