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Clue The Murder of Mr Black – Full Walkthrough

Looking for a clue to solve Clue?

Clue: The Murder of Mr. Black is a limited-time puzzle game in the Adventure Escape Mysteries series, available on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is based on characters and settings from the popular Clue board game, with you playing the role of Detective Brown as he tries to solve the mystery. The game is split across three chapters, and you can find a full walkthrough of Clue the Murder of Mr. Black below.  

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Full Walkthrough for Clue The Murder of Mr Black - Adventure Escape Mysteries

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You arrive at the Clue mansion to find there has been a power cut. You’re met by Professor Plum in the lobby and take his candle to try and find a power source. Move the candle to the left and find the fuse box (1a), which needs a four-digit code. Move the candle down a little and open the top desk draw (1b) to find the code.

Use it on the fuse box to see the first object, a square, has the number four below it. As this is the number of sides on the shape, you’ll need code 4534 to open the fuse box.

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Complete the fuse box puzzle to turn the lights back on. Move red home first, then yellow. Move purple right and then up, then get green home. Finally, move purple home. The lights will come on, and you will discover the body of Mr Black. Click the corpse for a close-up (2a), then his neck to check his pulse and undo his top short button. Click the cord around his neck to get the key.

Finally, talk to Professor Plum, then use the key on the bookcase (2b) to get the house map. Head towards the Dining Room.

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Enter the Dining Room

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Click the vase to the left of the door (3a) to find the Owl Emblem, then the plant on the right (3b) to move it and find a secret panel. Click the panel to reveal a puzzle on the door (3c), and click it to begin. Note the door has four animals in its corners. You need to move the animals on the sliders in the door puzzle to match the animals’ positions on the door frame. Add the owl emblem to the puzzle, then move the animals in the following order:

  • Bear to top-middle
  • Wolf to top left
  • Lion to bottom left
  • Bear to top right
  • Wolf to top-middle
  • Owl to top left
  • Lion to bottom right
  • Bear to bottom left
  • Wolf to top right

Click the open door to enter the dining room.

In the Dining Room

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Click the carpet corner (4a) to get the photo of Miss Peacock. Click the picture frame (4b) to the left of the fireplace to reveal the water pipe and turn the handle and restart the water in the lion head fountain (4c). Get the Pitcher from the cabinet (4d) and use it on the fountain to get a Pitcher of Water. Get the Fire Poker (4e), click the fireplace, and get the photo of Mr. Black (4f). Use the pitcher to put out the fire and use the poker to get the Photo of Chef White. Click the righthand chair (4g) and get the photo of Mr Green.

Click the blue chart on the dining room table and add the four photos to the image. Drag each photo to its matching job in the company (the descriptions will give you clues):

  • Black: CEO
  • White: Restaurant
  • Scarlett: Boardroom
  • Peacock: Law Office
  • Plum: Land Acquisition
  • Green: Office Suites
  • Mustard: Hotel Lobby

Click the jacket on the chair outside the room to get the Dart, then the box on the wall to the left of the door to reveal a dart board. Use the dart on the bullseye of the dartboard to open a key slot on the door, and use the key to unlock the door and go inside.  

In the Billiard Room

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Click the floorboard (6a) to get the Three-Ball and take the Heart Bottle from under the stool. Click the cushion on the chair (6b) to get the Record, and put it on the record player to open the drawer below it, finding the Skull Bottle and Six-Ball. Click the chair again to reveal an Antler, click the left-hand bar stool to move it, then use the antler on the deer’s head to get the Four-Ball.

Click the curtain (6c), take the Two-Ball, and place all four balls on the pool table to start a sliding puzzle:

  • Five: Down left
  • Two: Up right
  • Three: Down left
  • One: Down right
  • Six: Up left
  • Four: Down right

Take the plaque from the now-open slot on the pool table and place it on the wall (6d). Take the Pineapple bottle from the revealed secret cupboard, then place all three bottles on the shelves behind the bar. Note the bottle images, then click on the security system in the cupboard where you found the pineapple bottle. Each bottle matches a cord. Connect them as follows (from left to right): 4, 8, 2, 12, 14, 9, 7, 3. Click the security monitor for a close-up, then the red button below the screen to watch the footage.

Clue The Murder of Mr Black – Chapter Two Walkthrough

Click the body of Mr. Black, then the buttons on his jacket, and take the Dagger and the Pink Fuse. Add the pink fuse to the fuse box and complete another fuse puzzle:

  • Yellow right
  • Green down and right
  • Purple right and up
  • Pink left and up
  • Purple down and left
  • Pink down (home)
  • Purple right
  • Yellow left and down
  • Purple up (home)
  • Green right
  • Yellow right and up (home)
  • Green down (home)

Go to the Library door, click the plant to get the Paper Card, then the drawer below the plant pot to get the Pen. Click any of the panels on the door, then select the pen and click the bottom of the door to slide it under. Do the same with the paper, then collect the drawing that is slid back to you. Click all the panels on your side that are white spaces on the drawing, except for the bottom row. On the bottom row of the door, only click the second panel in from the left. Head inside.

