The loading screen for 50 Tiny Room Escape
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50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough – Act 3 (All Puzzles)

Let's get Richard out of here!

If you love solving puzzles and digital escape rooms, 50 Tiny Rooms is an excellent game to download. While the rooms may be tiny, some puzzles are fiendishly tough, so read on for my full walkthrough of Act 3 below if you need some hints. 

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50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough - Act 3

Richard finds himself trapped in 50 Tiny Room Escape
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After helping Peter through the first 10 rooms in Act 1, and Camilla through the next 10 in Act 2, we’re now tasked with helping Richard to escape in Act 3. My walkthrough below will cover all the rooms from 21-30. If you’re trying to beat rooms earlier in the game, instead check out:

Room Level 21: Midnight

Exploring level 21 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
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  • Under the whiteboard eraser
  • On the green chair in the room behind the curtain
  • Under the desk (you need to be looking from behind the desk)

Click the barrel (a1) to knock it over and once it has fallen over, click it again for a close-up. You can now click the end of the barrel to make the liquid inside pour onto the floor. Pick up the Key that comes out with it. 

Use the key on the glass case in the same close-up (a2) to open it. Take a Gun from the righthand side of the cabinet. Now click the glass doors twice to slide them to the opposite side and take a Rocket from the lefthand side. 

Look at the whiteboard and work out the number that is missing in the sequence. The pattern here is that each number below is made up of adding together each pair of numbers above it. This means that we have to add 6+5 (11) and 6+2 (8), meaning the missing number is 118

Exploring level 21 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Use this code to remove the padlock on the cupboard next to the barred gate (b1) and then open the cupboard doors to find a second Rocket and a rifle Magazine. You’ll find a third Rocket on the barred gate (b2).

Remove the curtain covering the door and take a fourth Rocket from the box of grenades just to the right of the door (b3). Look through the weapon slot to the right of this door (above the red Out Of Order sign, b4) and note the numbers on the signs from front to back (90, 20, 60, 20, 20). 

Exploring level 21 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Select the radio in the curtained room (c1) and click the round dials on either side to move the marker left and right to those numbers (to do 20 the final time, just click the left dial again). The top will open up, allowing you to take a fifth Rocket.

Add the magazine to the gun in your inventory and use the loaded rifle on the gun slot opposite the out-of-order one (it says Need a Gun underneath it). Play the mini-game (it doesn’t matter how you do) and then collect a sixth Rocket and two Museum Coins from the drawer that opens underneath the gun slot (c2).

Use one of the coins in the prize machine in the room behind the curtain to get a seventh Rocket, and then use the other coin on the binoculars (a3). If you try them now they’ll tell you a system of missiles must be launched. Look at the map below the whiteboard (a4) and click the sections to rearrange them and make a complete world map. You’ll know it’s complete when the locations turn red (c3). Drag a rocket onto each red dot on the map, and the map will open up. Take the Door Handle from inside. 

Look through the binoculars and you’ll see a display showing the second world war’s dates, 1939 to 1945. Type this into the keypad of the door (b5) as a code (19391945), add the door lock, and you’ll have completed the level. 

Room Level 22: Anvil

Exploring level 22 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • Behind the yellow shield
  • Under the box with five clasps on the shelf
  • Under the logs below the four pulleys

Take the Ladle from the floor next to the furnace (d1) and also knock over the shield next to it to see its patterned side. Grab the Tongs from the table (d2); then select the box on the shelf above (d3) and click the claps in the following order (if the clasp on the left is 1 and the one on the right 5) to open it: 3 and then 4. Take the Metal Ingot from inside. 

Click the box next to the door (d4) for a close-up and set the red levers as pictured above, matching the layout of items on the table where you got the tongs. You can now open the box and take a Key. Focus on the pulleys next (d5), arranging them so that the height of each rope matches the shield with the matching symbol’s relative position in the room. From highest to lowest:

  1. Blue shield (with the R)
  2. Green shield (with the X)
  3. Yellow shield (fish shape)
  4. Red shield (B)
Exploring level 22 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

This opens the mouth of the figure on the chimney (e1), allowing you to click its mouth and find a Crucible. You can also open the box next to the furnace (d6) with the key and take the Axe Handle from inside. 

