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Complete 50 Tiny Room Escape walkthrough

So many rooms!

Peter keeps getting stuck in rooms, and it's our job to help him escape. Check out our 50 Tiny Room Escape Walkthrough for Act 1 to get him out quickly.

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How to beat 50 Tiny Room Escape (walkthrough) - Act 1 guide

01 Perception

This is the first room Peter gets stuck in and will continue to be stuck in the next ten rooms, after which Camille will take over being the victim. Check out how to beat 50 Tiny Room Escape Act 1 in this guide.

Rotate the room and hit the light switch above the bed when you start. It makes it easier for you to see and find clues. This room has two secret cards, so let's find those first. Check out the photo below for their locations.

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To escape the room, first click on the armchair. Remove the pillow, and find a key to the safe hidden in the closet. Grab it and open the closet doors. Click on the clothes until the safe is revealed. Use the key to unlock it and grab the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book. In it, you'll find the first part of the door code.

In the first drawer, under the shelves, you will find the telescope for the tripod. Once you look through it, you will see stars in the exact pattern you need to light the star candles on the shelves.

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Do that, and a hidden compartment will pop up with a glass bottle. You will find the second part of the code on its label. Go to the door and type in code 1953, and you are done with the first room. Many more to go.

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02 Youth

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Grab the secret cards from the locations in the picture above and then pick up the cassette player from the desk. It doesn't work at the moment, so let's fix it. First, grab the screwdriver from the cup on the shelf above the bed. Use it to open the back of the player and see that you're missing two batteries.

The first battery is in the digital alarm clock behind the window blinds. The second battery is in the first desk drawer on the left. Add them to the player. The last thing you need is the tape, which you can find in the trash can.

Play the tape and get the instructions for the dance pad under the bed. Put in the following sequence: left, right, up, up, down, left. Grab one half of a key. The second half is in a locked box in the bottom desk drawer on the right.

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Pick up the Rubik's cube and rotate it to find the correct pattern for the locked box. Put it in and grab the second half of the key. Combine the two halves and unlock the door to escape.

03 The Call

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The phone underneath the third couch cushion is the key to escaping this room. But first, we need a passcode to unlock it. On the phone wallpaper, you'll see all of the figurines on the mantle piece.

Find those figurines, and underneath each one is a number. All of their locations are in the photo below. The numbers on the figurines need to be placed in the same order as those in the photo. The passcode is 5341.

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Once unlocked, click on the smart home app and send your robot cleaner to its base. On top of the cleaner is the TV remote. When you turn it on, the TV shows only static. Pull the blinds back down on the windows to see the number of stripes. Use the remote to type 243, and you'll see a phone number on the TV. Call it, and you'll get let out of the room.

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04 Gambling

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You can see all of the secret card locations above. But now, you need to find the five pieces of the star on the card table to escape. Check out the image below where to find them all. Once you put them into the star, you will get a door handle for the grandfather clock on the wall.

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Set the time according to the lucky time sign and get a gem. Put it into the owl on the shelves behind the card table. Click on the owl and track its eye movements to know which order to press the books in. For this sequence, it is left, up, right, down, up, right.

Once you input it, the painting will lift up and reveal a safe. The passcode can be found based on the four cards you pick up. The cards go 7, 10, K, and A, according to their ranks in Poker. So the code to the safe is 8, 4, 3, 6. Grab the key from inside the safe and unlock the door.

05 Heat it up

The rooms are getting more complex and more dangerous right at this point. You'll need to put out the fire if you want to escape. But first, let me show you where those secret cards are, as I find it important to collect them all.

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To open the padlock on the gate, you need to find four numbers that match the geometrical shapes. The triangle number is on the wall; you can see it with the lights off. The circle numbers are on the sewer hatch, and the square number is on the left piece of paper. It goes triangle, circle, square, circle, so the code is 3154.

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Grab a hammer from the container above the corkboard and use it to open the sewer hatch. Return to the screen and shut off the gas leak by turning the last two dials. The fire is out, and now you can fill a bucket with water and cool off the chair.

Place the chair underneath the vent to grab the glow stick. You can throw it down into the sewer drain and find a piece of pipe. Use it to open the door and escape.

06 Reflection

The way to escape this room is to play the gramophone, so let's figure out how. Here are the two secret card locations first.

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When you open the red curtains, you'll see three locked safes. We need to open those first. Let's pick up the chessboard. You'll see the pawns are placed on specific tiles. Replicate that by pressing on the floor to get a top-down view and then moving the desks to the correct tiles like white pawns. Grab the record from the right safe.

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Open the other curtains to see a painting. Two candles aren't lit in it. The candelabrum to the right has three unlit candles, and the last has only one. Go to the buttons on the left of the door. Press the first button two times, the second button three times, and the last button one time. Grab the key from the safe.

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Go to the switch on the wall to turn off the ceiling fan. Then, go to the mirror, where you will see a code for the middle safe. The code is 48311. Unlock the gramophone with the key and wind it up. The door will open, and you can leave.