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In the Library

Click the rolled-up paper on the table to read the Safe Schematic and take the Hex Key that’s on it. Click the plant on the table and take the Key Card. Use the handle on the side of the chair to reveal and collect the second Hex Key. Move the sliding stairs to get the Gold Book and Family Crest. Move the steps again and put the crest on the wall (8a). Take the Rope Ladder from behind the crest, then click the gold books on the library shelves (8b). Take the third Hex Key.

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Select the window for a close-up (8c), take the Small Key from the plant pot, then use the rope ladder to get the Gun and the fourth Hex Key. Slide the briefcase out from under the sofa and use the small key to open it, taking a second Gold Book from inside. Use the key card on the dumb waiter (8d) to reveal the safe, and use the four hex keys on the panel to reveal a ball-rolling puzzle. Follow these instructions to complete the puzzle:

  • Blue side 90, then flip the blue switch.
  • Red side 90 twice, flip the blue switch, then blue 90 twice.
  • Red 90 twice, blue 90 twice, red 90 twice, blue 90 three times, red 90 twice, blue 90 three times, red switch. This reveals the red ball.
  • Blue 90 twice, red 90 twice, blue 90 twice, red 90 twice, blue switch.
  • Red 90, blue 90, red 90 twice, blue 90 four times, blue switch twice.
  • Red 90 twice, blue 90, red 90 twice, blue 90 twice, red switch twice.
  • Blue 90 three times, red 90, blue switch.
  • Blue 90 three times.

Don’t click too quickly, as you need the ball to get to its position before the next click. Once the safe is open, take the blackmail evidence and the third Gold Book. Put the three gold books on the shelf (8b) to open a secret panel and take the Slides and Audio Tape, then look at the two Newspapers for a clue.

In the Lounge

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Move the magazine on the round table to get the Silver Key and use it to open the drawer (9a) and get the Triangle Pedant. Move the folded blanket on the sofa to get a Star. Click the curtains (9b) to get a close-up of the window, take the Blinds Wand, then click the left curtain while in close-up to get the Star Symbols Note and reveal the Jewellery Box. Use the triangle pendant to open the box and take the Lens. Open the large cupboard’s bottom drawer to get a second Star. Note the cupboard doors need a four-letter code to open them.

Use the curtain rod to pull down the projector screen (9c). Use the lens on the telescope, then click the telescope to reveal a puzzle. Find the letter for each lens using the star symbols note and use the code VIEW to open the cupboard. Take the Projector from inside, put it on the table, and insert the slides. Once Colonel Mustard has given you the third star, use the three stars on the statue (9d) to reveal a trap door. Use the trap door to go to the conservatory.

In the Conservatory

Take the Pipe from the rug, then click the rug twice to reveal some loose floor panels. Click the plants (10a) to get the Valve and attach it to the pipes (10b), then use the valve to restore the water. Click the sink (10c) to get a close-up, take the Tile, then use the sink to wash the key out of the plug. Take the Key from under the sink and use it to open the cupboard door next to the sink. Take the Trowel and another Tile from inside.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Click the garden map on the wall (10d), add the two missing tiles, then solve the sliding puzzle. Swap tiles until all the paths line up. You need the purple flower to be top left, blue bottom left, yellow middle-top, red second space down on the right, and the rest will fall into place easily from there. This gives you the sequence you need to open the cupboard above the sink if you follow the path’s changing color from left to right: purple, blue, yellow, red, white, and pink.

Take a Battery from the cupboard, along with the directions for the loot buried under the floor. Use the trowel to dig up the black tile and again to get the cash and the Screwdriver. Select the round table and place the audio tape in the tape player. Try to use the player to open the battery compartment and find it empty, then click the Teddy Bear to turn it over. Use the screwdriver on the battery compartment on the back of the bear to get the second Battery, then use them on the tape recorder.  

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Clue The Murder of Mr Black – Chapter Three Walkthrough

Click Mr Black's hair to reveal a bump, talk to Colonel Mustard, then click the fuse panel to see it is missing another fuse. Select Professor Plum to find the fuse under the bookcase on the right. Talk to Miss Scarlett. Afterward, she will move, allowing you to get a Branch from the large vase. Use it to get the Fuse, put the fuse in the fuse box, and solve your final electricity puzzle.