Select the furnace and place the crucible on it (e2). Put the ingot into it and then use the bellows (e3) to heat the fire and melt the ingot. Use the tongs to pick up the crucible to get the Tongs with Crucible, and use that on the mold on the table (d7). Now use the ladle on the tub of water next to the furnace (d8) to get a Ladle with Water and use that on the mold to cool it.

Click the cooled mold twice to pick up the Axe Blade and combine it with the handle in your inventory to make an Unsharpened Axe. Use this on the sharpening wheel (e4) to create an Axe, and use the axe on the wooden plank barring the door to remove it. You can now click the door to complete the level. 

Room Level 23: Antiquity

Exploring level 23 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • On the table in plain sight
  • On the inside lid of the green box
  • In the top-left jar
  • In the bottom-middle jar

Pick up the Torch from the table (f1) and take the Shovel from the green box on the floor (f2). Use the shovel on the sand the green box is sitting on to find a Gizmo, and then use it on the sand at the base of the burning brazier (f3) to find a Pickaxe. Use the brazier to light the torch.  

Look at the wall of jars and take the Cap from the only one that has a lid on it (third row down on the right, f4). Take a second Gizmo from inside the same jar. As you search the jars, note which ones (on the second and third rows) have images on them of burning torches. 

Lighting the bowls and finding the scarab part in level 23 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Light the bowls on the table with your torch that matches this pattern (top left, top right, bottom left - see above). A tablet will appear behind the bowls, along with a third Gizmo

You’ll notice the tablet that appeared matches the rough floorplan of the room, and X marks the spot. Use the pickaxe on this floor tile (see above) to reveal a Scarab Part you can pick up. You can also turn the tablet around to find an image of a pyramid with numbered sections on the back. This is an addition puzzle, where each number is the sum of the two below it. This means the number that would be at the top of the p[pyramid (below the eye) would be 108.

Look on the right side of the table (pictured above) to find the same eye symbol and enter 108 into the numbered boxes below it. If you look at the bottom of the pot in the top-right corner you’ll find a similar addition puzzle on the bottom (see below), next to an ankh symbol. Than answer to this one is 126 and you’ll find the place to input it at the opposite end of the table. Once both codes are entered correctly, the grill on the front of the table will open, allowing you to take a fourth Gizmo

Completing level 23 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Each of the gizmos has an image on it that matches one on the wall above the brazier. Note their relative positions in terms of top or bottom row, and left or right. Turn around and place the four gizmos into the door in those positions:

  • Top left: Cat
  • Top right: Eye
  • Bottom left: Ankh
  • Bottom right: Wolf

The central door pattern is now unlocked, so click it for a close-up and rearrange the pattern as you’ll see pictured above. Once complete, add the scarab part to complete the level.  

Room Level 24: Outlaw

Exploring level 24 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • On the top shelf, behind the books
  • The bottom drawer of the wardrobe
  • On the back of the picture frame on the wall by the door

Start by selecting the desk and shelves (g1) where you can collect a Ramrod, while also noting the route to the X on the treasure map. Click the globe (g2) next for a close-up and click the rings until it all matches up (see below for the solution). When you hear a click, open it to find a Compass. You can also pull the plug on the barrel to spill the oil. 

Add the compass to the chest (g3) and then enter the directions you saw on the map, which are: N, SE, E, NW, N. Take the Key and Lighter from the chest. Use the key to open the wardrobe (g4) and take the Knife stuck in the inside of the door. Now click the buttons on the display in the wardrobe to show the following: red bandana, bearded skull, cutlass, and telescope. This opens the drawer below, allowing you to take the Hammer.

Fixing the globe and finding the hatch on level 24 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Use the hammer to unlock the wheel on the stand (g5) and take the Wheel. Add the wheel to the cannon (g6) and then click it twice once it is upright to aim it at the door. This also moves it off off a hatch in the ground which you can now access to find a Cannonball and Gunpowder.

Use the knife on the string of the bell (g7) to get some Rope, and then use that on the oil slick to create a Wick. Select the front of the cannon for a close-up and add the gunpowder, use the ramrod, and then add the cannonball. Now select the back of the cannon, add the wick, light it with the lighter, and create your own exit from the level. 

