Fans wonder if there will be body customization in Blue Protocol, as only facial was shown

Blue Protocol is an action role-playing game similar to Tower of Fantasy, where you can create your avatar. As there is not much information about character creation, fans were left wondering if body customization exists in the game. Although it’s to be expected that you would have plenty of options available, only facials were shown […]

Combat & gameplay of Blue Protocol looks gorgeous, yet fans just want to climb mountains

Blue Protocol is an upcoming action RPG MMO that features a gorgeous anime world. On top of this, the combat and gameplay look fantastic and fast-paced, yet one thing is noticeably absent from the footage we’ve seen so far—climbing. Gematsu uploaded a 10-minute trailer showcasing combat, mounts, customization, and more. But there was not a […]

Blue Protocol vs. Genshin Impact – Similarities and Differences

Blue Protocol is an upcoming MMORPG developed by Bandai Namco, which plans to release the game to its Japanese server by Spring 2023. While a global release date has not yet been revealed, it’s heavily implied that it will likely come at one point. With anime-inspired graphics, beautiful sceneries, high-quality dubbing, and an open world […]