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On Thin Ice – Walkthrough & Solutions (Chapters 1-4)

How to beat the freeze.

Whether you’re looking to get into the Adventure Escape Mysteries, or a series regular, On Thin Ice is a great addition to the popular mobile gaming series. The mystery puzzle-solving action centers around Detective Kate Gray and Officer Murphy, amongst others, as they attempt to find an inside man in their police department. Someone has hacked into the police servers, and several murders have been committed. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery before a snowstorm sets in?

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On Thin Ice walkthrough guide (AE Mysteries)

If you’re struggling to complete any of the four chapters, read on for our complete On Thin Ice walkthrough guide below.

On Thin Ice Chapter 1 - The Cabin Walkthrough

Once you’ve completed the Tutorial, click the Reader on your desk and note the five-number code bolded from left to right across it (63849). Click the Monitor on your desk, then enter the code.

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At the cabin, pick up the Wheel and the Gas Can and use both on the Snow Blower. Click the large snowball (1, pictured above) in the middle of the screen to reveal a Nozzle, and also use it on the Snow Blower. With the Snow Blower now in your inventory, use it on the snow to clear it. Grab the revealed Metal Numbers and use them on the wooden Signpost. The holes in the numbers match the black circles on the board, giving you 40827. Use this code on the front door panel to enter the cabin.

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Inside, click on the window to let in some light. Click on the arm of the dead body nearest the artificial legs to get a close-up. Grab the symbol strip (small piece of paper, 2, pictured above) and examine it to reveal Arrow, Skull, Heart, and Wave. Click the curtains to get some Cloth and the mattress to reveal a locked door. Also, click the weights to reveal some loose floorboards, and open the two cupboards to reveal a 32-triangle puzzle and a Hacksaw (behind the snacks). Use the Hacksaw on the loose floorboards to reveal a Case needing a four-digit combination.

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Take the cloth outside and dip it in the water by the signpost. Go back inside and use the Wet Cloth to clean the blood from the case. Note there are nine Arrows, four Skulls, one Heart, and six Waves on his artificial legs (artwork) and body (as tattoos), giving you 9416. Use this code to unlock the case. You’ll get 10 Triangles, a Note, and a Lockpick gun from inside. Use the Lockpick to open the door to the side of the cabin. Click on the ground outside this door to reveal a Green Box, and the yellow sheet (3, pictured below) to its left to grab a Fire Extinguisher, Cleaning Oil from the barbecue. Use the oil on the Green Box.

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Click on the ice blocks in the stream between the two sides of the broken bridge (4, pictured above) to start a simple puzzle and complete it to create steps up the other side and use the Fire Extinguisher on the burning car. Get the Crowbar from the body on the left and a Wrench from the one on the right. Use the Crowbar on the car to open the door and get the Charger Lead from inside.

Plug the charger cable into the wall socket in the cabin and use the Wrench to fix the Wheelchair, which will cause a Key to fall from a hidden compartment on it.  Grab the key to open the Green Box and get the Screwdriver and ten more Triangles.  Use the Screwdriver on the artificial legs to get the Mobile Phone and put it on the charger. Use the Charged Phone on the face of the victim in the cabin, read the messages on the phone, then go back out to the front of the cabin and use the phone to open the lock box to the left of the door.

Open the box inside to get 11 more Triangles and a Chart. Using the triangles on the cabinet in the cabin will start a simple electrical current puzzle and then let you into a safe. Take the Photo inside, then add it, the Note, and the Chart to the Picture Frame on the cabin wall to reveal a hidden compartment containing a Hard Drive.

On Thin Ice Chapter 2 - Sticks Walkthrough

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Move the tall plant from the left side of the elevator. Use the panel behind it to set off a trap, which gets you a Sculpture Shard. Click on Lobby Bot, where you can ask four questions. Note the answers to questions two to four have a number in the written response and a symbol on the bot’s panel. This gives you the symbols Shield, Timer, and Silence. Enter these into the large black box in the lobby to get some Copper Wire.

Click the plant and the seat to the right of the elevator to remove them, then use the Shard on the wall behind to open a Maintenance Locker and grab the Stepladder and Toolbox. Use the latter to get to the security camera and take the Capacitor and the Screwdriver on the lift panel to get a Light Switch. Use the wire, capacitor, and light switch on the bot.

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Pick the computer chips up from the floor next to Lobby Bot and use them on it to start a connections puzzle. Once complete, Lobby Bot will open the elevator for you. Look at the pattern you made on Lobby Bot with the connections puzzle. This gives you four numbers. Use the Screwdriver on the lift panel to reveal the color sequence, giving you the left code 4365.

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Once in the office with Sticks, click on her and choose the following dialogue options:

  • We never get a reward.
  • I have Hacksaw’s evidence.
  • [Put the hard drive on the table]
  • (Think about dinner).

Pick up the Fan, click the chair to reveal a Socket, then plug in the fan. When the smoke clears, grab the Fan again, along with the Doll, Hard Drive, Ornaments, Curtain Rope, and Duct Tape. Use the Duct Tape to fix the Broken Lamp and the Rope on the chandelier to get the Key. Use the key on the Safe and take the Photos, remove the clip, and use it on the Picture Frame under the bookshelf to grab it. and spread out the photos.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Place the Lamp, Ornaments, Doll, and Picture Frame on the bookshelf. Look at the Photos to see where everything needs to be placed on the shelves to move it out of the way. Finally, complete the tile-swapping puzzle to escape down the elevator shaft.  