Room Level 25: Fright

Exploring level 25 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • On the back of the right-most sheet of paper on the desk
  • In the bottom-right drawer of the desk
  • In the top righthand drawer in the plate cupboard
  • In the stool to the right of the chest

Check the bottom left drawer of the desk (h1) to find the formula A+B+C+D+E=25. If you examine the vials above the desk you’ll find A contains 8 and E contains 3, while an unmarked vial has 5. You can also pick B up off the desk to find it contains 6. Vial D is on the second drawer on the right of the desk, but has spilled. We can presume the unmarked vial is C and that the spilled vial had 3, leaving us: A8, B6, C5, D3, E3. This code (86533) opens the gate that’s stopping you get to the coffin (h2).

Select the painting above the desk (h3) next and adjust the movable pieces of the frame until the eyes light up on the head at the top (see image below). You can now open the frame and find a safe. You’ll find the pattern you need to solve this by looking out of the window at the shape of the archway. When it opens, take the Coffin from inside.

Completing the pictutre frame and opening the safe on level 25 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Open the plate cupboard (h4) and arrange the plates so that the symbols match those on the large coffin behind the locked gate and the small one in our inventory. Once complete the bottom-right drawer will unlock, so take the Gizmo. Add this to the small coffin in your inventory and it will open, allowing you to take a Key

You can also open the bottom-left drawer of this cabinet (marked below) by noting the sections of pumpkin around the room that aren’t lit up, starting with the one on the pole (with the red arrow on it) and checking them clockwise around the room. The unlit sections correspond to the four buttons just above the pumpkin under the cupboard. Press them in the following order: 

  1. Top-left
  2. Bottom
  3. Middle
  4. Top-left
  5. Top-right
Finding the cushion solution and using the pumpkin code on level 25 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

You can now open the drawer next to the buttons and take a Flashlight. Pick up the book on the floor by the stool (h5) on the right under the window, open it, and use the flashlight on it to see a pattern. Now get a close-up of the stool on the left of the window (h6). The six parts of its cushion act as buttons. Press the sections in the order depicted in the book:

  1. Top-left
  2. Bottom-left
  3. Top-middle
  4. Bottom-middle
  5. Top-right
  6. Bottom-right
  7. Bottom-middle
  8. Top-middle

The cushion will open, allowing you to take a Mallet. Use the key to open the chest between the two stools to find a Stake. Place the stake in the hole in the coffin behind the grate and use the mallet to drive it home. A small compartment will open on the coffin showing four styles of headstone.

If you watch out of the window you’ll see a ghoulish figure popping up above similar-looking headstones. Click the headstones on the coffin in the same order, which is (from left to right): 1,4,4,3,2,3. The coffin will swing open, allowing you to leave the room. 

Room Level 26: Wild West

Exploring level 26 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • Inside the grey hat on the table
  • On the reverse side of the cactus pot on the piano
  • In the bottom section of the wooden cabinet

You’ll find a Handle stuck to the bottom of the stool beneath the hat on the wall (i1), a Candle on the piano (i2), and a Bullet in the rim of the grey hat on the table. There’s a bullet box in the right drawer of the cabinet (i3) which you can open to take a second Bullet

Note the number of bottles grouped behind the bar on the shelves, from least to most (bottom-left, top-left, top-middle, bottom-right, bottom-middle, top-right). Turn to the wall with the beer barrels, add the handle to the barrel that’s bottom-left, and then turn the handles in the order above. The middle barrel will pop open, allowing you to take a Coin.

The pino puzzle and the gun drawing on level 26 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Spend the coin on the piano (i2), click the lid to open it (above) to see the keys, and then select song #4 (you’ll get this from the plaque underneath the hat on the wall). It will automatically play a tune, during which time you need to remember the key sequence (246264). Select the cash register (i4) on the saloon bar to turn it around, use this sequence on the register buttons to open the cash drawer, and take the Revolver.

Look at the drawing above the safe (i5, pictured above) and use it as a reference to dismantle the revolver in your inventory (see below). 

  1. Move the front lock forward and then twist the barrel
  2. Remove the safety at the back
  3. Push the bullet out of the barrel
  4. Remove the Cylinder
Dismantling the gun and adding the bullets on level 26 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Now examine the cylinder in your inventory and note how the striations of the two bullets in the chamber match the markings on the cylinder. Add the two bullets in your inventory to the cylinder to match these striations (above). Look at the bullet numbers (marked on them in Roman numerals) and their relation to the yellow marker at the top of the cylinder.

This gives you the code to open the safe (10, 50, 20, 40). Note that to enter the numbers in the safe you need to click the left and right arrows. When one number is correct, click in the opposite direction to start on the next number in the combination. 

