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50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough – Act 2

This again?

Peter might be out of the rooms, but now it's Camilla's turn to escape. Check out our 50 Tiny Room Escape walkthrough for Act 2 and help Camilla solve all the puzzles to get to safety.

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How to beat 50 Tiny Room Escape Act 2 guide

11 Insight

Camilla's rooms also include secret cards like Peter's rooms, except this time, they are a new red color, which I actually love more than the originals. Let's collect them all in the Insight room first.

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Now, pick up the flashlight from the shell, unscrew it, and grab the bulb. You can add it to the reflector in the middle of the room. Then, pick up the case next to the desk. To open it up, all buttons need to be glowing. Press all four corner buttons and then press the middle button to unlock it.

Use the dial you find in the case to raise the tripod. Turn the reflector on with the switch on the wall, and you'll see lines and lines of numbers. Don't worry as you won't be doing math (a relief). You need to use these numbers to figure out the passcode for the two locked drawers of the filing cabinets.

The numbers on the drawers are 1111 and 1101. We can see these number sequences repeated on the wall, so let's trace them. They each go through four different squares. You will get the passcodes once you match these squares to the UI keyboard on the blueprint.

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The passcode for the 1111 drawer is 1478, and you'll get a vice handle. The passcode for the 1101 drawer is 1254, and you'll get a door key. Use the vice handle to release the vice and get the desk drawer key. You'll find a wrench in the drawer, and you can escape with it and the door key.

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12 Scheme

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Pick up the cards and grab a nail gun from the case underneath the architecture desk. Use the nail gun to staple one of the papers hanging from the wall. The paper matches the blue statue on the top shelves. Shove the chair so you can reach it, and then move the handles around to open the bottom of the statue for a key.

The paper outside the case on the shelf matches the green statue, so do the same as with the blue and get another key. Finally, grab a scalpel from the left desk drawer and open the black tube to get the last paper. Match it to the red statue for the last key.

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Use one key to unlock the drawer, another to unlock the hatch, and the last to unlock the box. Grab the USB stick someone was trying very hard to keep you from getting. Also, pick up the PC mouse from the architecture table.

Go to the computer and turn it on. Switch on the mouse and then place it next to the computer. Plug in the USB drive, but it requires a passcode to open.

Now, I really hate to say this, but it's time to do some Maths with the tasks on the architecture table. If you want to skip the calculations, just look for the solution below. But here is a step-by-step guide on how to solve these questions.

For A., we know the side of the biggest square is 19, and we know the surface of the two squares inside is 36 and 81. So, the sides of those squares are 6 and 9, respectively. The side of the smallest square is 19-6-9, which equals 4. The surface of the small square is then 16.

There is a total of 8 triangles under B. In the Magic Circle for C., the pie slices opposite each other combined equal 21. So 21-9 is 12. The passcode for the computer is then 12168 in the order on the USB.

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Once you unlock the computer, you will see a 3D print file for a door handle. We have to turn on the 3D printer first. Flip the pillows on the window sill to reveal four symbols. Press the corresponding buttons on the drawer underneath the printer.

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You will find a filament in the drawer. You have to turn on the printer and press start on the computer. The handle will be printed, and you can escape the room.

13 Authority

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First, collect the cards from the locations you can see above. Then, grab a blue key from the key photo frame in the left glass cabinet and a part of the mosaic from the right glass cabinet.

There's also a key inside the leg of one of the chairs, which you should pick up. Fix its teeth to match the city photo and use it to unlock the box in the right glass cabinet. Find a valve for the puzzle on the wall, then use the blue key to unlock the desk's bottom drawer to grab a second valve.

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Go to the laptop and unlock it. The code for the laptop is based on the clocks and what time it is in the order from City 1 to City 4. So it's 78310. You'll see a photos folder that shows images of the mosaic on different days. Since it's Friday, according to the calendar on the desk, we need to match the mosaic to the Friday photo. Add the missing piece and get to work.