On Thin Ice Chapter 3 - The Police Station Walkthrough

Talk to Murphy until the computer monitor goes blank. Click the Police Property sticker on the monitor to remove it and use it to fix the wire. Note the photo wall on the screen has three levels, with one, three, and five photos in a pyramid.

Now, click on the Hard Drive on your desk to see if it has the same one-three-five pattern. These match the photos of Blackjack (being 21), Dimebag (dime being 10), and Nooner (12, noon). From these names, we get the code 211012.

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In Dan’s office, take the Grabber then click on the three piles of junk on the central desk and pick up the Remote revealed on the floor under the desk. Move the rubbish on the right-side desk to find a Handle, and the top-right desk to find a Fan Bay, and books on the top back shelf to get another Fan Bay. Use the Grabber to get the Energy Cola (5, pictured above) from on top of the tall cabinet and use it on Dan to wake him up.

Click on his sleeping bag to get a Graphics Card and Microfiber Cloth. There’s Coolant in the bottom drawer of the left desk. Put the Handle on the door on the right of the main desk (6, pictured above) and open the drawer to get Plastic Tubes. Use the Fan Bays, Graphics Card, Tubes, and Coolant to fix Dan’s computer.

Use the Cloth to clean the Digital Picture Frame on the left desk, then the Remote to fix it. The four pictures show a clock (5), a snow scene (3), a sushi night (9), and Robot Wars (7). This gives you the code 5397 to get into Dan’s computer. Click on one of the monitors to enter the PIN. Decrypt Stick’s information (yellow top, white middle, green bottom) by clicking the buttons as instructed.

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Once Dan is in custody, click the One Visitor poster on the wall and grab the Bent Wire that was hanging it. Look at the poster and note the numbers pertaining to the five points on the poster (40242). Get some Hand Sanitizer from the machine and use the wire on Jacob’s Keys on his belt (7, pictured above). Use the Keys on the door to get to the lockers, and use the Hand Sanitizer on the bottom-right frozen lock to melt the ice.

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Enter 40242 and get Dan’s Evidence, which you can give to Keiko to get her out of the room. Get the Police Tape from the top-right locker. Give Murphy the tape to get him to leave. With Murphy gone, you can use the wire to get the Tin Mug from the cell from where he was standing. Use the mug on the drip by the cell door (8, pictured above) to get a Mug of Water.

Get the Arrest Papers from the container on the wall behind where Keiko was standing (9, pictured above) and give them to Jacob. Use the wire to get Dan’s Glasses from the cell floor. Use the Mug of Water on Dan to wake him up, give him his glasses, and listen to his story. 

Examine Dan’s belt to find a Key in the buckle. Use it in the tall filing cabinet to get the Stingray Phone Scanner. Move the other items in the cabinet to find an Antenna and a Battery Pack. Finally, solve the Cell Tower puzzle to get Stick’s location.

On Thin Ice Chapter 4 - Conclusion Walkthrough

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Grab the Spikes from the tarp, clear the snow from six signs on the doors, and click the snow on the bottom left of the screen to find some vodka. Use the vodka on the metal box on the right side of the gate, then use the numbers from the signs, and the number of bullet holes in each, to get the code (991224). Complete the simple Drones puzzle and head inside.

Click the two Beams leaning against the left wall and place them on the ground. Remove the curtains (10, pictured below) and grab the Hammer on the windowsill. Use the hammer on the two Planks on the window, then head back out to the gate and grab three of the signs to use as extra planks. Note the code VXKW on the wall (clockwise, with V at 12 o'clock), then go inside and place the five planks on the beams, nailing them down with the spikes.

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Get the Skylight Rod from on top of the fireplace (11, pictured above), using it to get the Ring to the right of the screen on the beam (12). Remove the wood in the fireplace to reveal a third Ring (13), then use the rings on the central device. Once attached, twist the dials to create the letter pattern from the wall outside (VXKW) and head down the chimney, noting that code 7427 is framed by the V of the code wheel.

Press the Red Button to distract Hex, then again to trap Hex. Use the Skylight Rod to open the Duffle Bag (14, pictured below), distracting Sticks, then grab the Chisel from the bag on the yellow generator. Put the code 7427 into the Generator to reveal a fuel pipe.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Go back up the ladder and use the chisel on the Globe, then use the hammer on the chisel to open the globe and get the Broken Bottle and Syrup. Use the syrup on the fuel pipe downstairs to break the generator and distract Colt. Open his backpack and take the Fight Manual, which explains how a battle works. Take the Taser from the backpack now and use it to disable Colt. Search him to get the Handcuff Key and use it to free Caspia. 

Read the book to work out the counters you need in the final fight. Note that the battle will time out, so you can’t take your time once it begins. But if you fail, you can just go again. You need to win over three rounds, with three combat moves in each round. Note that there are three blank spots because you only have six total moves but nine places to use them:

  1. Sticks: Stab, elbow, punch. Counter with: dodge, block, elbow.
  2. Sticks: Stab, block, kick. Counter with: stab, [nothing], punch.
  3. Sticks: Dodge, elbow, stab. Counter with: [nothing], kick, [nothing].
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And with that, you’ve completed the puzzle-solving in On Thin Ice. Enjoy the final scenes!

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On Thin Ice – Walkthrough & Solutions (Chapters 1-4)

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