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Arknights Tier List – Best Characters

Choose the best Operators that suit your playstyle!

In Arknights, players get to choose Operators from eight unique Classes, with special Archetypes that define the role of that character. Here's our Arknights tier list of the best characters in the game.

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All Operators in Arknights ranked

What you have to keep in mind is that Arknights is a tower defense game with many maps and many strategies you can implement. Not all operators will be as effective on all maps, so it's difficult to rank them. I could rank them by my favorites (Aak forever), but for this article, I'll rank them by their overall usefulness.

S+ TierAak, Angelina, Bagpipe, Blaze, Ceobe, Ch'en the Holungday, Exusiai, Eyjafjalla, Hoshiguma, Ines, Kal'tsit, Kirin R Yato, Ling, Mudrock, Młynar, Nightingale, Phantom, Pozëmka, Saria, Shining, SilverAsh, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Specter the Unchained, Surtr, Texas the Omertosa, Weedy
S TierAmiya Guard, Archetto, Ash, Blemishine, Cantabile, Carnelian, Ch'en, Chongyue, Dorothy, Dusk, Ebenholz, Elysium, Eunectes, Fartooth, Fiammetta, Flametail, Gavial the Invincible, Gladiia, Gnosis, Goldenglow, Hellagur, Horn, Ifrit, Irene, Kjera, Lappland, Lee, Lin, Liskarm, Lumen, Magallan, Mizuki, Mostima, Mountain, Nearl, Nearl the Radiant, Nian, Pallas, Passenger, Penance, Projekt Red, Ptilopsis, Qiubai, Reed the Flame, Rockrock, Rosa (Poca), Rosmontis, Saga, Saileach, Schwarz, Siege, Skadi, Specter, Stainless, Suzuran, Tequila, Texas, Thorns, W, Warfarin
A TierAbsinthe, Akafuyu, Amiya, Andreana, April, Asbestos, Ashlock, Astesia, Astgenne, Aurora, Ayerscarpe, Beeswax, Bibeak, Bison, Blacknight, Blitz, Blue Poison, Broca, Chiave, Cliffheart, Croissant, Cutter, Dagda, Enforcer, Erato, Ethan, FEater, Firewatch, Firewhistle, Flamebringer, Flint, Folinic, Franka, Frost, Gitano, Glaucus, Gravel, GreyThroat, Gummy, Heavyrain, Heidi, Hibiscus the Purifier, Highmore, Honeyberry, Hung, Indra, Istina, Jaye, Jieyun, Kafka, Kazemaru, Kroos the Keen Glint, La Pluma, Lava the Purgatory, Leizi, Leonhardt, Luo Xiaoei, Manticore, Mayer, Meteorite, Mint, Mulberry, Myrtle, Perfumer, Platinum, Pramanix, Provence, Proviso, Purestream, Puzzle, Qanipalaat, Quercus, Rathalos S Noir Corne, Reed, Robin, Savage, Scene, Sesa, Shalem, Shamare, Shirayuki, Sideroca, Silence, Sussurro, Tachanka, Toddifons, Totter, Vigna, Waai Fu, Whislash, Whisperain, Zima
B TierAciddrop, Ambriel, Aosta, Arene, Beanstalk, Beehunter, Bena, Breeze, Bubble, Cement, Ceylon, Chestnut, Click, Conviction, Corroserum, Courier, Cuora, Czerny, Deepcolor, Dur-nar, Earthspirit, Estelle, Executor, Gavial, Grani, Greyy, Harmonie, Haze, Humus, Indigo, Iris, Jackie, Jessica, Kirara, Kroos, Lunacub, Matoimaru, Matterhorn, May, Melantha, Meteor, Midnight, Minimalist, Morgan, Mousse, Mr. Nothing, Myrrh, Nightmare, Pinecone, Podenco, Pudding, Quartz, Roberta, Rope, Rope, Scavenger, Shaw, Skyfire, Snowsant, Sora, Swire, Tomimi, Tsukinogi, Tuye, Utage, Vermeil, Vigil, Vulcan, Wild Mane, Windflit
C TierAdnachiel, Ansel, Beagle, Cardigan, Castle-3, Catapult, Dobermann, Fang, Frostleaf, Greyy the Lightninbringer, Hibiscus, Lava, Nine-Colored Deer, Orchid, Plume, Popukar, Spot, Steward, THRM-EX, Terra Research Commission, Vanilla, Wind Chimes
D Tier12F, Durin, Justice Knight, Lancet-2, Noir Corne, Rangers,Yato