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A safe will open behind the mosaic with a three-digit passcode. Shuffle all the green, red, and blue books to match the lines on the shelves. Once you do, you will see they form the number 047, the passcode. That's the last valve for the puzzle. Pick up the money, too. It won't solve any puzzles, but at least you are taking from your kidnappers.

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Use the valves to match the puzzle to the yin and yang symbol on the window blinds. A secret door will open, and you can get out.

14 Care

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You know the drill, grab the cards and get to escaping. Open the blinds and grab one piece of the puzzle play mat and another from the shelves next to the xylophone.

Click on the toy train and pick it up once it goes off the track. There is a key at the bottom of it. Open the orange compartment with it and get the blue star for the crib. Then, light up the stars on the wall and match the pattern to the stars on the box you can find on the drawers. You'll get a moon for the crib.

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Add the two missing puzzle pieces to the play mat, ensuring the lines connect. Then, based on the cloud shapes, we will know which hanging clouds to pull. The sequence is first, fifth, third, first, fifth. This will open the last drawer, where we will get two more decorations.

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Add all the decorations to the crib so the drawer opens up. Take the missing train track and put the train back down onto it. The train comes back with a room key, and you can leave.

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15 Entertainment

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Collect the cards and then collect all of the buttons. One is in the drawer of the side table, one is under the papers on the desk—one more is on the shelf next to the clock, and one is on the lower shelf below the plate. The last one is in the locked upper drawer, so let's unlock it.

Open the window blinds and see a billboard with controller commands. The figurines on the shelf also have controller commands on them. Click on the figurines in the order of the commands from the billboard. Click triangle, circle, X, and square, and grab the last button.

The computer needs a passcode. Move the keyboard and the mousepad to find a sticky note. It will tell you the passcode. You need one 'a,' two 'b,' and three 'c.' So the passcode is 244666. Click on the Hit the Beaver icon. Now you're playing a game inside a game.

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The high score for the game is 4218. This is the code for the cupboard. You will find a box in the cupboard that needs to be unlocked. The key is taped on the back of the clock on the shelf, where you will find a joypad. Add it to the PlayStation, but it's missing a disk. Let's find it.

Take a USB stick from the speaker. Plug it into the side table. Sticks will pop up, and your goal is to push them back into the table. This might take a bit. This will give you a disk to put into the PlayStation to play a chess game. You must eat the king with the knight three times.

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Once you win, the knight will keep moving in a pattern on the screen that you must follow on the security pad next to the door. Check the image above for the pattern to escape.

16 Tableware

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To escape this room, first we need to collect secret cards, then eight plates and five bottles of winApartart from the one in the dumbwaitethe plates r, are pretty easy to find scattered across the room.

Find a key underneath one of the pillows for the dumbwaiter, but it's empty. The books on the shelf have stripes that match the two buttons on the wall. Press them in this order: one, two, two, two, one, one, two. A dumbwaiter will pull up with one more plate and a bottle.

Once you've collected all eight plates, we can do something with them. Pull out the top three drawers, and you will see a different number of dividers. Match that to the number of plates you place up top. It will unlock the bottom drawer and give you a valve for the sink.

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Turn off the lights to see UV-painted swords on the painting. Go to the swords on the opposite wall, and with the lights still off, you can see UV paint and where exactly to stop when pulling the swords out. This will open a hatch on the floor, and we can grab another wine bottle.

Now, look at the glass cabinet underneath the sink. You will see a pattern of squares we need to emulate with the wine bottles. Once done, the cupboard underneath will unlock, and you can grab a mug.

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Turn on the hot water under the sink and fill the mug with it. Then, pour it over the ice on the table. You will get it a mechanism. Put the missing mechanism on the door and then match it to the pattern on the couch. Once you do, you can run away.

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17 Convenience

After collecting the cards, you must collect the vending machine's coinsine. There are several other things we need to grab first.

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Pick up the grocery list from the floor, the access card from the avocado box, and the scanner from the drawer.

