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All Wizard subclasses in BG3, ranked

How to choose your Wizard School.

Wizards are the most flexible spellcasters since they can learn new spells from scrolls and change their prepared spells when out of combat. However, having eight subclasses to choose from can be confusing, so here is a list to help you choose the best Wizard subclass in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Best Wizard School in Baldur's Gate 3

Wizards can play many roles in your party and they have access to a multitude of spells of any magic school. However, some subclasses grant features that are better than others.

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8. Transmutation Wizard

With so many magic objects in Baldur's Gate 3, the Transmutation Stones of this subclass lose their value. While other Wizard schools grant features that can be used in battle or offer alternative strategies, the Transmutation Wizard can only craft potions and magic stones. Sure, the possibility of transforming into a Blue Jay after level 10 is a good feature, but it isn't comparable with the powers of a Druid or to the Polymorph spell.

7. Abjuration Wizard

Despite the Arcane Ward being a useful feature, the Abjuration Wizard can feel underwhelming. Playing defense is never as fun as other tactics, and the Abjuration spells don't feel enjoyable to use. This subclass can only work as part of a niche build where the Wizard plays full support.

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6. Illusion Wizard

The Illusion subclass hasn't translated well from tabletop Dungeons & Dragons into Baldur's Gate 3. I had fun playing this Wizard school in D&D when I could create a duplicate of any creature or object I could think of and use it to throw off enemy NPCs. However, in a videogame, the uses of illusions are much more limited and far less practical.

5. Enchantment Wizard

The Enchantment Wizard could be ranked higher if there weren't that many creatures and bosses that have charm immunity. Still, it is a solid subclass that can be fun to play, particularly after level 10 when you can target two creatures instead of one when you use an Enchantment spell.

4. Conjuration Wizard

The Conjuration Wizard is a great addition to your party if you want a mobile team. The Benign Transposition feature allows you to reposition your Wizard or swap their place with an ally. Furthermore, this feature can be used again after you have cast a Conjuration Spell such as Conjure Elemental, Entangle, or Call Lightning.

Lastly, learning Conjuration Spells for only 25gp per level of the spell is a great benefit since having several summons to soak up enemies' attacks can turn a difficult fight into a cakewalk.

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3. Necromancy Wizard

Having more members in your party is a significant advantage in the action economy of BG3, so being able to summon undead with more hit points and higher damage output is a great boon. Finally, being able to heal yourself with every kill and getting immunity to necrotic damage at level 10 makes your Necromancy Wizard harder to defeat.

2. Evocation Wizard

This is the best damage dealer of the Wizard subclasses. The Sculpt Spell feature allows you to release your Fireballs with abandon, and the Potent Cantrip and Empowered Evocation make you a strong and consistent source of damage. The only reason why this subclass is ranked second is because at higher levels, raw damage output isn't enough to win a fight.

1. Divination Wizard

This Wizard subclass is the strongest one because it can always have full control of the battle with its Portent dice feature. As your dreams give you glimpses of the future, when you wake up you roll your portent dice and keep these numbers with you for the whole day. Whenever an Attack Roll or Saving Throw happens within 60 feet of you, you can use your reaction to change that roll for a number on your Portent rolls.

At times, this feature works as having several Counterspells: you can thwart enemies' attacks by replacing their rolls with low numbers or improving your saving throws with high ones. The Portent is expended once you use it, but the Expert Divination feature (gained at level 6) grants you a prophecy after each short rest; once a prophecy is realized, it restores one of your portents.

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All Wizard subclasses in BG3, ranked

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