As I mentioned, a lot of the operators' usefulness is situational. Some operators others might favor may not suit your playstyle or team composition. We recommend players test out their favorite Operators according to their gameplay. Below is a list of Operators from each Class that perform brilliantly, even in difficult conditions.

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Best Vanguard Operator

Vanguards are usually the first to be deployed onto a map with their low DP to handle the first enemies. They also often have abilities that will regenerate DP, especially useful when the DP doesn't self-regenerate on some maps.


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Bagpipe stands at the helm of S+ Tier characters, and she is one of the Vanguard Operators every player needs in their frontline. Martial Tradition is her Elite 2 talent that adds SP to Vanguards on her team at the start of a map and begins the fight at an advantage. Her unique trait also obtains one DP with every enemy she defeats. She is ideally suited for a DP-gaining playstyle, a perfect beginner Vanguard.


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Ines is a versatile Vanguard with strong damage output and her unique trait that reduces redeployment time. Her talent, Shadow Weave, will bind an enemy after an attack and then steal their ATK, controlling the fight's pace. She can also reveal invisible enemies, opening them up for attacks from her teammates, even when she isn't on the map. Not only can she reveal invisible enemies, but she can also become invisible with her skill, expanding her attack range.

Best Guard Operator in Arknights

Guards are a class that causes high melee damage to enemy units. They work closely with Defender operators, taking out the enemies they block.


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Currently, Surtr is the most powerful Arts Guard unit in Arknights. One of the most interesting factors about her is her talent, Remnant Ash. It prevents her HP from falling below one after receiving fatal damage. After a certain amount of time, she will leave the field, but while taking her last breaths, she will cause melee damage with ATK and SP boosts from her skills.


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Młynar is a slow DPS Nuker that doesn't block unless his skill is active. However, when he is idle, he will get a gradual ATK boost for 40 seconds. You need to time him right for the most efficiency. Luckily, his DP is pretty low at 12, so you can put him on the field pretty early on and have him set up. He is also a great distraction, attracting enemy attention with his Unmoved talent. The best skill for him to use is Unbrilliant Glory, as it increases his attack range, his trait (the gradual attack boost), and his ATK.

Best Defender Operator in Arknights

Defender operators have high HP and defense, protecting the rest of your units from enemy attacks. They don't have high ATK, but they are used to stop enemies in their tracks while your other units, like Guards, finish them off.


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Saria is a top guardian Defender Operator focusing on healing, defense, and support. Her Skills include First Aid, Medicine Dispensing, and Calcification. First Aid restores the HP of a nearby ally with HP below 50%. Similarly, Medicine Dispensing heals all allies in a wide range. Calcification not only heals all allies in range but also amplifies the Arts damage inflicted on enemies, making her the perfect Defender in Arknights.


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Penance dishes out her judgment to her enemies with Arts damage. Keep in mind that she can't be healed, so she is very dependent on barrier creation. Her first talent focuses on barrier creation, while her second talent reflects the damage inflicted upon the barriers as Arts damage. Trial of Thorns works perfectly with her talents, immediately gaining her a barrier and increasing her ATK and agro level. Penance is a perfect Defender combo of blocking and taking out enemies.

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Best Specialist Operator

Specialist Operators utilize specialties to attack enemies. Due to this, they aren't useful on every map and shouldn't usually be part of your general team. They shine best when needed, and here are the brightest operators.

Texas the Omertosa

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Once Texas the Omertosa defeats an enemy, her talent will recover all HP and reactivate her skill. The skill that works very well with this talent is Unrelenting Downpour, which deals a lot of AoE Arts damage and reduces enemies RES for all of your teammates. However, if you prefer crowd control, then you should go for Torrential Sword Rain, which will stun and deal Arts damage to enemies in range, as well as unleash Sword Rain upon them for additional Arts damage and a mini stun.

