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BG3 Salami Dual Wielder Build Guide

Revenge is a dish best served cold. So is Salami.

In Baldur's Gate 3, Salami is a Camp Supply but also a club weapon that anyone can dual wield. If you want to fully harness its bludgeoning capabilities, follow this guide and become a charcuterie expert.

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Salami Dual Wielder Build for Baldur's Gate 3

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Salami can be great on pizza but wielded as a club weapon. It only deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Therefore, you are going to need a specific build to maximize its damage.

While many class combinations can work with this, I recommend going with a Barbarian Path of the Wildheart. I tried it on Karlach and found several key aspects of this class make it the most effective salami wielder:

  • Path of the Wildheart allows you to choose the feature Aspect of the Chimpanzee at level 6.
  • This will give you the capability to blind enemy targets by throwing Camp Supplies at them without them being able to resist it with a Saving Throw.
  • Salami is a Camp Supply and also a Club-type weapon. See where I am getting at?

Where to find Salami in Baldur's Gate 3

Before we move on to the build itself, we need to find Salami and gather plenty to spare in case we throw it and lose it. I accidentally ate some during a Long Rest, so be careful when you auto-select the food.

  • The most reliable source of salami are food crates that contain meat, although which particular food they spawn is random.
  • You can check the boxes in the house above the Zhentarim secret hideout.
  • The Goblin Camp spawns some inside the Shattered Sanctum
  • The body of True Soul Eodwin can spawn some too (X:135, Y:446).

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Best gear for Salami Dual Wielder in BG3

Since the Salami only deals 1d4, we will need to increase its damage. The first way to do so is dipping the meat — I mean using the bonus action "Dip" with your Salami weapon — to coat it in fire, poison, or acid. Another way to bump its damage is with the right gear:

Horns of the BerserkerHelmetMelee attacks deal extra 2 Necrotic damage when you are not full health.Can be purchased from Entharl Danthelon (X:-10, Y:141) at Danthelon's Dancing Axe
Enraging Heart GarbArmourConstitution +2, and when raging you generate 2 turns of Wrath.Looted from the body of Lann Tarv (X:-155, Y:-170) after assaulting Moonrise Towers.
Dark Justiciar GauntletsGlovesMelee attacks deal extra 1d4 Necrotic damage.In a box in the Gauntlet of Shar (X-662, Y-761)
Broodmother's RevengeAmuletWhen healed, your weapon becomes coated in poison.Dropped by Kagha in the Druid's Grove
Ring of RegenerationRingHeals you 1d4 per turn.Can be Purchased from Lorroakan's Projection on the first floor of Sorcerous Sundries.

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Salami Wielder Level Progression for BG3

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Finally, here's my build, detailed level by level. I started as a Barbarian to get quicker to the Aspect of the Chimpanzee, but it could also work to begin as a Fighter, and get Two-Weapon Fighting and Action Surge right from the start.

Character LevelClass LevelFeatures
Level 1Barbarian 1Rage, Unarmoured Defence
Level 2Barbarian 2Danger Sense, Reckless Attack.
Level 3Barbarian 3Pick the subclass Path of The Wildheart and choose the Bestial Heart: Tiger.
Level 4Barbarian 4Tavern Brawler feat: When you make an unarmed attack, use an improvised weapon, or throw something, your Strength Modifier is added twice to the Damage.
Level 5Barbarian 5Extra Attack, Fast Movement
Level 6Barbarian 6Aspect of the Chimpanzee: you gain resistance to falling damage and throwing Camp Supplies blinds targets.
Level 7Fighter 1Fighting Style (Two-Weapon Fighting), Second Wind.
Level 8Fighter 2Action Surge
Level 9Fighter 3Choose the Eldritch Knight subclass. This will grant you the feature Weapon Bond that makes your weapon (Salami) always return to your hand after thrown.
Level 10Barbarian 7Feral Instinct: +3 to initiative and can't be surprised.
Level 11Barbarian 8Ability Score Increase to get your Strength up to 20.
Level 12Barbarian 9Brutal Critical: roll an extra die when determining your Critical Hit damage.

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BG3 Salami Dual Wielder Build Guide

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