Once done, take the TNT from the safe. Add the TNT to the door handle, light it with the candle, and you’ll be able to leave the room. 

Room Level 27: Antiquity

Exploring level 27 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • On the bottom of the largest of the three pots
  • On the couch
  • On the wall above the pool

Open the basket (j1) to find a Valve and take the Key from the top of the door frame. Get a close-up of the couch to see two turnable sections in the pattern on its edge (j2). Turn them until they match and a drawer will open, allowing you to take a Gizmo. Add the gizmo to the right slider of the pool and then adjust both gizmos until the water stops flowing. This reveals a series of nine lines that were previously below the waterline. 

Look at the marble table for a close-up (j3). Turn the outer ring to point at the owl and the inner to point at the leaf (you get this information from the pots). This opens the middle of the table, allowing you to place the valve into it. Use the valve, which spins the wall behind the pool round, giving you more puzzle clues.

Solving the revolving wall puzzles on level 27 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

You’ll see that in the central section of the image, five of the nine columns are complete (2,5,6,7). Once noted, use the valve again to switch it back (you can now do this at will). Press those four columns on the part of the image that was revealed when you lowered the water and the lion's head will rise, allowing you to take a Scroll

Now note that the Roman numerals IX, XVI, and VI are marked below the lion’s head. Switch the wall back and look at the buttons in the equivalent place to where you just clicked the columns. Click these to change them to match this sequence (IXXVIVI) and the lion’s head on this side will also open, so grab the Box inside. Use the key you have to open the box and take the Gizmo (noting it has VI marked on it).

Completing the door puzzle on level 27 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Now you need to use the remaining information in the room and your inventory to open the door. If you examine the scroll in your inventory you’ll see two figures and, if you tilt it, two Roman numerals on the ends of the scroll handles. You’ll find more symbols with Roman numerals on the helm and shield, while the tree on the wall says ‘Beginning’. Put all this together and change the icons above the door (j4) to match your knowledge. Once done, the door will be open and the level is complete. 

Room Level 28: Bushido

Exploring on level 28 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • Underneath a floor cushion
  • Next to the floor lamp that’s switched off
  • On the back of the picture frame

Take the Light Bulb from the working lantern (k1) and the Game Board from the table (k2). Click the banner on the wall (k3) to see it says Divine Wind Liberty. Open the bottom-right red drawer below the banner and take the Sai. Use the sai on the hole in the edge of the table (pictured below), which opens to allow you to take a Paper

Switch off the lights (k4), take the painting from the wall, and note the symbol on the back. Pop the bulb into the other lantern, turn the lights back on, and note the symbol on the shade. Look at the bottom of the bonsai tree beneath the banner for another symbol and also click the bottom of the banner to open it out a little more and find another.

The four symbols you need  on level 28 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Select the box on the shelf (k5) and set the icons on each side to marry up with the symbols, following the clues you just gathered (I’ve pictured them all above):

  • Fire: From the lamp
  • Water: From the painting
  • Wind: From the banner
  • Earth: From the bonsai 
Using the sai and checking the swords  on level 28 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Once done, take the Key from the box. Also note the pattern of lights in the windows of the building you can see through the round window here (top left to bottom right, 1,2,4,6,8 are lit). Turn around to the nine red drawers and use the key to open the bottom central one. Open the others to match the pattern you saw outside and a wall of swords will be unveiled on the wall to its right. 

There is a small numbered panel below the swords (see above). Use the dice-like markings on these swords, plus the one below the window, to feet the code 6253. Use this on the panel to open the sliding doors here and gain access to a safe. The answer to this 4x4 grid puzzle is on the game board in your inventory, while the paper shows you which part of the board you need to mimic (see the solution above). The safe will now pop open, allowing you to press the red button inside and complete the level. 

Room Level 29: Succession

Exploring on level 29 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides


  • On the throne in plain sight
  • On the floor between the knight’s armor and the weapon rack
  • On the back of the right-hand picture on the wall

Take three Toys from the table (l1), one Toy from the arm of the throne (l2), and two Toys from the box to the right of the throne. Grab one Toy from the top of the target dummy (l3), then click the left wall torch (l4) to open the window here and take your final Toy from the shelf inside. Add all the toys to the slots on the table (catapults on round, horses on triangles, knights on squares), and the central castle on the table will open, allowing you to take a Handle

Checking the pattern on the throne  on level 29 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Look at the pattern of the red carpet (above) and note that four pieces aren’t filled in correctly. Select the throne and match the missing parts to the throne’s arm pattern (from the top: left, middle, right, middle). A compartment opens on the arm, so take the Key from inside.

