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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Ingredient Chart & Cooking Guide (TotK)

Get cooking with Link.

Cooking is important to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. During my attempts at a four-heart run, I quickly learned I needed to rely on stat-boosting items to survive. What ingredients you use will determine what type of dish or elixir you get. This makes knowing what you throw in the pot incredibly helpful; otherwise, you'll end up with many dubious meals like me.

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All Cooking Ingredients List and Effects in Zelda TotK (Tears of the Kingdom)

We are still playing through the game and will update this list with more items as we discover them. Feel free to let us know if we are missing anything!

Acorn0.25 HeartsN/ADish
Aerocuda EyeballN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Aerocude WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Ancient Arowana1 HeartN/ADish
Apple0.5 HeartsN/ADish
ArmoranthN/AIncreases DefenseDish
Armored Carp1 HeartIncreases DefenseDish
Armored Porgy1 HeartIncreases DefenseDish
Big Hearty Radish4 HeartsIncreases Maximum HeartsDish
Big Hearty Truffle3 HeartsIncreases Maximum HeartsDish
Bird Egg1 HeartN/ADish
Black Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Black Boss Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Black Hinox HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Black Horriblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Black Lizalfos HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Black Moblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Bladed Rhino BeetleN/AIncreases Attack PowerElixir
Blue Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Boss Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Hinox HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Horriblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Lizalfos HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Lizalfos TailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue-Maned Lynel Mace HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue-Maned Lynel Saber HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue Moblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Blue NightshadeN/AIncreases StealthDish
Bokoblin FangN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Bokoblin GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Bomb FlowerN/AExplodesN/A
Boss Bokoblin GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Boss Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Bright Cap0.5 HeartsGives Glowing EffectDish
Brightbloom SeedN/ACreates Light SourceDish
Bright-Eyed Crab1 HeartRestores StaminaDish
Cane SugarN/AN/ADish
Chickaloo Tree Nut0.25 HeartsN/ADish
Chillfin Trout1 HeartIncreases Heat ResistanceDish
Chillshroom0.5 HeartsGives Heat ResistanceDish
Chuchu JellyN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Cold DarnerN/AIncreases Heat ResistanceElixir
Cool SafflinaN/AIncreases Heat ResistanceDish
Courser Bee Honey2 HeartsRestores StaminaDish
Dark ClumpN/AGives Gloom ResistanceDish
Dazzlefruit0.25 HeartsBlinds Nearby Monsters when BrokenDish
Electric DarnerN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Electric Keese EyeballN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Electric Keese WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Electric Lizalfos HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Electric SafflinaN/AIncreases Electric ResistanceDish
Endura Carrot2 HeartsTemporarily Increases Stamina LimitDish
Endura Shroom1 HeartTemporarily Increases Stamina LimitDish
Energetic Rhino BeetleN/ARestores StaminaElixir
Fairy5 HeartsRevives Player on DeathDish
Fire-Breath Lizalfos HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Fire Fruit0.25 HeartsIncreases Attack in High TemperatureDish
Fire Keese WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Fire Like StoneN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Fireproof LizardN/AIncreases Fire ResistanceElixir
Fleet-Lotus Seeds0.5 HeartsIncreases Movement SpeedDish
Fortified Pumpkin0.5 HeartsIncreases DefenseDish
Fresh Milk0.5 HeartsN/ADish
Frox FangN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Frox FingernailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Giant Brightbloom SeedN/ACreates Large Light SourceDish
Gibdo BoneN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Gibdo GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Gleeok Flame HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Gleeok Frost HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Gleeok Thunder HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Gleeok WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Glowing Cave Fish1 HeartGives Glowing EffectDish
Goat ButterN/AN/ADish
Golden Apple1.5 HeartsN/ADish
Goron SpiceDish
Hearty Bass2 HeartsIncreases Maximum HeartsDish
Hearty Blueshell SnailDish
Hearty LizardN/AIncreases Maximum HeartsElixir
Hearty RadishDish
Hearty SalmonDish
Hearty Truffle2 HeartsTemporarily Increases Maximum HeartsDish
Hightail LizardN/AIncreases Movement SpeedElixir
Hinox GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Hinox HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Hinox ToenailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Hinox ToothN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Horriblin ClawN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Horriblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Hot-Footed FrogN/AIncreases Movement SpeedElixir