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07 Catch

In Catch, you'll have to find five horseshoes to escape the tiny room. Let's pick up my favorite secret cards first, though. I really enjoy their little burning animation; it looks so magical.

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Two horseshoes are super easy to get. One is in the left cabinet drawer, while the other is hanging from the pipe of the fire stove. The others require more effort, so let me help you find them.

Put the fish on the wall in the same position as the fish statue to get the third horseshoe. Then, move over to the cans in the cupboard above the table. Spell 'FISH' with the cans, and the cabinet will open, where you will find the fourth horseshoe.

Grab the cleaning brush from the shoe rack next to the door and clean the dirty mirror. There are three fishing rods, and they will move once you press them. You need to replicate their movement on the hooks next to the door. You should go in this sequence: first, third, second, second, third. This will open the cupboard, and you'll find a fire extinguisher.

Grab the fire extinguisher to put out the fire and grab the horseshoe from the pot. Place all the horseshoes above the door and turn them around like in the photo below. The third one is burned, but you can guess if the rest are placed correctly. The door will open, and you can leave.

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08 The Movie

In this one, Peter gets stuck in a room with no door. You might think there is no way to escape, but we can figure it out. There are two cards in this room, as you can see below.

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Press the right button on the right chair to recline, and you will find a receipt. While you are here, empty the popcorn bag and grab the bill that will fall out. Now, go to the screen above the projector and type in the number from the receipt. It asks you for money, so once you slide the bill in, it will open, and you will find a lens.

Put the lens on the projector and turn it on. You will see three buttons glowing. Match this with the buttons on the cupboard to open it and find a statue. That's one out of six, so you must find five more. Check out all of the statue locations in the following image.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Once you put all six statues on the cupboard, matching their bottom pattern to the ones on the cupboard, the projector screen will slide down. However, the projector isn't showing anything yet. We need to turn on the laptop for that.

To unlock the laptop, rotate the room, and you'll see four numbers on the wall behind the chairs. The laptop passcode is 1352. The projector will now show a maze game you need to solve. The arrows the line passes by indicate which side the statues need to be looking at. Place them exactly like in the picture, and a door will appear.

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09 Remote

You need to find a key card to escape this room and four secret cards to satisfy my need to collect everything. Here are all four card locations.

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Let's clean that toxic sink first. The acid for pipes is in the fridge. However, the padlock to the fridge is in Japanese. Luckily, a Japanese for Dummies book can be found in the middle cupboard. Open up the upper cupboards and close the boxes to see a set of numbers. You'll match these numbers to their corresponding words in the book and then open the padlock.

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Now you have acid for pipes, but you also need a plunger, which you can find in the bathroom. Clean the sink and grab the knife. Sadly, 50 Tiny Escape Room isn't a fighting game, so you can't knife whoever has trapped you in these rooms. But you'll find a different use for it.

Find a charger in the bottom middle drawer and plug it underneath the microwave. Head to the other closet across the room to grab a remote from the first drawer to the right and put it to charge. Put the remote on the charger to turn it on.

Press the stairs button so ladders pop up and you can reach the high shelves. Open the orange box to grab a screwdriver. Now, head over to the microwave and turn it on. Use the screwdriver to remove the dial and put it on the TV.

To get the TV working, turn the power on with the switch next to the door. Count the people on each screen, and you'll get the passcode 2462. Open the closet door across the room and grab a taped-up box.

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Cut the tape with a knife. Inside the box, you get the instructions on how to activate the ventilation. Go back to the panel and do that. Turn the ventilation on, and you'll get a keycard you can use to escape.

10 Luck

The last chapter of Act 1 for Peter in 50 Tiny Room Escape means he has to escape through one of the five doors. You need to get all five keys as the secret cards are hidden behind four of the doors.

First, grab the photo on the top left of the desk. Rotate it and click on the back four times to open it and grab a key. That's one. Then, grab a handle from the right shelf of the desk. Use it to wind up the side table and pop out a Jack in the box holding a key. That's two.

Grab a valve from the right drawer of the desk. Add it to the radiator and then turn it. You must press the buttons on the red box in the same order as the steam will leak from the radiator. The sequence goes: third, first, fifth, second, fourth, third. Grab the wirecutter and the ruler. Use the wirecutters to open the little cage on the desk and grab the third key.

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Start clicking on the family pictures above the bed, and three will fall off. Then, open the electrical box next to the desk with the ruler. Switch off the lights and turn back to the picture wall. You will see the code is 268 for the suitcase underneath the bed. You'll find the fourth key and binoculars to look out the window in it.

The fifth key takes a few steps. You need to move the clock handles like in the photos below. First, leave the butterfly in its correct place, then the crow, then the fish, and finally the bear. You'll get the fifth and final key.

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Start from the left and open all doors to find secret cards. The actual exit is the far right door. And that's the escape for Peter!

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Complete 50 Tiny Room Escape walkthrough

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