Examine the arrows in the training dummy next, noting each arrow’s position in the dummy and the number of barbs the arrow has (1 to 5). Turn to face the knight’s suit of armor and click the corresponding sections in the arrow order, from 1 to 5: 

  1. Head
  2. Weapon arm (right)
  3. Torso
  4. Left Leg
  5. Torso
The weapons, gems, and arrows puzzles on level 29 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

The Halberd will drop to the floor if you do this correctly, so pick it up and add it to the empty slot in the weapon rack. Once placed, click the weapons in the same order you see them on the banners around the room in order of their points at the base of each banner. From the left, click weapons 2,5,4,3,1. A drawer will open at the bottom of the rack, earning you a second Key

Go back to the opened window and use the handle on the device inside. Turn the handle and the planets will rotate. Note how many times each goes around the sun. Working from the closest to the sun, this then gives you a code (6431). Select the box to the left of the throne, enter this code, and take the Dagger

Select the dagger in your inventory and take the blue Gem from its pommel. Use this dagger on the crown hanging on the throne to get a green Gem and then on the suit of armor to get a red Gem. If you examine the three pictures of royalty on the wall (l5) you’ll notice they have matching colored gems in their crows (red, green, blue). Copy this order on the shelf in the open window to open it and find a third Key.  

Matching the keys to the broken windows  on level 29 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

These three keys will open the door, but you need to get the correct locks. Close the window you opened earlier (by pulling the torch again) and note the positions of the three missing panes. Place keys in the matching locks (see above) and the door and the level is complete. 

Room Level 30: Disarming

Exploring level 30 for items in 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Note that this level has a 30-minute timer which starts as soon as you start exploring the room (you can see a timer once you open the bomb case). If you fail you’ll need to retry the level from scratch, but you don’t need to use more keys. You also get 2,000 XP and an achievement for failing, so don’t worry too much! Don't ask how I know…


  • On the vent near the ceiling 
  • Under the books on the desk
  • On the middle shelf of the left bookcase
  • In the top drawer of the right bookcase

Open the bottom drawer of the desk (m1) to find a Key, and then take the Toolbox from the top drawer (m2) of the left bookcase (open this to get a Cross Screwdriver). Grab the Pliers from the shelves of the right bookcase (m3) and the Wrench from inside the box on the same unit (m4).  

Check out the books (m2 and m3) as well as the chalkboard (m5), the diagrams (m6), and the blueprints (m7) stuck to the walls to become familiar with them, and then open the case on the desk (m8). You need to solve all the puzzles inside to complete the level and escape. 

Disarming the bomb  on level 30 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides
  • B-17.001.21: Open this panel with the screwdriver and then watch the pattern of lights you see underneath. Copy the pattern on the left by clicking the buttons on the right. Once you’ve done this three times, you’ll be done. 
  • Cut the wire: The poster can help you here. Check the letter the serial number in the box starts with, the number of green lights, and the number of lightning symbols (all in the case). When you boil all the information down, it has to be wire number 7.  
  • Fans: To complete this one, look at the books in the boxes on the shelves and note that each has one that’s got the spine facing out. These boxes make a 3x3, the same as the fans. Click the orange lights to match these books, so from the top row, left to right, it’s: 1,3,2,3,1,2,2,2,3. 
  • Keypad: Use the screwdriver to open the keypad and press the buttons underneath to sneakily find the code you need. If you want the solution, it is 92715.
  • Matching puzzle: There are eight pairs of identical shapes to match. 
  • Four red switches: to find the positions you need for these switches, you need to look at the blueprints. The one you want is #2. 
  • Seven switches: These are below the fans. Use the wrench to be able to manipulate the switches and then copy the pattern by using the blackboard for clues as to how many lines should be showing on each switch, and in which positions. From left to right, the sequence is as follows: middle and bottom; top and bottom; middle; middle and bottom; top and bottom; middle; middle and bottom. Once done, press OK.
The bomb disarmed on level 30 of 50 Tiny Room Escape
Image by Pro Game Guides

Once you cut the wires you can relax, as the bomb is disarmed and the door is open. Congratulations! You’ve saved Richard from his 10 rooms and completed Act 3.

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50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough – Act 3 (All Puzzles)

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