Hydromelon0.5 HeartsIncreases Heat ResistanceDish
Hylian Rice1 HeartN/ADish
Hylian Shroom0.5 HeartsN/ADish
Hyrule Bass1 HeartN/ADish
Hyrule Herb1 HeartN/ADish
Hylian Pine ConeN/AN/AN/A
Hylian Tomato1 HeartN/ADish
Ice Fruit0.25 HeartIncreases Attack in Cold TemperatureDish
Ice Keese WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Ice Like StoneN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Icy Lizalfos TailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Ironshell Crab1 HeartIncreases DefenseDish
Ironshroom0.5 HeartsIncreases DefenseDish
Keese EyeballN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Keese WingN/AMakes ElixirElixir
King's ScaleN/AN/AN/A
Korok Frond0.25 HeartsN/ADish
Like Like StoneN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lizalfos HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lizalfos TailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lizalfos TalonN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lynel GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lynel HoofN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Lynel HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Mighty Bananas0.5 HeartsIncreases Attack PowerDish
Mighty Carp1 HeartIncreases Attack PowerDish
Mighty Porgy1 HeartIncreases Attack PowerDish
Mighty ThistleN/AIncreases Attack PowerDish
Moblin FangN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Moblin GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Moblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Molduga FinN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Molduga GutsN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Monster Extract
Muddle BudN/ADisorients EnemiesDish
Octo BalloonN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Octorok EyeballN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Octorok TentacleN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Oil JarN/AN/ADish
Palm Fruit1 HeartN/ADish
PuffshroomN/ACreates SmokeElixir
Raw Bird Drumstick0.5 HeartsN/ADish
Raw Bird Thigh1.5 HeartsN/ADish
Raw Gourmet MeatDish
Raw Meat1 HeartN/ADish
Raw Prime Meat1.5 HeartsN/ADish
Raw Whole BirdN/ADish
Razorclaw Crab1 HeartIncreases Attack PowerDish
Razorshroom0.5 HeartsIncreases Attack PowerDish
Red Lizalfos TailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Restless CricketN/ARestores StaminaElixir
Rock SaltN/AN/ADish
Rugged Rhino BeetleN/AIncreases DefenseElixir
Rushroom0.5 HeartsIncreases Movement SpeedDish
Sanke Carp1 HeartN/ADish
Shock Fruit0.25 HeartsIncreases Attack during ThunderstormsDish
Shock Like StoneN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Silent PrincessN/AIncreases StealthDish
Silent Shroom0.5 HeartsIncreases StealthDish
Silver Bokoblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Silver Horriblin HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Silver Mobiln HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Sizzlefin Trout1 HeartIncreases Cold ResistanceDish
Skyshroom0.25 HeartsN/ADish
Smotherwing ButterflyN/AGives Resistance to FlamesElixir
Sneaky River Snail1 HeartIncreases StealthDish
Spicy Pepper0.5 HeartCold ResistanceDish
Splash Fruit0.25 HeartsIncreases Swim SpeedDish
Stalnox HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Stam Bulb0.5 HeartsRestores StaminaDish
Stamella Shroom0.5 HeartsRestores StaminaDish
Staminoka Bass1 HeartRestores StaminaDish
Stealthfin Trout1 HeartIncreases StealthDish
Sticky FrogN/AAllows Climbing Wet SurfacesElixir
Sticky LizardN/AAllows Climbing Wet SurfacesElixir
Summerwing ButterflyN/AIncreases Cold ResistanceElixir
SundelionN/ARestores Gloom Depleted HeartsDish
Sunset FireflyN/AIncreases StealthElixir
Sunshroom0.5 HeartsIncreases Cold ResistanceDish
Swift Carrot0.5 HeartIncreases Movement SpeedDish
Swift VioletN/AIncreases Movement SpeedDish
Tabantha Wheat1 HeartN/ADish
Thunderwing ButterflyN/AIncreases Electrical ResistanceElixir
Tireless FrogN/AIncreases Stamina LimitElixir
Voltfin Trout1 HeartIncreases Electric ResistanceDish
Voltfruit0.5 HeartsIncreases Electric ResistanceDish
Warm DarnerN/AIncreases Cold ResistanceElixir
Warm SafflinaN/AIncreases Cold ResistanceDish
White Chuchu JellyN/AMakes ElixirElixir
White-Maned Lynel Mace HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
White-Maned Lynel Saber HornN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Wildberry0.5 HeartsN/ADish
Winterwing ButterflyN/AGives Heat ResistanceElixir
Yellow Chuchu JellyN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Yellow Lizalfos TailN/AMakes ElixirElixir
Zapshroom0.5 HeartsGives Protection Against ElectricityDish

How to make Dishes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Cooking dishes is done with edible food. Most recipes use food that restores hearts, but this is not always true. This includes herbs, meat, fruit, mushrooms, and more. You can combine these to cook up various dishes that give different buffs.

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How to make Elixirs in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Elixirs are typically made from small animals, like frogs, lizards, and bugs. These must be combined with monster parts to bring out their effects. You still cook these in a cooking pot, but you will receive an elixir instead of a cooked dish. Some items aren't intended to be cooked but instead are fused with arrows and items.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Ingredient Chart & Cooking Guide (TotK)

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