TotK Tingle Armor Locations (Map) – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Why collect rupees when you can look like a rupee?

One of the new armors in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is dedicated to Tingle, a fan-favorite fairy that resembles a rupee. Link will need to go through several long quests to get the pieces for this armor. Fortunately, there are a couple of NPCs who help out with this. In fact, you may have already seen them if they have the Fierce Deity armor.

How to find all Tingle Armor Pieces in TotK - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

By getting the Fierce Deity Armor or Ember Armor in Tears of the Kingdom, players will be familiar with Domdak and Prissen, two NPCs that hang around outside Cephla Lake Cave. As it turns out, they are obsessed with finding Mikso's Treasure, so much so that they have manuscripts that Link can buy for hints on how to find the armor.

Each manuscript costs Link 100 rupees. Of course, players can just go off and pick up the armor on their own, but they will not be able to complete the quests without buying the manuscripts.

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How to get Tingle's Hood in TotK

One of the manuscripts will mention a treasure associated with the Eight Heroine of Gerudo; this is where Tingle's Hood is located. To find the Eighth Heroine Statue, go to the Gerudo Highlands, reach Otutsum Shrine (practically on the very west of the map), and walk north. The Eighth Heroine statue will be just over that northern cliff (coordinates: -4364, -0504, 0465).

The clue calls upon Link to shine the light of the Sun onto the Heroine Statue. This can be done with a couple mirrors, and if players are short on mirrors, there are three of them inside a chest on the left cliff facing away from the Heroine Statue.

Here is how to get the mirrors to shine on the golden plate on the statue:

  • Head to the cliff on the left side, facing away from the statue.
  • Place a mirror down that faces the large rock in front of the statue.
  • If the sun is out, a light beam should be shooting from the mirror.
  • Glide to the statue and stand on the rock where the light should be pointed at.
  • Pull out a mirror and use Ultrahand to place it in the air so that it catches the light.
  • From here, point the mirror at the golden plate.
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If done correctly, light should be coming out of both mirrors and illuminating the golden plate. Once the plate turns green, a cave will open just above the plate. Fly in there and take out the Gibdos that try to attack.

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At the end of the hallway, players should easily see the altar, but it's covered in sand. Look to the right of the room to find a fan in a sand dune. Activate this fan and then point it at the altar to blow away the sand, revealing the chest that has Tingle's Mask inside.

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How to get Tingle's Shirt in TotK

The clue that points out Tingle's Shirt references the Dueling Peaks, which are the two huge mountains in West Necluda. Players will need to enter a cavern on the smaller peak (which is the northern one) in order to solve a puzzle on the other peak.

The best way to get to the Dueling Peaks is to warp to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and then glide south. From the top peak, glide down and turn around to look at the side of the northern peak. There should be the opening to a cave right around halfway down the mountain; this is Dueling Peaks North Cave (coordinates: 1193, -1858, 0159).

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Head inside, and at the end should be a room with seemingly nothing inside. Look up to find a picture of a triangle with certain points colored in. These will be points that Link will have to activate in the other cavern.

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To get to the other peak, I just used Ascend from just inside the entrance of the cave. This took me right out of the mountain at an angle where I could see the cavern on the other side. From there, it's a short glide to Dueling Peaks South Cave (coordinates: 1183, -1943, 0246).

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Inside will be a Like Like that Link will need to defeat. Afterwards, climb up the wall that the Like Like was found on. The following room will have a triangle pattern that is similar to the picture found in Dueling Peaks North Cave.

There will be four rocks on the ground. Pick them up and place them in the pattern seen in the picture. This will cause the secret passage to open with the chest for Tingle's Shirt.

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How to get Tingle's Trousers in TotK

The final manuscript talks about a secret cave on the eastern shore of Necluda. This is a reference to Cape Cales, a huge cliff extending into the Necluda Sea north of Lurelin Village. The quickest way to get there is to warp to Kumamayn Shrine in the southeast region of the sky. There is also a nice Big Hearty Radish to pick up here as well. Grab the radish and then dive straight down to find Cape Cales.

The specific cave is at the foot of Cape Cales, underneath the eastern edge (coordinates: 3627, -3218, 0000).

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When gliding inside, players should see a wooden raft in front of the entrance to the cave. Glide onto that and then whistle (down on the directional pad on the Nintendo Switch) to open the secret cave.

Inside will be a toppled-over altar, but no chest will be inside. This is because there are pirates in this cave, and they took the chest over to their ship, which is on the other side of the cave.

There is water all over the ship, so Link won't be able to climb up. Instead, find the raft that is at the front end of the boat and use Ascend to get on top of the ship. The good news here is that all the enemies on the boat are Stal monsters, which means they go down in one hit.

Feel free to use a weak weapon here. After all the enemies are defeated, look for all the crates piled up to one side. The chest for Tingle's Trousers is behind there, so break up the boxes for some extra arrows and open up the chest.

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Players will also want to check out the chest that is on top of the mast (the big pillar in the center). When I opened that chest, I found a Savage Lynel Bow that fires five shots at once!

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TotK Tingle Armor Locations (Map) – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

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