Specter the Unchained

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Specter the Unchained has a unique trait where she doesn't retreat upon receiving lethal damage but swaps with a Substitute of similar stats and different abilities. So long as the Substitute stays alive for 20 seconds, Specter will swap back with HP restored. This can be combined with The Skill to Survive, swapping HP percentage with the lowest HP ally nearby. Her HP may be lower, but she gains an ATK boost, and even if she is wounded, you can count on the Substitute to keep her alive.

Best Sniper Operator

The Sniper class does exactly what you expect: snipes and deals ranged physical damage and provides crowd control for incoming waves of enemies.

Ch'en the Holungday

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Ch'en the Holungday might be on vacation, but the enemies are still in danger from her AoE spread shooting. All of the skills are based on ammo, meaning they stop once it is used up. Her talent that reduces ammo usage can be good to set up. Holiday Storm is her go-to skill, as it expands the attack range, boosts ATK, and deploys a sticky liquid that debuffs the enemy's movement speed and DEF.


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Exusiai is the best choice if you're looking for the perfect Sniper Operator to deal high damage to aerial enemies. Exusiai's Skills include Charging Mode, Shooting Mode, and Overloading Mode. The Operator shoots three, four, and five times in a row, dealing extremely high ATK Damage. Her Talents include Fast Cartridge and Angel's Blessing, which gives allies ATK and Max HP buff.

Best Caster Operator

An Arknights Operator class that deals ranged magical Arts damage. Perfect for hitting high DEF enemies that usually have low RES.


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Eyjafjalla is the strongest Caster Class Operator in Arknights. Her Pyrobreath Talent gives passive buffs to other Casters on the team and has exceedingly high attack and AoE Arts damage. Her Ignition Skill deals 240% attack with Magic damage, while Volcano deals +55% ATK with increased range and speed.


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Ifrit is a Caster with a unique range of 5 tiles in a line, perfect for dealing AoE Arts damage. Her talents focus on debuffing the RES of all enemies in range or quickly recovering SP, allowing her to constantly use her skills. You can even use her skill to inflict a further RES debuff and an ATK boost to herself on ground enemies. Ifrit is a great damage dealer and a debuff operator.

Best Medic Operator

Medic operators in Arknights focus on healing their allies. They don't usually ATK, and with their range, they are best placed somewhere at the back of the line where they can be protected from enemies.


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Kal'tsit isn't a medic in the usual sense, just as a healer. She still heals allies with her trait, but most of her skills and talents are focused on her summon unit, Mon3tr. Command: Meltdown turns Mon3tr into one of the most powerful units in Arknights with a DEF and ATK boost. Kal'tsit's longer range also means she can deploy Mon3tr where he is most useful, blocking and controlling the lanes from incoming enemies.


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Shining is a ranged healer classified as a Medic Operator who buffs ally Defense. Shining's Auto-Protect Skill grants shields on the following heal, while Creed Field increases ATK +20% and DEF +30% for all allies in range. Her Black Fiend's Protection increases ally DEF, and it's ideal to stay within her ability range.

Best Supporter Operator 

Supporters are a varied bunch that can boost allies, debuff enemies, or summon units for help. Some will deal Arts damage and can be used in place of the DP-expensive casters.

Skadi the Corrupting Heart

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Skadi the Corrupting Heart can heal units with her trait but is very vulnerable to enemy attacks. She can summon a Seaborn that has its' own attack range, reaching those enemies that Skadi herself can't reach. As Skadi is a more medic supporter, her skills reflect this, too. Wish of Burial Beyond Light is where she shines the most, boosting ally ATK and DEF stats along with her healing trait.


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Ling is a Supporter operator in Arknights that focuses on summons. These can be used in various ways, as they can be placed on ranged and ground attack tiles. Her To Remain Oneself can combine all her summons within each other's range into a Higher Form. This skill will also boost hers and the summons' ATK and DEF, making them great damage dealers.

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