When we check the list, we can see we don't know the prices for the apple juice, chocolate chunks, and 250g of cornflakes. Scan each item to find the price. Keep in mind, according to the shop door, chocolate chunks are 50% off. Combining these prices will give us the computer passcode, which is 453275.

Now, use your access card to access the computer and type in the code. We now have access to the cash register to get two coins and a key. The key unlocks the staff-only room. We can grab a mop from it and clean up the milk puddle. The pattern for the safe in the staff room is on the floor. Type it in and grab two more coins.

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Pick up the can opener from the vending machine and use it to open the tip jar and get the last coin. Go back to the vending machine. As we can see on the paper, the B row needs the # to be input first. Now, the first and third rows go from x4 to x1. However, the fourth row goes from x1 to x4. That means the second row will be the same as the fourth.

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So type in 2#73 into the vending machine, and you'll get the juice carton with a key taped up inside it. Use the key to unlock the door.

18 Melody

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There are three secret cards in the Melody room, which you can pick up. Then, pick up a key from under the newspaper. Use it to unlock a compartment in the piano where you will see two strings missing. Let's find them.

Press the corresponding drawers on the chest, following the notes on the wall. This will push up a secret compartment with an arrow. Point all the arrows to the locked cabinet and grab one string. Take the middle row of notes from tmusic sheetsic and type it into the drawers, too. You'll get the second string.

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Now, we need to open the piano keyboard. First, grab the blue book next to the chest of drawers. Put it on the shelf in the empty spot. We need to rearrange the books in the correct order. Based on the items and years we found across the room, you can see it in the picture below.

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This will open up the piano keyboard. Now, all we have to do is play the notes according to the fairy lights on the wall. Here's what it should look like below. Once you're done, you can click on the door and leave.

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19 Flow

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Find all cards and then pick a ramrod from the box to oil up the rusty valve. Pick up the wrench from the pipes and use it as a handle for the missing valve. A crowbar underneath the pallet is used to open the electricity box and the grating on the machine.

Switch off the lights and open the right hatch on the machine. You will see calculations on where the dials need to be set exactly. So it's U1 at 80, U2 at 100, U3 at 40 and U4 at 120. Use it and pull the lever.

Now, look to the left and the pillars. You need to get four and four bars in the first and second one, while the third one remains empty. The last step on the machine is lighting up the board, like in the image below.

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Since the fan is off, you can pick up the locked box behind it. However, the passcode is in the hot and electrified pool. To cool it off, match the valves on the pipes to the machine, as in the image below. Then switch off the electricity in the electricity box and grab the note.

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The passcode to the box is 3471. Get the access card, fill in the empty space in the security pad, and leave.

20 Unlock

The last room contains 27 safes, and Camille needs to unlock them all to escape. One hidden card can be found on the floor, and the second card is in the last small safe you unlock. It's going to take a while, so let's get to it.

The golden safes on the wall are in the shape of a T. Put that T into the top left safe and grab a key. This is a key for the top right safe on the other wall. Grab a book called The Unlocker from it.

The safe at the bottom left is version five. Press X, circle, triangle, circle, triangle from the Unlocker for it to unlock and get a paper from it. The code on the paper is 51423. Put it into the correct safe, and you will see many books that are the code for the next safe. The code is A3B1C2D3D1.

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You will get three gears from this safe. Add it to a different one and see a Math formula. I was not happy about seeing it. From the formula, we can figure out that X is six, Y is three, and R is four. Set these dials and get a gizmo.

The gizmo unlocks a safe with the light switch. Switch it off and go to the glowing sign. Match it up to the outer circle and grab a screen from inside.

Add the screen to a different safe. Fill up the bar and then set the handles in the right position. Get a paper from it where you will see three animals. Put the shark as a head, the camel as the body, and the snake as the tail into a safe and grab a key. Use it to activate a grid which you need to fill up. Once you're done, the big safe door will open, and now Camille is out.

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