  • Purple down and left
  • Pink left, then up
  • Purple right
  • Green up and right
  • Pink left, down, left, then down
  • Green left
  • Pink up (home)
  • Green right
  • Yellow down, right, up, and right
  • Green left (home)
  • Yellow down (home)
  • Purple down (home)

Outside the ballroom, click the basket on the table to get a Light Bulb and place it in the second lamp from the left. Note the pattern underneath each lamp, which reveals the order in which you need to switch on the lamps: 2, 1, 4, 3. Do so, then take the Key from the compartment to the left of the door that slides open. Use the key on the ballroom door and head inside.

In the Ballroom

Image by Pro Game Guides

Click the mosaic flooring to get a close-up and take the Matches. Use the matches to light the three candles and take the Key from the candlestick compartment that opens up. Use the key to open the drawer in the candlestick’s table and take the Glove. Use the glove on the broken glass in the tall cupboard (11a) to get a Tile. Open the drawer at the bottom of the cupboard to get another Tile. Get the third Tile from on top of the piano (11b) and a fourth Tile from behind the drapes in the corner (11c). Use the four tiles on the mosaic floor, which opens the stool in front of the piano.

Take the Dance Book from inside the stool and open it to get the Piano Key. Note the book also has a second page, with both pages depicting dance steps. Open the piano with the key, and click the piano keys to reveal which tile pattern matches which mosaic tiles, then follow the instructions in the Piano Book to learn the sequence you need to play (follow the path, noting down the four symbols on the purple steps). You need to click the piano keys 7, 4, 5, 3. This opens the painting on the wall, giving you the Kitchen Keys.

Image by Pro Game Guides

At the kitchen door, uses the keys to open the drawer on the table, get the Duct Tape, and use it to fix the wires underneath the painting. Take the Butter Knife, click the painting to reveal a panel, and use the knife to undo the screws. Pull the level underneath to open the security bolts, then use the keys to open the door and enter the kitchen.

In the Kitchen

Image by Pro Game Guides

Open the top cupboard (12a), take the meds and Drawer Handle, and use the handle on the drawer missing one next to the stove (12b). Grab the Key Card from the drawer and look at the note, showing the location of a secret panel. Click the fridge to reveal the panel, then open the fridge and grab a Mug. Open the big cupboard below the worktop (12c) to get to the Tool Box. Use the key card on the secret panel to reveal a ladder, and click the ladder to enter a maze puzzle.

Take the following route: right, right (use switch), down, left, left, down (use switch), right (get key), left (use switch), down, right, right (use key), right, up, left (use switch), up, up (get key), right, down (use switch), right, up, down (use key), escape.

In the Study

Click the phone receiver on the ground (13a) to put it back on the phone, then take the Keys by the telephone. Click the phone again to find you need a telephone book. Click the icebox (13b) to open it and get the Frozen Pyramid. Use the keys on the glass doors of the big cabinet and take the Model Car, then the cupboard underneath them to get the Step Ladder. Also, use the keys on the door in the corner, to reveal a possible exit route. Use the passage to go back to the kitchen.

Image by Pro Game Guides

Put the pyramid in the pot on the stove, push the button on the oven to turn it on, then remove the Pyramid once the ice has melted. Use the steps on the bloodied ceiling panel and take the Wrench, plus a second Pyramid. Use the keys to open the toolbox and click the open toolbox again to reveal the third Pyramid. Go back to the study and click the painting (13c) to reveal a panel.

Place the three pyramids on it to open a panel, grab the Chalice, then study the blueprints (taking the Brass Horse that’s on them).

Back in the kitchen, put the chalice on the mantlepiece (12d) to open the secret door in the fireplace and reveal a puzzle. If you look at the Recipe Book on the kitchen counter, a mug, car, and clock and drawn in the corner. Go back to the study, click the bookcase, and place the mug and model car on the shelves. The mug handles face left, right, left, and right. Looking at the pyramid painting on the wall (12e), follow that sequence from the top to get the number 18261. Do the same for the cars and the clock hands, giving you 14822 and 18653. Looking back at the pie recipes, each has a code. The matches to your codes give you Strawberry, Banana, and Chicken. Press those three buttons in the panel in the fireplace.

Back to the Dining Room

Click the fireplace and get the Torn Paper, then again go through the fireplace and back into the Dining Room. Put the brass horse on the mantelpiece to open the mirror there, which reveals the Address Book. Take it back to the Study, use the telephone, and click the address book to place it next to the phone. Now compare the scrap of paper to the list of numbers and names to find the obvious match is 959-4139, and the name Halarie (as it isn’t Alario), giving you the number to call and name to ask for. Click the phone, choose those two options, and have the conversation that will give you the last piece of evidence you need.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

After speaking to each suspect, you’ll now know that it was Chef White, with the Wrench, in the Study. Congratulations, you’ve solved the case!

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